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Steve Martin comments

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Though chances are I have the virus, like many viruses ... I have yet to feel the symptoms, and don't expect to. ''Terrain Theory'' — for those following the science.

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Whoa, other people also are telling us about this conspiracy on which they share a theory?! Wow.

LOL ... I'll blame my slooooow catch for the midnight hour and still recovering from my first read of Sontag.


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Whoa, that's a very interesting conspiracy you have a theory on!

I wish it were just a theory. Just pick up a copy of Zinn's history, or Naomi Klein, William Blum, Antony Loewenstein, Kary Mullis ... I could go on, and as I alluded to Japanese custom, it is not restricted to the power mongers of America alone. It doesn't take much sleuthing to find out that Scott Gottlieb's position is not just a lucky coincidence.

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What is clear is that all the vaccines approved for use against COVID are orders of magnitude less risky than the disease they prevent, even for young and healthy people. 

The gig's up. Maybe time to look for another patron?

It's pretty much clear now that the the regulatory agencies such as FDA, CDC, WHO, etc. have long since been corporate captured. Similar to the Japanese style of 'amakudari' (descent from heaven), former tax-funded 'public servants' regularly graduate to the well paid board of directors of the private firms they were once charged to regulate, like Scott Gottlieb, former FDA Commissioner, now on the Board of Directors at Phizer. Those who can't see cronyism at its most corrupt in this 'custom' maybe deserve every profit raking jab they get, but I really struggle to keep from challenging corporate greed at their own perverse level.

And just to remind those too busy to keep up with the fine print ... through a legal slight of hand, the current crop of mRNA experimental treatments are still EUA ... Emergency Use Authorization. The provisionally approved Comernity is not yet available for use or purchase. Even if meets the approval of a corrupt agency, without the necessary testing for long term effects, it is a crap shoot at best. Just following the logic of evolution, as viruses mutate, they normally become more transmissible because they become less lethal ... and that is what the doctors in South Africa are confirming. This Omicron variant practically harmless, with no hospitalizations, merely visiting the doctor for advice and/or medication that would normally be given to treat a common cold. Unfortunately, triangulating loads of accumulating evidence, the same can not be said for adverse effects of the vaccines.

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Maybe wasted on the 'just follow the I am science' literal minded and the minus-bot troll farms, but just the same, for those beginning to see cracks in the current narrative ...

Not all metaphors applied to illnesses and their treatment are equally unsavory and distorting. The one I am most eager to see retired – more than ever since the emergence of AIDS – is the military metaphor. Its converse, the medical model of the public weal, is probably more dangerous and far-reaching in its consequences, since it not only provides a persuasive justification for authoritarian rule but implicitly suggests the necessity of state-sponsored repression and violence (the equivalent of surgical removal or chemical control of the offending or ‘unhealthy’ parts of the body politic).

— Sontag, Susan. Illness as Metaphor and AIDS and Its Metaphors (Penguin Modern Classics) (p. 182). Penguin Books Ltd. Kindle Edition. 

And this was 1978.

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Posted in: How effective are vaccines against Omicron? An epidemiologist answers 6 questions See in context

Hmm ... wondering if Ms. Director of Undergraduate Programs is picking up a little bonus on the side, and paid per word, or per article? She is certainly not taking her cues from the South African doctors who first reported this variant.

She makes no mention of how mild it is, and how shocked the South African medical community was at the imposition of sudden travel sanctions for something about as dangerous as the common cold, not to mention those 'developed' democracies' re-institution of lockdowns and other NPI / economic sanctions against their own working class. This narrative is unravelling very quickly, and even the ever ubiquitous corporate shill is no longer finding easy pickings among the readers here.

Is she both educated and corrupt, just enough, to have concocted this propaganda on her own? Or have her handlers thoroughly commodified and weaponized the play book — Susan Sontag's ''Illness as Metaphor''? I suspect the latter.

The current narrative looks like a copy-paste of Sontag's chapters about how AIDS was politicized and embedded in the divide-and-conquer culture wars of less than a generation ago. But nah ... I suspect she has been incentivized with a script. Nobody has time to either publish or read Sontag's book on the likes of Twitter.

