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Steve Christian comments

Posted in: Crown prince marks 53rd birthday See in context

I am sure that laptop is always on his desk. And the bigger screen is better for his eyes.

I wonder...does it suck to be 53 and still the prince and not the king?

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Posted in: In making fact-based films, how much liberty is it OK to take in the name of entertainment? See in context

Historians are a contentious lot. Get a diverse panel together, put them in a room, and after an hour you won't know what to think.

So we should give up trying to find the truth and present it accurately? I don't think so. If a movie were judged by a panel of historians to be 60 percent accurate it would be preferable to another judged to be 30 percent accurate. It would give us a all clue to be wary and just how wary.

But this is coming from someone who always preferred documentaries to the dramatized historical tinkerings of Hollywood that never fail to throw in a stupid and improbable love story for the ladies.

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Posted in: 3-year-old girl starves to death after mother leaves country See in context

I think the mother of two children have a BRAIN DAMAGE!!! If she is a normal person, She know her RESPONSIBILITY as a being mother!!

Interesting. Yeah, I tried to point out that there could have been any number of things wrong with the mother to make her act irrationally. My reward was a disappeared post.

I also tried to say that no one knows her condition right now. Not to justify a sane, healthy woman leaving her kids like that, but what if she has been kidnapped, murdered or met with a fatal accident? Stuff happens. But I am not sure if these points are "acceptable" to those in charge.

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Posted in: Abe tells Obama Japan will join child abduction treaty See in context

We will join the Hague Convention if the U.S. will move toward support clear support of our Senkaku island claims. I will throw in a visit to Arlington to sweeten the deal.


Done deal.

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Posted in: At least six tanks leaking at U.S. nuclear waste site See in context

Our children will pay the real costs of nuclear power.

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Posted in: Obama asks Supreme Court to overturn gay marriage ban See in context

they said it was inconsistent for the Justice Department to have assured Congress the law was constitutional while it was being crafted in the mid-1990s only to raise questions now.

It is inconsistent, pretty much like the entire history of discrimination in the United States. The plus side is of course, that so much of the world has remained consistently discriminatory while the U.S. has taken more steps forward than back.

But rest assured, the conservatives especially will find an all new sub-group to discriminate against. In fact, I think its already been decided and is already well under way. Why they need to hang on to trampling gay rights to feel all smug is beyond me. Severe inferiority complex perhaps?

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Posted in: Abe says he won't tolerate China island challenge See in context

So, given Artcile 9 and the last 60 years of history, why on earth would Japan NOT defer to their alliance with the US?! This is exactly what it is designed for, both from the US end, and the Japanese end. To do anything else is complete lunacy.

I think the lunacy is in that complete strawman. Nobody is criticizing Abe for deferring to the U.S. alliance. They are criticizing Abe for talking tough when we all know he will defer to the U.S. alliance. We all know that he will tolerate whatever the U.S. decides he will tolerate.

But rest assured, your strawman is not worse than when the article turned this "We simply cannot tolerate any challenge now and in the future.", into this "Abe says he won't tolerate China island challenge". How does "We cannot tolerate" become "I won't tolerate"? Such poor journalistic standards ought be punishable with jail time.

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Posted in: Abe says he won't tolerate China island challenge See in context

So anyone that traded or a diplomatic relations with China is/was a vassel state?

I have to admit I am not all that well versed on the history of the Philippines. And I am not about to blindly trust anyone here for a lesson. But I did have a look at Wiki for clues, and there is a great big suspicious hole in their telling. Its like Philippine history started with the Spanish colonization, and I KNOW that isn't true.

But when people bring up the Spratlys, they seem real quick to mention who has disputes with China, like Brunei, the Philippines, Vietnam and Malaysia. What they don't say is that even without China, these nations pretty much all have disputes with each other.

Ultimately most of the opinions expressed here are not about history or fairness. Most seem to be about liking Japan more than China, and with Dokdo, liking South Korea more than Japan, or at least seeing SK as first line of defense against NK.

Its sad to have grown adults thinking this way. And in the end, it won't help the world but will more likely drag us all into another stupid war. I don't much like China myself, but playing favorites is too much of a child's game for me.

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Posted in: Abe at Arlington See in context

Texas first. Just as it should be!

It took me a while to figure out what your comment meant. I finally got it. Now I am trying to figure out if Texas is first or last! I guess it mostly depends on your pride levels.

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Posted in: Japan stages annual rally over disputed islands with S Korea See in context

they would understand how backwards they were for centuries up until Japan's annexation.

Maybe you should learn to be humble with the fact of how backwards Japan was when the black ships came 50 years previous and remained that way for another 20 years or so until reforms finally started. You might also realize that Japan was merely threatened with black ships to open up. They did not have invaders running around slapping people and stealing their little girls to rape.

