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Posted in: 7,000 cryptocurrency laundering cases reported in Japan in 2018 See in context

"I predict cryptocurrency will be legislated out of existence very soon."

Lol... Someone hasn't been paying much attention to the world at all. SEC is going to officialy legalize crypto soon. And places like Fidelity are adding crypto.

"Of course it can be controlled it because the various groups are building server farms strictly for manufacturing this fake money." again... un-informed. That is about BTC. Which is only about 52% of the market but has fallen to 30%. It would be claiming that because the Venezuela bolivar is ultra hyper inflated all fiat currency is pointless.

Again!!! More misinformation!!! "crypto requires huge amounts of electricity, from public utilities." Here is the real information broken down by an environmentalist.

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Posted in: IS teen 'shocked' after UK revokes her citizenship See in context

I read a rumor, no idea if its true, that this girl knowingly named her son after an infamous terrorist responsible for carrying out many terror attacks that killed "infidel women and children".

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Posted in: 106 foreigners disappeared in Japan last year after arriving on cruise ships See in context

"That's still one hundred and six people you know nothing about, moving around your country unaccounted for."

Thats like 0.00434426% the number of people in the USA moving around unaccounted for.

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Posted in: Fatal traffic accidents involving over-75s on rise in Japan See in context

Study after study has been conducted and experts have found that driving too SLOW is more dangerous than driving too fast. The reason is that slow drivers, tend to be more out of sync than with traffic than drivers going near the limit or just over the limit.

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Posted in: Chanting 'Death to America,' Iranians mark 40 years since Shah's fall See in context

Real open minded. Hate rules or governments or ruling parties all you want. But the hatred of a person or people and to call for death. Seriously, child-like barbaric dark ages mind set.

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Posted in: Property firm Leopalace21 starts asking 14,000 residents to move out due to wall defects See in context

Wow. I would expect major compensation. Probably lawsuit if not. Moving is one of the worst things in life. Stressful. Time consuming.

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Posted in: 2 Lawson franchise stores found to have falsified food expiration times See in context

Ehh. Expiration dates in Japan are so very liberals, or is it strict? What I mean is that they may label something that expires in 3 days but is good for more like 7. In the USA most things that expire in 3 days will pretty much be disgusting on day 4.

Of course I don't mean stuff like Onigiri, those get hard rice after about a day, but those sandwiches or bentos or bread will last well over expiration date.

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Posted in: Emerging economies catching up in smartphone adoption: survey See in context

Kinda like Japan. They were about 5 years behind the west when it came to modern smart phone adoption. I still remember the iphone 3 was the first smart phone sold here and it was a black sheep among phones at the time despite being a decade ahead of anything else on the market in Japan.

Now.... I can't stand it. A entire nation that drives, walks, take the elevator, eats, and just gets in the way while their face is glued to their smart phone. I love the power smart phones give us... but good lord has it created a world full of zombies. You see people on trains that would have read a book yesterday but instead today are playing one of the 50 trillion pointless and endless match 3 games.

On the other hand I don't think using a non-smart phone is the answer. Having the power of the modern internet in your hand at any time is priceless. The ability to have that connectivity to me is invaluable. Just learn moderation, just like with alcohol or social media.

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Posted in: Chiba 1st Japanese city to recognize LGBT couples, common-law marriage See in context

"I strongly disagree with this decision. I would feel better about some kind of union with the same benefits, but without the word "marriage" used at all."

Words only have power that you give them. Just think of it as something different in your mind. Most people are okay with it. You are the one that needs to change how you view this.

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Posted in: Arashi's decision to suspend activities at end of 2020 shakes fans See in context

Manufacturered band manufacturers end. So surprised I can hardly contain my manufacturered emotion.