Maybe anyone who still believes this has ever been about 'following the science' or Big Pharma's passion for protecting public health should go on ... get a 3rd, 4th, 5th jab — ad infinitum. Think of those little pricks (the jabs) as lottery tickets for the Darwin Award. Just keep your hooves off of my choice, my body.

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Posted in: Sustainable camping stove doesn’t impart heat damage to fields See in context

Will have to check out their website ... maybe they sell boutique wood too.

If I ever deign to go glamping, I will send virtue smoke signals with only the best money can buy .... as a good limousine liberals should. ;-)

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Just more STEM-Techno fear porn.

The Corporate Nation-State of Japan Inc. is desperately trying to keep the population docile, masked, distanced, isolated, and silent .... while the ruling elites have their way with us. They think the threat of A.I. and cameras will keep the numbers of demonstrators in the hundreds (like yesterday at Australian Embassy), or thousands (like two weeks ago in Shinjuku) ... not the tens if not hundreds of thousands you can find in videos covering Austria right now ... or in France, Spain, Greece, Australia.

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So let's get this straight ...

Simply being healthy is not enough.

And there is no talk of 'proof of immunity' certificates.

In the eyes of the corporate nation state, infection, recovery, and natural immunity is not acceptable as either 'scientific' or in the interest of profit-driven public health.

A never ending regime of more than questionable boosters, like the rentier model of software, is the lowest hanging fruit for stockholders of the corporate nation-state.

We are all sick, until proven healthy.

Guilty, until proven innocent.

The end game ... no informed consent over autonomy of our body or soul.

Only total compliance to the corrupt managers of the corporate nation state.

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Posted in: Ruling coalition agrees on ¥100,000 cash handouts, vouchers for those aged 18 and younger See in context

Maybe it's just the cynic in me, but I am not going to hold my breath hoping these 'handouts' will not be later connected with incentives before the desired behavior become mandates — New York style. And again, maybe it's just the cynic in me ... but 'handouts' reeks of 'noblesse oblige' from the ruling elite. As if the money were coming from their pockets, and no interested parties will profit from the infrastructure needed to distribute that money. Anyone remember the suspicion regarding the choice of Dentsu to distribute the first handout? Not once in the article does it remind the reader that what is now being considered a 'handout' was first a 'take-away' from mostly the working class ... thanks to increasing the taxes on basic necessities of life rather than on luxury goods and corporate gains.

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So ... let me get this straight.

According to the new definition of 'herd immunity', since there is no vaccination for the common cold, as a species we are doomed to unspeakable suffering and extinction? What's next?

'Water — A molecular compound necessary for life, the safety and availability of which can only be guaranteed by Interagua.' — The Devil's Dictionary, Uupdated Edition, by 'official' sources only.

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Herd immunity can theoretically be achieved either through infection and recovery or by vaccination.

LOL. So up until November 2020, the entire history of our species has 'theoretically' flourished and expanded ... and the vast majority of that time, without vaccines?

June, 2020, WHO's official definition of herd immunity —

*... the indirect protection from an infectious disease that happens when a population is immune either through vaccination or immunity developed through previous infection.*

November, 2020, WHO's official definition of herd immunity —

*... a concept used for vaccination, in which a population can be protected from a certain virus if a threshold of vaccination is reached.*

Pretty easy to see that those cherry picked ''public health experts'' (and writers) know which side of their toast is buttered. Paid per word?

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Posted in: Vaccinate young kids or no? U.S. parents wrestle with the decision See in context

What makes you think any company has to be forced to improve their products? 

Hmm ...

I thought, by law, the CEO is responsible to stockholders and corporate profits first. Acknowledgement, much less responsibility to customers or stakeholders is a an ethical choice at best, worse — a promotional-lucrative tax haven, and at worst — an outsourced business externality.

I thought the original purpose of any regulatory agency was a direct answer to your question.

Apparently not.

