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Posted in: China, Hong Kong scrub Tiananmen memories on anniversary See in context

Scrubbing history is normal.

Just look at Palestine or the war crimes of dropping nuclear bombs on a civilian population. The lie that got the the West into war in Vietnam or the slaughter in Cambodia. Just a few examples of many.

But hey, you are right to damn just one country whilst ignoring all other examples.

If I did not know any better, I would think that we have been well and truly blinded by pure propaganda.

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Posted in: Okinawa urges dropping base transfer plan ahead of 50th return anniversary See in context

Japan will remain occupied until the end of time.

The good people of Okinawa voted based on the platform Tamaki ran on, the removal of US of Terror's bases, in a fair and democratic election.

Let Tokyo put up with them as well as the cost to keep them and the criminals within.

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Posted in: U.S. to seek close ties with Kishida in dealing with China challenge See in context

The next war could very much come from china and other Asian nations.

> The next war, like every other modern war, will be started by America.

Japan, still occupied and unable or unwilling to break the shackles, will gladly follow her master into the depths of hell. You would think that they would choose peace and prosperity over war mongering and war.

On a positive note, Japan doesn't have an option. Australia on the other hand, what's left of it, does have a choice to choose peace but chooses to side with the terrorist state of the USA anyway.

I certainly hope the coming war is swift and precise.

I am going to brush up on my Mandarin, I think you should too.

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Posted in: China’s 'Little Kyoto' shut down by government after complaints of Japanese culture invasion See in context

So many comments but only a few that have anything aside from propaganda to say.

The good people of Japan might enjoy an American base, as a cultural exchange of course, in Nagaski perhaps? A Pentagon in Hiroshima would not look out of place either.. I know how warmly the US bases are received in Okinawa, so why not?

There seems to be real animosity towards China, a once occupied country. Is this the catalyst of all this hate, that Japan remains occupied and China was able to free her people?

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Posted in: Australia says China ignoring its calls to ease trade tension See in context

Andrew CrispToday 03:38 pm JST

The Chinese are making comments about their students won't be studying in Australia, what Australians have noticed is when the borders were initially closed it didn't affect Main St Australia only the various China Towns they turned into Ghost Towns.

Farmers have made comment about losing the Chinese markets, but there are others opening up - an agreement has just been signed with Indonesia, granted its not as large but at least half of China still lives in poverty.

Wow, such an uninformed comment, on so many levels too.

Tell us almighty, Andrew, just how much no Chinese students are really costing the Australian economy, really? Is it 3 billion or 4 billion?

The Indo market, is that not one of the markets we stopped shipping to a little while ago?

50% of the Chinese people are living in poverty? Are you always prone to use statistics that are 20 years old?

How come 80% of Chinese people can by their houses with cash?

This fools lost comments aside, China has been provoked endlessly by America's sycophant. There has been many straws that China has had to bear, war games in the South China Sea two weeks ago, for example, on top of many years of threats.. I guess one can only take so much before they call out the buffoon in the room. We need China more than China needs us. People pissing and moaning about cheap Chinese products and our reliance on them forget very quickly that it is foreign companies and corporations that make these things for us to consume. iPhone are not Chinese, are they you fools? Sidcrome is not Chinese.. Bosch Security Systems are not Chinese.. They are all made there for greedy corporations, businesses and companies and these in turn are pushed by greedy investors.. We in the west rape the Chinese labour force and then have the gall to complain about China's influence?

China does not bomb countries and steal their resourses like we in the west do, yet we somehow find that offensive? Please!

You there in Japan, a country that attacked and occupied China in a most horrendous way, have no right to call China;s lack of aggression, aggression. China has a right to defend itself from the world biggest terrorist country and its whores as it is surrounded by aggression and saber rattling.

Japan has been trying for years to break the occupation that rapes school girls and starves Okinawa and various areas in mainland Japan with impunity. The Japanese should be the first to call this witch hunt what it is, a witch hunt.

Shame on all of you for being so clueless.

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Posted in: New Okinawa governor urges government to move U.S. base out of prefecture See in context

Japan is not a free country.

Still occupied after all if this time.

Tine to stand up to the US of Terror and stop paying for the occupation.

Okinawa and indeed all of Japan deserve freedom but Abe is just another sycophant to the world's biggest terrorist state, USA.

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Posted in: Trump warns North Korea: 'Gotta behave' See in context

Serrano Today 07:36 pm JST

Steve... Watch the link I just provided - you might learn something.

Sorry mate, I'd rather read and know history than watch a purpose made youtube video of a "blind patriot" spew bullsh!t all over the place.

You cannot threaten a country for decades and expect it to sit in wait for the bombs to drop now, can you!!!

Now do some real research and then come back and apologise for being who you are.

You can start here.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Korea%E2%80%93United_States_relations

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Posted in: Trump warns North Korea: 'Gotta behave' See in context

Blacklabel Today 03:28 pm JST

No, you cant have it both ways. People WANTED Trump to do something about the Syrian gassing. People WANT him to do something about North Korea.

Syrian comment first. So the US of Terror bombed the Syrian airbase. That was a nice helping hand to your Terrorists, wasn't it? Sorry, I meant to say, moderate rebels. My bad. So now that you know, as was the fact in 2013, that Assad did not gas anyone, and that it was your Western backed Terrorists, what are you suggesting happen now? A war criminal trial for Trump? Yes? He did attack a country for no reason.. Or was his daughter crying reason enough, do you think?

Now to North Korea. Why do "people" want Trump to do something about N. Korea? Who are these "People"? Has North Korea threatened another country with attack? By attack, I am not talking about defending themselves from countries that have threatened to attack them either.

I ask you specifically because you seem to be well versed on this subject and I just want to learn.

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Posted in: Trump warns North Korea: 'Gotta behave' See in context

There is a war monger in Asia and it is not North Korea. It is a flotilla or American war ships sent to threaten the people of North Korea. North Korea has been pushed by years of continuous threats against it by the US of Terror and her Asian partners. The only way to protect themselves was to arm themselves, and arm themselves they have. America's push for a world war has failed in Syria, their false flag gas attack now proven. I hope that the Asian nations that have supported and indulged the US of Terror now reap what they have sewn. I wonder how the US of Terror would respond if North Korea was in the Gulf of Mexico with war ships..

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