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Posted in: Nagasaki's educators changing perspective on A-bomb teachings See in context

Japan tried to take over the world. They attacked the USA and AUS and other allies first. They refused to surrendered at every single battle. They refused to surrendered the war when 100% beaten. They were going to put Japanese lives, such as injured, children, and the elderly, to defended the planned Kyushu invasion. After the USA reached out the emperor one last time and told him to please surrender, the emperor ignored the USA and the the next day the USA decided to drop two atomic bombs, killing around 200,000 Japanese. It is estimated that they saved around 1,000,000 Japanese lives and 500,000 allied lives by preventing a Kyushu invasion. The Tokyo fire bombing alone killed over 100,000 and over 1 million lost their homes.

This is what Japan teaches: the USA decided to drop two atomic bombs, killing around 200,000 Japanese.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested over record gold smuggling haul in Japan See in context

"The amount of gold confiscated in Japan due to smuggling hit a record 6.2 tons in 2017,"

Which means about 100x times that is actually getting through. Just imagine what will happen when tax goes up to 10%.

Maybe they should consider lowering the tax on things like gold if they are causing more problems than solving. Its possible extra need to try and find smuggled gold, and all the gold that is successfully smuggled, they are losing more on gold NON paid taxes and the 3% increase in tax on gold.

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Posted in: Japanese teacher punches high school boy in face; social media on his side See in context

" taught for 34 years and still remember (both vividly and sadly) the day that a 16 year-old pierced and studded, green-haired student told me that I was the first teacher who saw past his fashion choices and responded to him warmly and generously as a person."

Bro... You are a teacher, and you are not seeing the picture here. I was that same kid. Mohawk, sunglasses, fishnets, black nail polish. I would say HALF my teachers saw past all that. The thing was, It was all within the rules, all playing by the system. I was breaking social norms, but I wasn't breaking school rules. School rules are school rules. I could have a Mohawk, but I couldn't wear a baseball cap or cowboy hat in class, so I never wore a hate.

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Posted in: Tokyo court denies request for Ghosn's release on bail See in context

"I am a proud supporter of Japan and it´s culture and have trust in their legal system"

Lol... Fingers crossed you never get wrongly ACCUSED of a crime in Japan because your life will be 100% ruined no matter the outcome.

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Posted in: Tokyo court denies request for Ghosn's release on bail See in context

Gotta bow deeper Ghosn. Bow, bow, bow. Then you will get away scott-free.

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Posted in: JOC chief Takeda denies corruption allegations See in context

Note to self. Learn to bow perfectly, then commit crime. Get slap on wrist. It's not foreigners that get unfairly detained, its people who don't know how to bow perfectly for the crime.

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Posted in: Gov't plans to take steps against 'fake news' by June See in context

Thank SJ. I am constantly pointing that out. Most people seem eagerly oblivious to Japan's low ranking of freedom.

Fighting against fake news is great and all, but what about all the half-truths and misleading news fed to us by the government. Like 99% conviction rate. Do you really expect us to believe the have the best police in the entire world in the history of policing? Or how on one hand you brag about the super low unemployment rate but completely neglect to mention the UNDER-employment rate or how the only reason most people can live on less than livable wages is they are stacked 8 people to home so they all have to cover costs and run up massive dept (the highest privately held level of dept in the world). Personally I would rather transparency in Japan's news than fighting against fake news. Intelligent people can look at a news source, can judge for themselves what is fake or not. But if you keep facts a secret... then whats the point of half thruths. Its worse than fake news.

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Posted in: Japan's youngsters prefer coming-of-age celebration at 20 rather than 18: survey See in context

"a whole 800"

n=800 is more than enough. But if its all 800 kids from Shinjuku vs 800 kids spread around Japan, thats a different story.

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Posted in: American woman brings pistol, bullets onto Delta Air Lines flight to Japan See in context

"Seems security at American airports is becoming extremely lax." Ehhhh. Sounds pretty normal to me: "undercover investigators working for the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General (OIG) managed to sneak fake guns, knives and explosives through checkpoints earlier this year, getting the mock weapons through a depressing 70% of the time."