The FDA, CDC, WHO, EPA, FCC, NRC ... you name it, and I suspect that institution has long since been corporate captured, and is now just another tool for corporate promotion of that market.

But perhaps you can correct my thoughts about the raison d'etre of corporations ... as well as science.

What do you think is wrong about letting a safe and effective health intervention be used to lower the risk for people? 

Straw man argument which purposely misstates my position.

I, and a host of silenced medical health workers, top researchers in virology and public health, and even Nobel laureates, challenge your presumption to speak as a single voice for science, much less the safety, efficacy, and perverse incentives behind these still experimental treatments.

Cui bono? Just follow the money.

"The revenues of the top 25 pharmaceutical companies increased to US$837 billion in 2020, up US$41 billion from 2019. This is the equivalent of 1% of the world economy and about the size of the economy of the Netherlands. After-tax profits of these companies amounted to a shade under US$100 billion. This represents an enormous concentration of power and money in the hands of a small number of companies and the people who run them." — Foster, Gigi; Frijters, Paul; Baker, Michael. The Great Covid Panic: What Happened, Why, and What To Do Next (p. 347). Brownstone Institute. Kindle Edition.

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Posted in: Vaccinate young kids or no? U.S. parents wrestle with the decision See in context

Soooo ... Let me get this straight.

Just a quick search on the web indicates that the originally 'Emergency Use Authorization' formula for the Phizer vaccine and Comernaty are one and the same ... the only difference being the FDA has approved the vaccine for anyone aged 16 or over.

FDA approval for children has come with a caveat or two — the dosage has been lowered to more closely match the smaller body size of children, and Phizer (under duress or not, I don't know) has 'improved' the already approved and 'safe' formula of Comernaty ... to reduce potentially dangerous side effects of myocarditis among children?

On the bright side of business opportunity, FDA approval, for any age, allows Phizer to commercially market their treatment. Now they can target the market for children. Just keep watching television. As recently revealed, Big Pharma, and especially Phizer, are among the primary sponsors of mass media masquerading as 'news', and I use that word 'news' loosely. For those who know a little history of corporate funded science ... “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” — Upton Sinclair.

And as of now, the only FDA approved corona-virus vaccine, Comernaty, is still unavailable in the U.S.?

The rollout could begin as early as this week ...

So what does the corporate nation-state have in mind for the children ... mandates to continue using the 'emergency use only' vaccines? Or are both the originally FDA approved and modified versions of Comernaty, going to be available 'as early as this week?

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Evidently not a word limit. The comments do not allow the publication of p values for scientific studies ... so will just say that it is statistically robust.

The remainder of my comment without the p value:

... and the typical average for pregnancy loss during this time period. In light of these findings, key policy decisions have been made using unreliable and questionable data.''

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Posted in: Vaccinate young kids or no? U.S. parents wrestle with the decision See in context

Hmm ... a word limit? Anyways, the end of my response :


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Posted in: Vaccinate young kids or no? U.S. parents wrestle with the decision See in context

As children are likely to spend most of their time at home, some recent salient research that might help parents be more responsible for their decisions:


1 — U.K. Study: (The Hill, Oct. 29) ''Vaccinated Just as Likely to Spread Delta Variant Within Household as Unvaccinated'' (note: Households, not restaurants or public events are the greatest source of spread — the 4 D's — density, draft, distance, diffusion), Same Study: (Bloomberg) ''Vaccinated People Spread the Delta Variant, Year long study Shows'',

2 — Study: (The Lancet, Oct. 29, 2021) 'Community Transmission and Viral Load Kinetics of the SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant in Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Individuals in the U.K.; A Prospective, Longitudinal, Cohort Study', (38% vs 25% ... not a statistically significant difference, Delta variant was 26% regardless of vaccination status — but self selected because symptomatic self reporting). From abstract, purpose of study states ... previous symptom-based, single time based, surveillance testing probably underestimates the true SARs attack rate (non-symptomatic infectivity) and overestimates the probably overestimates vaccine effectiveness against infection' ... like Phizer's own (no conflict of interest here) study. The only way you can get good data, is to study everybody (including those who are not infected and those who may be asymptomatic).

