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I think many people in the world are seeing through China's intentions to control the world. Our best way to stop them is to stop trading with them. Free and democratic countries should make it policy to trade with other free and democratic countries as much as possible. India and Brazil are countries that would be happy to replace China as a source for cheap products. Investing in those countries would enable them to progress. If China's power continues to climb, we are all for in a rough time in the future.

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It's time Japan's constitution was rewritten to enable them to protect themselves from China and North Korea. Japan is not a threat to democracy and freedom. We need Japan to be a powerful country, one that can help keep the balance of power in the Asia Pacific region. Especially now that China has started to flex some muscle, and show its intention to dominate the region and eventually the world. It's time Japan was allowed to have nuclear weapons, that will curtail any plans of attack or occupation that China or North Korea might have.

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Of course Japan should be allowed to be in a position to defend herself against aggressive countries. Anyone who doesn't see China and North Korea as threats are ignorant. Unfortunately after an attack by either of these countries there is little comfort in saying I told you so. The best way to avoid a war is to be strong enough that another country knows that they can't beat you. It is Japans responsibility to stop relying on others for their defence and become a peace maker in the region

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