Dokdo belongs to Korea for the same reason the Senkakus belong to Japan. Japan needs more time in the bathroom in the morning to wash its two faces.

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Posted in: Oscar Pistorius gets bail as murder trial looms See in context

“Why would (Pistorius) venture further into danger?” Nair asked.

Right. He should have gone to wake his girlfriend (that he thought was still in bed), pick her up and run carrying her out the door....on his stumps!

I am not saying I believe the story of Pistorius, but the question is pretty dumb. There is no reason to ask why any man would opt for deadly force to protect himself and his girlfriend rather than take the risk of turning his back on an unknown number of intruders,... especially when that man has no feet.

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Posted in: In making fact-based films, how much liberty is it OK to take in the name of entertainment? See in context

For history movies, I have always believed there should be a panel of historians there to guide ensure accuracy where it is known. The "artists" can tinker with what is not known. Truth is stranger than fiction anyway, and how hard is it to fit interesting action and dialogue neatly within historical truth anyway? When the film is completed it should be rated for historical accuracy, and that rating should be prominent in the film opening credits. I would only waive the need for the panel if the movie had a fat disclaimer that its not accurate, perhaps even with a short video at the opening clearly stating that fact.

I think its important to remember that its not only adults that get confused between truth and fantasy in these movies, but its also teenagers and children as well, and less surprising that they would think Hitler actually died in a theater fire set by a Jew if they saw it in "Inglorious Basterds". Like it or not, these movies do influence people to believe propaganda. No matter how good people are at separating truth from fiction, when they are inundated with false information, they won't get it right.

Books should follow the book or be approved of by the author who should be consulted at every step and change. In the end the author should rate the movie, or, experts on the book if the author is deceases. What PJ did to "The Hobbit" is awful, for example. And while I would not ban the movie, it should be clear to all fans that he raped the book.

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Posted in: People’s mindsets have greatly changed with the North Korean tests and Chinese intrusions. Support is widening for the idea that Japan should assume a bigger security role. See in context

Classic nonsense speech from a politician. Neither of those things have anything to do with bucking for a bigger security role, I assume with the U.N., as I must, because its not at all clear what he is muttering about.

Not many people out there I like in any of these roles, but, the Japanese seem to be particularly inept. About the last thing I would want is for some Japanese to have their hands on any of the controls, because if its not them mucking it up, it will be their handlers in the Prime Minister's office (the one with the revolving door) or the Diet.

No thanks buddy. Japan can continue to make political deals with NK, but let some mature people with a little foresight handle the world security.

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Posted in: Abe says he won't tolerate China island challenge See in context

The Chinese government pretty much says most of east Asia's surrounding territory is theirs.

So you are saying that China is making claims on the entirety of both Koreas and Japan. Are you going for overstatement of the year award?

And while I don't like China's claim on Taiwan, hey, it was not all that long ago that Taiwan claimed all of mainland China! And our governments supported that!

Pah! Hypocrisy and exaggeration. Its pathetic that people feel its the only way they can make a case against China. Telling even!

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Posted in: Abe says he won't tolerate China island challenge See in context

Abe said that no one contested Japan’s sovereignty between 1895, when Tokyo annexed the islands,

In the middle of the Sino-Japanese war? This is like saying the British did not contest the occupation of Jersey by the Germans in WWII! Hello?

and 1971, the year before the United States returned the islands along with Okinawa to Japan after seizing them in World War II.

And CCP was only recognized by the free world in 1971! Up to then the status quo was for China to pound sand on ANY issue.

Seems like the only claim on land Japan is ready to accept is the old fashioned claim: kill all your enemies for it. I for one am grateful China never resorted to that, and I would like to keep it that way.

And if I ever get swept up in a war because of this, I will be mindful of whose stupid mouths got it started. Read into that what you will.

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Posted in: Japan detects xenon in air after N Korean nuclear test See in context

The rest of the world should agree to reduce its nuclear arsenal (special emphasis on the first four letters of that word) in exchange for North Korea ending its nuclear pursuits. Anything else would be hypocritical.

And if they refuse? Let the cruise missiles find the appropriate targets. But only after an honest attempt to make the deal.

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Posted in: China slams Abe over comments in Washington Post See in context

OK Steve. Number of territorial disputes Japan has with it's neighbors............4. Numbert of territorial disputes China has........................................17.

Yup. And Japan has 5 neighbors and China has 21. Percentage-wise Japan has more disputes. Which is why you ignored the part of the formula about number of neighbors.

Is it too much to ask for a fair accounting?