3 — Study: (Sweden — Pending peer review, Oct. 25, 2021), 'Effectiveness of Covid-19 Vaccination Against Risk of Symptomatic Infection, Hospitalization, and Death up to 9 Months: A Swedish Total Population Cohort Study.'

4 — Study: (Science, Public Health Policy, and the Law Volume 4:130–143 November, 2021), 'Spontaneous Abortions and Policies on COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Use During Pregnancy'.

For those pressed for time, a summary of what I thought were salient points:

The Swedish study of total population cohort included 1.6 million vaccinated people, and was controlled for age, gender, and co-morbidities. The study showed mRNA vaccine effectiveness against infections dropped in 6 months to less than a 46% effective mark. This is important because the 50% mark is minimal standard for manufacturer's to claim effectiveness. From day 211 onward, no effectiveness of the vaccines was demonstrated.

Another vaccine (not mRNA) was shown to have no effectiveness from day 121 onward. The vaccine effectiveness was even lower (42%) and waned faster among males, older individuals, and those with co-morbidities ... in other words, the same population experienced severe symptoms and/or died that would have gotten sick and/or died from those co-morbidities without the presence of the virus, with a greater probability for males.

The effectiveness of contracting severe Co-Vid 19 at 6 months drops below the 50 percent mark (not effective). This suggests that if the boosters are reliable, they will have to be regularly given every 90 days. There is not yet enough data yet to know.

But as some peer-reviewed Israeli data shows, natural immunity is more robust — durable, longer lasting, and more of a 'poly-heterogenous response' (effective against more variants of the virus). Further studies show robust statistic evidence that those who have been fully vaccinated with two treatments have a lower capacity to produce natural antibodies for emerging variants of the corona virus or other unrelated viruses. Some research shows that the fully vaccinated may eventually reach a full dependence on regular boosters, and still risk a greater risk of developing more severe symptoms.

For the very young, the original CDC study led by Tom Shimabukuro, took ''The assumption that exposure in the third trimester cohort is representative of the effect of exposure throughout pregnancy is questionable and ignores past experience with drugs such as thalidomide.'' To quote the purpose of the new study ... ''In this article, we draw attention to these errors and recalculate the risk of this outcome based on the cohort that was exposed to the vaccine before 20 weeks’ gestation. Our re-analysis indicates a cumulative incidence of spontaneous abortion 7 to 8 times higher than the original authors’ results (p

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Posted in: FDA advisers back Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for young kids See in context

So ... next to the F.C.C., the F.D.A., probably the most completely corporate captured regulatory agency in the U.S., is making an expert decision regarding 'data' gathered by Phizer over Phizer products and profits? Even the most cursory, casual search on the net will turn up a sordid history of corruption and incompetence by both the F.D.A. and its masters.

How can one justify vaccinating children, those with the least risk of serious reaction to the virus, and unknown and unknowable long term risks from the vaccine? And with industrial secrets preventing fully 'informed consent', how can we justify vaxxing ourselves, much less kids? We can't. The cognitive dissonance is too think to cut with a chainsaw. ''It is easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.'' Just follow manufactured fear. And if fear is too hard to count, just follow the money.

Last year alone, the six largest drug companies in the US made nearly $50 billion dollars in profits, while the ten highest paid pharma execs made over $500 million combined. From 2016 to 2020, compensation for the 14 companies' top executives totaled $3.2 billion, with compensation growing by 14% over that five-year period.

Being 'highly regulated' did not stop Big Pharma from spending $6.5 billion dollars in advertising last year, and this budget is expected to increase drastically next year through expenditures on direct advertising and influencers in social media.

Lobbying, a lucrative career path burying what is ethical layers deep beneath what is legal, saw Phizer alone allocating $3.7 million dollars in the first quarter of 2021 ... putting it well on course for topping $1 billion dollars for the year.

