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Posted in: Videos of parliament sex acts rock Australia's government See in context


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Posted in: Suga pledges he'll do utmost to prevent virus rebound See in context

If only he has the courage to postponed the Olympic n pledge that the citizens will get the vaccines by next year...well i guess he will be defeated in the elections this year.

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Posted in: Japan's malls and restaurants brace for Olympics without foreign visitors See in context

Flashback ro March 2020.Japan should've cancelled it to 2024 n Paris if can compromise to 2028 n so on..it is a missed opportunity but so what ?

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Posted in: China protests over Japan-U.S. statement on human rights; blasts U.S. 'evil past of genocide' See in context

American Sheriff, please look after at your own house in order first..

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic creative chief quits over derogatory remark about Naomi Watanabe See in context

Tokyo 2020..ho hum.Yawn!!!!!!!!

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic torch relay: Masks, quiet cheering and caution See in context

A disaster pandemic in July if this Olympic still go ahead

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Posted in: U.S., Japan warn China on 'coercion, destabilizing behavior' See in context

The Sheriff has arrived in the Pacific.

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Posted in: Rights groups target sponsors for Beijing Winter Games See in context

@GdTokyo...so is Tokyo 2020

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Posted in: After outcry, EU reverses plan to restrict vaccine exports through Irish border See in context

Im glad UK chose to Brexit 4yrs ago..EwwU is just another bloc.

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Posted in: Suga tells Davos forum Olympics will be symbol of human victory over virus See in context

The virus won't dissappear at this moment.Instead of giving false hope, just cancelled it already Mr.Suga.

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Posted in: Fans or no fans? Tokyo Olympic organizers still mum See in context

It should've cancelled it to 2024 n Paris to 2028 on compromise..The pandemic will be here.Not a safe Olympic without the spectators.

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Posted in: The new 'Godzilla vs Kong' trailer is out: Here’s what Japanese fans think of it See in context

'One will fall'...it sort of giving away the outcome..When Kong found out it was MechaG he was battling, in comes the real G n together they team up to defeat the MechG created by evil human thus, one will fall- MechaG. It just a theory.

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Posted in: Trump urges healing and pledges smooth transition of power See in context

How low can you go? Invoke 25th n charge this crazy(sorry ed.) before he does idiot things again.

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Posted in: World leaders express shock at storming of U.S. Capitol See in context

This isnt a shocking thing as it bound to happen when you have a tantrump as a leader

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Posted in: 4 dead after Trump supporters storm U.S. Capitol, forcing Senate to evacuate See in context

Dear Republicans, in 2016 if you did not endorse this man as your President, this wouldnt have happened.Well too bad..

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Posted in: Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani tests positive for COVID See in context

It just took 1 "no clue" US President to take charge of the US & the significant cost damage it done to the superpower nation goes down the drain..

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Posted in: Trump to appear in Georgia in gamble over control of U.S. Senate See in context

The Founding Fathers would've kick out the current sitting President with immediate effect.

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Posted in: Suga tells U.N. Olympics will serve as proof humanity has defeated pandemic See in context

If Suga said 2024 then i agree with him proof that Tokyo Olympic has overcome the pandemic..But next year, brace for more infections..remember 1918? Maybe Suga should wikipedia it.

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Posted in: Biden names team to steer U.S. foreign policy in post-Trump era See in context

Welcome back America! Hopefully the D will be U again.

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Posted in: General Services Administration allows Biden transition funds to begin See in context

An embarrassement to the POTUS legacy of transition.

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Posted in: Abe's secretaries, supporters questioned over 2018 dinner function See in context

No wonder he stepped down quickly as PM..but you can't run forever eh?

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Posted in: Human rights panel: Japan was wrong to detain Carlos Ghosn; owes him compensation See in context

Hey Japan, next time before complaining about other people house full of rubbish, please sweep yours first..with a broom!!

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Posted in: Trump bid to overturn election stumbles as judge tosses Pennsylvania lawsuit See in context

Dear Americans from both Dems n GOP, your biggest threat of your so called democracy is from the ONE sitting sulking in the WH.Thank you. Sincerely,

The World.

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Posted in: Walls close in on defiant Trump See in context

The 'kid' in the WH should be spanked for misbehave!

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Posted in: Health experts urge pause in Go To Travel campaign as COVID-19 cases surge See in context

What's the differ between the previous Abe admins n current Suga admins? Same old story

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Posted in: Biden outlines plan to ease economic inequity amid pandemic See in context

The toddler in charge of the WH should've let the transition get going but his tantrum is still on.C'mon GOP enough of pampering him already.. serve the people not your own politics

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach says Tokyo bid payments to former Dentsu exec did not break rules See in context

Whi can forget the 2010 World Cup hosting fiasco of selecting 2018 n 2022 host? Now it seems that Olympic is doing the same..Corrupt as usual.Boycott this Olympic as we're in the middle of the pandemic crisis..

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Posted in: Trump, stewing over election loss, silent as virus surges See in context

Its time for some 'leader' to take over for this 2 months as the joker still sulking while the virus surge ahead. The leaders in Republicans must take responsible for their actions

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Posted in: Republicans urge Trump to allow Biden briefings as election challenges sputter See in context

A few Republicans has come out n voice support for the PE Biden n many more as they fear of angering the minnions supporters of Trumpy...well you're cowards n sore losers.Move on.

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Posted in: ASEAN summit begins online meetings with regional leaders See in context

Spot the odd ASEAN leaders out..Its Malaysian PM not elected by the people.He grab the power thru back door

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