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Posted in: 3 Japanese schools believed to have kept human skulls for teaching See in context

"a real skull was purchased as a specimen,"

How is this not normal. And why is there any reason to belive otherwise. I studied real human skulls when I was in school back in the USA. It was for uni anthropology. But I see no reason why any school might not have one for educational purposes. Bodies are donated to science daily all over the world.

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Posted in: More Americans blame Trump for government shutdown: poll See in context

"Trump is strong."

Please, please don't confuse ignorance and stubbornness with strength. A child's resolve to get ice cream even though he didn't finish his veggies may appear to be strength, but its just a child being a child.

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Posted in: Japan officially announces IWC withdrawal; will resume commercial whaling See in context

Thailand legalized medical marijuana, a 3rd world country taking 5 steps forward. Japan basically, legalizing whaling, a supposed 1st world economic power still living in the dark ages.

LOL. Like Japan cares about gaijin. Like Japan cares what anyone else in the world is doing.

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Posted in: Japan to make alcohol tests mandatory for pilots See in context

Woah now.... Stop the presses. Is common sense creeping its way into Japanese society? I guess not if its taken nearly 100 years of commercial flight to enact this as a law.

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Posted in: Shibuya calls for stores to refrain from selling alcohol in glass bottles on New Year's Eve See in context

Kinda sounds like a no brainier. Honestly while I think its great that you can drink in public in Japan, why are glass allowed bottles allowed in public. In places in the USA, like New Orleans, where its legal to drink in public, as long as you are not drinking out of a glass. Its pretty simple law to enact. You are free to sell alcohol in glass all you want, but if you are seen consuming alcohol out of glass container, you get a ticket. Short, simple, common sense law if you ask me.

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Posted in: SoftBank shares fall by 15% in Japan's biggest IPO See in context

They are also the single largest investor in Nvidia who has lost a TON of money as well with rummors that Softbank is going to cut their loses and sell their Nvidia shares.

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Posted in: JR East encouraging commuters to stop walking on escalators See in context

This really does go against every social convention in society pretty much all over the world. On the road, sidewalks, and escalators, we have slow lane and fast lane. Its that simple. Its been like that for probably a couple hundred years, before even cars existed.

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Posted in: New Zealand to hold 'reeferendum' on legalizing pot in 2020 See in context

"It send the message that "recreational use" of marijuana is no big deal,"

umm.... because its not a big deal!!! Just because something is legal does not mean you HAVE to do it. And no marijuana is not a big deal. I, and the world, and facts, and medicine, and science, and traffic reports, and a zillion other articles of proof can also show you with cold hard evidence, using marijuana is far less of a deal than alcohol. Sorry, why can't we compare it to alcohol? Because it is inconvenient to the argument? Lol.

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Posted in: Japanese electronics firms look to re-engineer their design mojo See in context

Yeah.... kinda agree. Further reducing your interaction with society even MORE?! It already feels like I am alone and on a zombie train.

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Posted in: 80% of cancer, heart patients in Japan continued working while in hospital: survey See in context

Also because many (most?) make you use nenkyu. My national university (which makes me komuin) made me use nenkyu for the 3 weeks I was in the hospital back in 2016. They said if I could show I at least did some work like emails while I was there I didn't have to use as much nenkyu. (After all this I inquired about the ridiculous of this policy and why we couldn't use something like byokyu they said if you are out longer, like with cancer, you have have to take unpaid sick leave. At a national university, I can not belive this is policy. And so I am sure if I sit there in the hospital and say I was doing research and planning lessons then I would not have to take unpaid sick leave)

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Posted in: Ninjas 'sneak' into Abe's office to ask for tourism promotion See in context

Sorry, but I find this recent ninja stuff a bit cheesy. Japan has more than enough accurate and traditional culture to promote tourism. Besides it was my understanding ninjas were more spies than anything else. And their main dress was normal clothes in order to blend into the population. I know this is coming off as sour... but there are places in Japan that still make soy sauce with 750 year old methods... Why try to promote some made up cartoon version of a piece of Japanese culture.

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