Big Pharma, putting your health first? From 2016 to 2020, the 14 leading drug companies spent $577 billion on stock buybacks and dividends, compared with $521 billion on R&D—a $56 billion difference. And while I can't find specific data, it is well known that many drug companies spent a significant portion of their R&D budget on finding ways to suppress generic and biosimilar competition while continuing to raise prices, rather than on innovative research.

Big Pharma ... the same people who ran the studies 'proving' the safety and efficacy of the vaccines? When was the last time we average readers critically read a scientific study? New word of the month ... 'p-hacking'.

Thinking only slightly out of the box, I see not two, but three professional writers on this page here.

With such deep, deep pockets, I wonder how much Big Pharma pays them?

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Such a kabuki show.

There are more holes in the narrative than on a submarine with screen doors ... a polyester mask protecting you from an aerosolized virus? Still crowded commuter trains but 4 to a group restrictions in pubs? 'Anti-vaxxer' or 'case' of sickness redefined? A PCR 'testing' what it can't? Medical treatments more dangerous than the disease? FDA approval of a treatment not yet on the market? Vaccine passports going ahead despite the science, not because of it?

''Guilty until proven innocent, sick until proven healthy.''

It is just by coincidence this mantra of the Great Reset further empowers the surveillance state and enriches monopolies. Yeah. Pure chance. Anything else would be a conspiracy theory.

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Posted in: Japan to see price hikes in food, tobacco products from October See in context

Duh. Remember that token one-time ¥100,000 relief measure given to households at the beginning of the pandemic? It didn't come from taxes. It was a token amount of the fiat currency printed as emergency ''quantitative easing'', the bulk of which went to corporations ... which changed that fiat currency to hard assets before the predictable inflation hits. ''Quantitative easing'' is just a way of further empowering the big players at a moment's notice. When all that extra paper money is thrown into the system and it is not re-invested in human resources, it is the working class who eventually pays the price with a rising cost of living, but without a corresponding rise in quality of life. The GINI coefficient has many flaws, but as a few have pointed out in comments, the wealth gap in Japan is rapidly catching up to the obscene levels you can see in the states ... people lining up for food while those in their gated communities stuff it out of sight. An inconvenient truth —Japan also has a ruling class exploiting the working class. Just human, rather than humane, nature.

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Posted in: Vaccine mandates: Is no jab, no entry into restaurants, cafes, bars, sporting and event venues discrimination? See in context

It is more than discrimination.

For anyone familiar with behaviorist psychology, it is a manufacturing of the illusion of choice.

''60% to herd immunity'' has now morphed to ''100% and no immunity''.

Similar to ''no bread and circuses, 'no jab'' ... ''no right to live' is quickly becoming the new norm. Of course, high profile entertainers, the rich, and the ruling elite are exempt from mandates. In the U.S., this has been legalized. Federal employees working the Judiciary or Congress are exempt from mandates or proof of PCR testing or vaccines.

In New York ... by law ... visiting artists, athletes, and the rich and connected are similarly exempt from mandates for the working class. The recent Met-Gala, at $35,000 for entry to 'guests' hi-lighted the new feudalism. Only the guests seem to be immune to the virus or the mandates and were allowed to go maskless. The servant class were all masked. This is scientific nonsense and ethical obscenity of a scale that I could scarcely imagine. And 'progressive' AOC had the nerve to attend, go maskless, and wear a dress only the rich can afford ... with a big 'Tax the Rich' printed on it. Do the ruling class think we are that stupid? Or just that scared and compliant?

For those who still read books, my suggestion for two contrasting reads that lend a lot of light on the situation include:

— Dr. Joseph Mercola and Robert Cummins, ''The Truth About CoVid-19', and

— Klaus Schwab, 'CoVid-19 and The Great Reset'.

One of those books gives a fairly accurate and honest look at what is happening from an educated and humane scientific perspective. The other lays out part of the agenda and apologetics for a world-wide technocratic tyranny by a small ruling elite.

For those who read books, I need say no more.

For those who don't read books, I need say no more.

It's happening.

