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Posted in: Trump bid to overturn election stumbles as judge tosses Pennsylvania lawsuit See in context

Dear Americans from both Dems n GOP, your biggest threat of your so called democracy is from the ONE sitting sulking in the WH.Thank you. Sincerely,

The World.

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Posted in: Walls close in on defiant Trump See in context

The 'kid' in the WH should be spanked for misbehave!

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Posted in: Health experts urge pause in Go To Travel campaign as COVID-19 cases surge See in context

What's the differ between the previous Abe admins n current Suga admins? Same old story

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Posted in: Biden outlines plan to ease economic inequity amid pandemic See in context

The toddler in charge of the WH should've let the transition get going but his tantrum is still on.C'mon GOP enough of pampering him already.. serve the people not your own politics

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Posted in: IOC chief Bach says Tokyo bid payments to former Dentsu exec did not break rules See in context

Whi can forget the 2010 World Cup hosting fiasco of selecting 2018 n 2022 host? Now it seems that Olympic is doing the same..Corrupt as usual.Boycott this Olympic as we're in the middle of the pandemic crisis..

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Posted in: Trump, stewing over election loss, silent as virus surges See in context

Its time for some 'leader' to take over for this 2 months as the joker still sulking while the virus surge ahead. The leaders in Republicans must take responsible for their actions

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Posted in: Republicans urge Trump to allow Biden briefings as election challenges sputter See in context

A few Republicans has come out n voice support for the PE Biden n many more as they fear of angering the minnions supporters of Trumpy...well you're cowards n sore losers.Move on.

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Posted in: ASEAN summit begins online meetings with regional leaders See in context

Spot the odd ASEAN leaders out..Its Malaysian PM not elected by the people.He grab the power thru back door

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Posted in: Trump pressures Barr to investigate Bidens as election nears See in context

As Comedian In Chief saw the early voting turn out to vote he knows he's losing so to unwield all his might to abuse such power as President you know he staring defeat by Biden.

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Posted in: Trump goes after 'Fauci and all these idiots' See in context

I couldnt help laughing at this so called POTUS... a desperado Comedian In Chief.

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Posted in: Suga's rating falls to 55% in second poll since he took office See in context

As a leader it is humble one self to listen to some advice n criticism.

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Posted in: Trump holds Florida rally in front of mostly maskless crowd; says he's immune to virus See in context

I feel sorry for the innoncence people who will get this virus later.DJT is just selfish of doing this rallies.

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Posted in: Trump says he has recovered from COVID-19; heads to Florida on Monday See in context

A walking disaster i should say!!

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Posted in: Trump to spend a few days in hospital as virus diagnosis rocks presidential campaign See in context

At his age he is vulnerable but politics aside, i wish him n families get well soon.

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Posted in: Shock, sympathy, mockery: World reacts to Trump virus infection See in context

Will America finally wake up to reality that the pandemic can infect anybody at any given time?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers unveil scaled-back Games plan See in context

They should've postponed it to 2024 earlier though..

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Posted in: Trump booed as he pays respects at court to Ginsburg See in context

I strongly agreed with the crowds.

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Posted in: Bach gives pep talk to Tokyo Olympic organizers, Koike See in context

To be very very frank i give the vaccines to the front line n vulnerable first.Olympic games are history now for the moment.

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Posted in: Trump says he thinks 2020 election will end up at Supreme Court See in context

That is the case of US justice system...whichever any sitting US President can nominate the SC as he wishes.I believe the US president has too much power already.

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Posted in: Djokovic gets obscenity warning in semifinal win See in context

Stop cursing n start playing

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics consulting firm paid $370,000 to IOC member's son See in context

Modern bid for sporting events has becoming of a joke.Just look at FIFA

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Posted in: Complaints overwhelm red-tape hotline hours after launch See in context

Wow! No wonder Abe quickly resigned as Jp PM..

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic athletes to be exempted from virus entry bans See in context

Money over health..i'll take health over money

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Posted in: Koike says postponed Olympics should be held 'by all means' See in context

Yeah right..sacrifice people's health over greediness??

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Posted in: Jail term upheld for mother over fatal abuse of 5-year-old daughter See in context

So heart breaking to read that this little girl was abuse from their cruel parents..Rest in peace.Should ve be in prison for life!!!!

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Posted in: Osaka tosses racket, overcomes test from teenager at U.S. Open See in context

Doing the right thing is ok but do it in the correct time n place.Politics n sports shouldnt mix..

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic CEO: Vaccine not requirement to hold Games See in context

Sounds like Godzilla nemesis aka MUTO..Just ban it

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Posted in: Report: Trump disparaged U.S. war dead as 'losers,' 'suckers' See in context

The things he never said after just saying it..

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