While we are at it, Japan is also trying to claim some unclaimable rocks in the Pacific to expand its EEZ. But Japan is not expansionist?? And we might also mention the fact that plenty of Asian nations have disputes with each other besides China. But China is smack in the center of them all!

When the pot makes war on the kettle for being black, I will curse them both!

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Posted in: Abe says he won't tolerate China island challenge See in context

Its morbidly amusing that Abe stands in the capital of a country that, unlike China, has military bases scattered across the globe, and complains about military expansionism, but of course, not that of his ally. And all because China wants some islands that would make Gilligan's island look like continent!

Not ironic. Just hypocritical.

China should offer to relieve some of the massive U.S. debt to China to just stand down on this issue.

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Posted in: China slams Abe over comments in Washington Post See in context

I seriously do not understand why people cannot do the simple math of counting up all of China's neighbors and disputes on one side, and counting up all of Japan's neighbors and disputes on the other. How hard is that to do?

Is hating China enough to deny the truth of the situation? I guess so....if you are ten years old!

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Posted in: China slams Abe over comments in Washington Post See in context

While the politicians rob us blind, the people are too busy watching this circus to notice.

What the hell difference could these teeny tiny islands make to anything? Don't you people have anything better to consider?

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Posted in: S African police replace top Pistorius investigator See in context

I think the only intelligent option at this point is to not make one's mind up just yet. The press has made or conveyed so many errors its hard to figure out what the facts are.

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Posted in: Man dies one day after donating Lady Gaga's teacup to Miyagi See in context

The cup is cursed! Witch!!!!

Just kidding!

As much as I salute his philanthropy, is the Miyagi pref. government a good benefactor?

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Posted in: 3 killed in car shooting, crash on Vegas Strip See in context

Okay. So the rolling gun battle story just faded away. Somebody ought to be facing a salary cut for misinforming the public.

Of course you all know that the only reason this could happen is because not enough Americans are armed, right? That is why we have this sort of thing every other day in Japan! (hoping you know sarcasm when you see it!)

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Posted in: Yumi Kazama: 15 years in the Japanese adult video industry and still going strong See in context

Sex for money, sounds like prostitution to me. Just happens to be on film.

I agree. I just don't see what the problem is.

I bet her parents are proud.

They may well be. It shows courage to be a porn star when some people are so noisily arrogant and judgmental, thinking they are special, important and full of grace because they are not sex workers.

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Posted in: Lead detective in Pistorius case facing 7 attempted murder charges See in context

It seemed so many of you were heading toward the light. I guess I chased you back into the dark tunnel. Sorry bout that.

I am not going to go point for point, but you guys should stop believing every rumor you read on the internet.

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Posted in: Trial begins for 18-year-old accused of stabbing 2 schoolgirls See in context

He needs to be offed right away

Nice mafia language you use when suggesting a government sponsored execution.

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Posted in: Trial begins for 18-year-old accused of stabbing 2 schoolgirls See in context

Its interesting to see people deny that there could a be a sexual kick out of killing when so many movies out there seem to be based on that very theme. Go to a video store, horror section, and open your eyes.

I and many of my friends grew up with restricted weapons that make these things mentioned look like child's toys. I don't remember any of them being "corrupted" or going on a random attack spree on teen girls or 8 year olds.

So I would sooner presume the problem is that he was born with some sort of defect or it was neglect or mistreatment or something like that. The reasons for his behavior being presented here are what I would expect from your average uneducated Bible belt reject.

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Posted in: Obama, Republicans blame each other over budget crisis See in context

The Dems and Repubs blamed each other. And they were so right!

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Posted in: Lead detective in Pistorius case facing 7 attempted murder charges See in context

I smell vindication coming for sticking to the concept of innocent until proven guilty.

I do not however smell any apologies or admissions of giving in to mob mentality on the horizon.

Some people here would have hung Pistorius from the nearest tree just a couple days ago. Now....listen to those crickets chirp.

And don't even think I am gloating. I just want such behavior to end. Just wake up please. Its all I ask.

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Posted in: Japan expected to ratify Hague Convention on child abduction See in context

Even if the Hague Convention is ratified, it has flaws of its own. Then you have courts and their flaws, in every country, and the simple fact that you have two parents and at least one refuses to cooperate.

All that means the kids still lose. Some seem to think the Hague Convention is a fix-all. But I don't think so. Some cases you look at and think it was a good thing the child was taken away. But the Hague Convention would favor crooked people who know how to play crooked lawyers and crooked judges on their home turf.

What I would prefer is not ratification of the Hague, but just some simple respect and equality for foreign born parents who have a child with a Japanese spouse. Its a much more important issue than parental child abduction.

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