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Posted in: Nurses are quitting, and replacing them won’t be easy See in context

Rather than respond to the above comment, I'll just ask any reader which 'leading experts' they'd rather trust? Those who are VERY well paid, well protected, and in unelected positions of authority ... or those whistleblowers who sacrificed all to spread the word? — Doctors, researchers, inventors of the same technologies being used against us, healthcare workers, former managers of Big Pharma, former administrators of regulatory agencies, and journalists, and at least one Nobel Laureate thrown in — Kary Mullis, inventor of PCR, was a fierce critic of Fauci.

New word for the day ... 'p-hacking'. Those familiar with statistical studies will recognize that. It seems like only yesterday that the Obokata-Rikken-Harvard-Nature scandal was in the news. In a publish or perish industry, show me the incentives, and with a little p-hacking, I'll show you the outcome. And yes, billions, if not trillions of dollars are being sloshed around among the big players at our expense.

Some of us are genuinely confused and scared. But make no mistake, not all of us are stupid ... or corrupt beyond redemption.

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Posted in: Forceful vaccine messages backfire with holdouts: How can it be done better? See in context

I wonder why Laura Dodworth's excellent book 'State of Fear' is not mentioned in this article? It is the definitive breakdown on how the British government has employed behaviorist psychologists to nudge the population into compliance through marketing, propaganda, timing, manipulation of statistics, outright deception, and fear-mongering.

For example, regarding reconciling the cognitive dissonance that justify developing countries from producing mRNA's because of 'trade secrets' and the Nuremberg Code of 'Informed Consent' ... simply cherry pick a panel of well paid scientific experts to head a panel which gives official approval, avoid pointing out inconvenient changes in the narrative or inconsistent data, and show videos of high profile influencers getting jabs of a placebo saline solution.

Set up troll farms who employ ad-hominem attacks on anyone, even inventors of the technology being used, who question the narrative, withdraw previously assumed human rights from anyone who doesn't blindly comply, and apply the recently coined new definition (2018 Merriam Webster) of 'anti-vaxxer' to include anyone against 'mandatory vaccinations' (while conveniently omitting the 'medical' atrocities that led to 'informed consent' to begin with ... Unit 731, Josef Mengele, the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, Project MKUltra ... or the current corporate track record of litigation against Big Pharma ... all of the mRNA producers and the Sackler Family-enriching opioid crisis.

Certainly do not mention how much money is being made at the expense of public health. The average yearly incomes of CEOs of Big Pharma, the financial incentives given to hospitals and clinics administering the injections, the change in PCR cycle goal posts for detecting the virus in unvaccinated people (40- 45) vs. the proof of efficacy of vaccines (28 cycles), the conflation of 'death by' with 'death with' in inflating numbers of CoVid victims, concealing the drop in deaths from previous pulmonary diseases, concealing research showing the safety and efficacy of cheap and widely available treatments, concealing the fact that the FDA does not conduct any tests of scientific efficacy and so the test results are presented by the same companies that stand to profit off of treatments, minimize or eliminate funding studies showing the effectiveness of NPIs (non pharmaceutical interventions) such as masking outdoors, staying indoors, imposing social (communicative) distancing, etc. Interviews on television should be chosen so as to appear to be random, but are effectively screened and approved ahead of time ... as are comments to articles.

And limit information to a one-way flow of propaganda from 'officially approved' news outlets and agencies. Close and/or edit comments that may foster critical thinking skills or upset the plans as published by Klaus Schwab in his June 2021 book, 'CoVid-19 and The Great Reset'. Any inconvenient truths can and have been erased from Wikipedia, YouTube, Facebook, and Google's search engine as a re-write and control of history ... so don't mention the internet 'Wayback Machine' or encourage people to use it.

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Posted in: Moderna's contaminated vaccine only shipped to Japan: Spanish maker See in context

... only shipped to Japan?

According to Reuters ... https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-japan-moderna/contaminant-in-moderna-vaccines-suspected-to-be-metallic-particles-nhk-idUSKBN2FS02D ...

