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Posted in: Japan proposes tentative 1-year deal on cost-sharing for U.S. troops See in context

I can’t imagine Japan defending itself while they have self defense forces they don’t have a nuclear arsenal as a deterrent. They would get their butt kicked against any major conflict without help. Not to mention when was the last time anyone had any real wartime experience was 80 years ago

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Posted in: 5 life-altering mistakes foreigners make when living in Japan See in context

dumb article, yeah balance is the key to living in Japan, or anywhere for that matter. Hell doing anything in your life should be well balanced. one thing annoyed me and that being "gaijin smashing" not the smashing so much, as the writers comment about making local opinion of gaijins bad. Who gives a shit about local opinion?? I quit caring what Japanese think 20 years ago. A better piece of advice would be " you can please some people some of the time, but you can't please everyone all of the time"". That would be way more useful for the noob that this article I assume is directed at.

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Posted in: Mister Donut becomes … Mister Cupcake? See in context

Great! More fatty foods for the masses, Run fatty run.....

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Posted in: 10 types of Japanese men, according to Japanese women See in context

Before anyone freaks out JK

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Posted in: 10 types of Japanese men, according to Japanese women See in context

I thought there were only 2 types. The nerd and the dude that might as well be a lady ( Aerosmith ) saying a Japanese guy is tough is like saying your 80 year old grandma is a real badass.

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Posted in: English-language teaching industry in bad shape See in context

Tigerguy maybe you taught like a monkey? or the place you worked just liked to hire idiots? from what I have experienced most English teachers cared and wanted their students to improve or do well in English. English educaton is about relationships and telling the students what to do, and how to study, as well as the actual teaching of conversation and grammar. I could go on...but I do agree that the eikaiwa industry as whole needs an upgrade. That is the main reason I opened my own school. Japanpete well put! Last paragraph!

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