NHK, in a report published late on Thursday, cited ministry sources as saying the particle reacted to magnets and was therefore suspected to be a metal. Moderna has described it as “particulate matter” that did not pose a safety or efficacy issue.

Now do a search on Brighteon, not yet under the same corporate umbrella model of Facebook or Google/YouTube, for a post from 2 months ago by ZGoldenReport:

mRNA Magnetic Vaccine Videos

Just another of many strange coincidences?

I think not.

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Posted in: Experts warn of untested COVID cases in Tokyo as average dips See in context


I will acknowledge credit where it is due and thank you for the website addressing numbers.

Now like other institutions, I will just have to trust that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government committee generating those numbers has not become corporate- captured, and are not the equivalence of 'Manufacturing Consent' (Chomsky and Herman) or 'Invented Traditions of Modern Japan' (Stephen Vlastos). At least I hope they are more trustworthy than how 'Nuclear Regulatory Agency' is an Orwellian Doublespeak / oxymoron-euphemism for 'Nuclear Advocacy and Lobbyist Agency'. I see no Japanese equivalence of Julian Assange or Ed Snowden, so I guess we can trust everything any government agency in Japan says.

On the other hand, I still can not find compelling information that PCR tests actually detect the sickness named CoVid-19. It tests for RNA fragments of SARS-COV-2, which may indicate:

1 — prior infection and natural recovery,

2 — a viral load too small to lead to sickness or infection of others,

3 — or as WHO's vaguely worded announcement months ago hinted at, random noise.

I am constantly seeing a conflation, even in 'scientific' literature, between distinctly different names for the virus and the sickness it may cause. I can't help but to think some of that conflation is deliberate.

Though 'CoVid-19' refers to a sickness, notice how the word 'case' has changed in the current narrative from 'sickness' to 'presence of a genetic fragment', or how '60% vaccination to herd immunity' is rapidly drifting to 'mandatory vaccinations and passports for all', or how 'anti-vaxxer' has changed to include anyone against mandatory vaccinations, precluding informed consent.

Didn't Japan Inc. just catch a 'bad' batch of Moderna? Odd that yesterday's NHK report of magnetic properties indicated metallic contaminants. Odd because I recall the 'fake news' videos being banned on YouTube and Facebook a few months ago ... the magnetic properties of the skin around the injection site. You can still find some of those videos on alternative social media sites such as Brighteon, Rumble, or BitChute, but such videos will not stay up long on the near-monopoly social media sites of Facebook or YouTube ... protecting our delicate sesibilities from 'fake news'. But back to the PCR test thing ...

From Public Health Ontario ... https://www.publichealthontario.ca/en/about/blog/2021/explained-covid19-pcr-testing-and-cycle-thresholds ... I could not help but to notice that the paragraph entitled ''How does PCR actually detect COVID-19?'' does not explain how detection of genetic fragments from a corona virus equals detection of a sickness. A bit of critical reading of that paragraph can lead to only one of two assumptions ...

1 — any indication of genetic material associated with the corona virus automatically dismisses prior infection and recovery or viral loads too low to cause symptoms or be infectious ... and translates simply as either symptomatically 'sick', or an asymptomatic (and still 'case' definition, 'sick') carrier. That's an awful lot of 'Typhoid Mary's' running around, but apparently not running in the same circles as top level politicians, Olympic committees, athletes, or school kids. OR ...

2 — the writer(s) are deliberately conflating presence of genetic material with presence of a sickness.

Of course, we can dismiss point 2. No government institution has ever been corrupted by perverse incentives — corporate-captured or even slightly influenced by financial incentives provided by corporate lobbyists. Odd, that corporate news in the U.S. fails to point out that the recent FDA approval is for a variant of the Phizer treatment not yet in production, not for the current 'Emergency Use' injection. Of course there are no conflicts of interest to see ... Scott Gottlieb, former commissioner of the FDA from 2017 to 2019, now sits on the board of directors of Pfizer. Nope, nothing to see here.

As your link points out, different makers of test kits, necessarily the same medical and governmental institutions pushing the narrative, justify a higher number of cycles for their 'custom tests' than was previously cited in the literature, but this raises at least two further questions:

1 — What is the medical justification for a non-clinical setting (for example, when the tested person shows no symptoms of sickness) to automatically be classified as a positive test 'case' — presumably, an asymptomatic carrier rather than someone who has previously been infected and has recovered?

2 — Why the double standard in testing for the presence of a virus in a healthy population, and testing for the absence of the virus in a vaccinated population? In the testing of the efficacy of vaccines, are presumably generic PCR tests being used, and with a lower threshold cycle? In the following study, https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMoa2108891, the section titled ''SARS-CoV-2 Testing'' indicates no specifically tailored PCR test. Just 'PCR test' with the following description ..*. ''***Polymerase-chain-reaction (PCR) testing for SARS-CoV-2 in the United Kingdom is undertaken by hospital and public health laboratories, as well as by community testing with the use of drive-through or at-home testing, which is available to anyone with symptoms consistent with Covid-19 (high temperature, new continuous cough, or loss or change in sense of smell or taste).''**

Maybe PCR testing technology has changed since the study was published — a bit more than a month ago?

I followed up the link (25) to ascertain what specific makers' PCR test was used, and found no indication other than a reference to 'PCR test'. The discussion of that generic PCR test also stated *''***RT-PCR cycle threshold (Ct) values correlate strongly with cultivable virus.**''

Now apparently scrubbed from the net, a study a few years ago indicated a random PCR sampling of otherwise healthy people in New York indicated a wide variety of potentially dangerous bacteria and viruses, but at not enough of a load to cause sickness or infect others ... just part of the natural biome.

I can't help but to think a co-ordinated and wide-spread case of 'blinded-by-science' gaslighting is going on. I just hope nobody pulls my finger.

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Posted in: Experts warn of untested COVID cases in Tokyo as average dips See in context

Too bad there is no enforceable 'truth in advertising' law here, otherwise 'experts' would have to be called either 'authorities' or 'puppets'.

And just as bad, no real information to stand on such as ...

1 — What percentage of those 'tested' are showing up as positive?

2 — For those still being tested by PCR, how many cycles are being run and what are the percentages of false positives?

You won't find that data in previous JT articles because unlike baseball scores, strange weather, or interviews with celebrities ... the half-life of previous articles associated with the current public health narrative is a few weeks tops. Makes it kinda hard to see trends or patterns in the narrative, but isn't that the point of those 'The requested article has expired', messages?

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Posted in: Tens of thousands of children to be allowed to attend Paralympics See in context

Just a guess, but as soon as the Paralympics are finished ... there will be an 'unexpected' spike in false positives ... uh ... I mean 'cases', and/or a new, even more dangerous variant, and further calls for the government to be given further extra-legal 'emergency power' to protect the public health.

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Good digging, Mizu no Oto.

Allowing school kids to attend the Paralympics makes perfect sense ... if the ruling elite know also knows something about the pandemic that we don't. But of course, they would not lie to us. Concentrations of political power and economic wealth do not conspire to further their interests. A steady stream of news and comments assures us that is not possible.

'Cognitive dissonance' is just a myth. The official narrative and what we are told is all there is to it, and we all know what is the 'right' thing to do. Let's just consider this as a 'one-off WFT? aberration' policy of nonsense, and go back to watching the high school baseball stars and talking about strange weather. ;-)

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Posted in: Tens of thousands of children to be allowed to attend Paralympics See in context

Good observational / critical thinking skills there, Tokyoite.

My somewhat cynical guess is that those suggestions will be implemented only when those of high enough social status can further their power by capitalizing on those good ideas.

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Posted in: Tens of thousands of children to be allowed to attend Paralympics See in context

Ooo! Great reference @jeancolmar to 'A Modest Proposal'.

The one fly in the ointment ... maybe the entitled elite making these decisions are either rock-paper-scissors stupid ... or they know something about this 'pandemic' that we don't.

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