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Steve Mcgrew comments

Posted in: Japan condemns China fishing curbs; vows to defend islands See in context

Japan needs to negoyiate an agreement over the disputed area....If a war were to start,Japan could be heavily damaged by China. Japans military forces,even when combined with the japan based US military are no match for the military might China has available.....And lets not even mention the Nukes!

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Posted in: Abe says it is time to revise pacifist constitution See in context

IMO the world would be a more peaceful and secure place if ALL countries maintained only a defensive oriented military...Pre-emptive strikes should be consdored by the international community as a war crime.... Wouldn't it be much better world policy to make it a crime to put boots on the ground of foriegn nations or launching a strike,without first making a declaration of war? Warrring efforts are far to commonly justified ,for the most part, by ideological/political reasoning rather than as a defense measure. WAR..GOOD GOD YA"LL WHAT IS IT GOD FOR? absolutely nothing.

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Posted in: Girl rejected by boy she never actually met takes revenge See in context

In the US the only protection that young teen males need to carry is a condom...It looks like in Japan young teen males might need to start carrying bear spray or a weapon.

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Posted in: TEPCO to start removing spent fuel from Fukushima No. 4 reactor on Monday See in context

Many of us in Alaska are very concerned that another large quake and or tsunami may one day occur and cause further damage to these plants causing them to go into meltdown. These fuel rods need to be removed and stored ASAP but it sounds like it will take many decades to completely remove all the rods from all the plants....What happens if a powerful quake should occur while the crane operator is lifting a stored fuel rod assembly????? This is a frightening possibility and would, without a doubt , release massive amounts of radiation and could also cause the other stored rod assemblies to melt down via a domino effect.....I pray all goes well.

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Posted in: Anti-whaling activist Watson tells U.S. court: 'We're not pirates' See in context

Watson, and his Eco-terrorist most likely could have by now won their battle via the international court or through lobbying efforts if they would have concentrated all the many millions of donated dollars in that direction...Watson and Sea Sheppard are innit for fame and fortune, The heads of this (Not for Profit Organization????) have been using the Anti whaling issue as a means of fundraising to in rich themselves. Everyone could figure this out once they went public with the series "Whale Wars"....What a scam....I hope that the US finds a way to extradite the great white whale Watson and send his sorry carcass to Japan to face charges...This fool is an international criminal and fugitive from the law, The German and Costa-Rican courts will hopefully have the opportunity to prosecute this criminal too....Watson...You can run but you can not hide, I am pleased to see this criminal finally setting in a court room and answering for his crimes.

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Posted in: Japan to seek Fukushima decommissioning ideas overseas See in context

Japan better start figuring out where they will build more waste water storage facilities. Seems to me that if it is going to take four decades or more to decommission these plant then Japan must either store one heck of allot of nuclear waste water or continue to dump it into the pacific...There is,as of now, no technique devised to decontaminate this waste water to a level that is safe. Praying every day that there is not a powerful quake,tsunami,or both, is sure not a good policy. The world needs to get on this problem and figure out a better way or this disaster will continue to get worse every year until,finally, a catastrophic failure occurs.

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Posted in: 1,130 tons of tainted water dumped in sea after typhoon See in context

Never any good news from this area....It just keeps getting worse and then more worse! IMO this is not going to have a happy ending,one major Quake or Tsunami and the waste water will all enter the ocean in one big flood. The chances of a major quake occurring near the storage tanks within the next decade are very scary odds indeed.

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Posted in: Faulty tanks leave radiated water with nowhere to go See in context

Just hope there is not another massive quake or quake induced tsunami ...Those bolt together tanks are setting on unstable earth,no foundation of any kind, that cant be good. Perhaps these tanks are failing at the bolted seams because they are settling into the ground like the leaning tower of Pisa. The powers that be in Japan should be begging for advice and help with this problem instead of half assing around.

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Posted in: Hashimoto says S Korean troops guilty of wartime sex abuse See in context

You have to wonder...why do politicians make such horribly offensive remarks. Why not just stick by the earlier apology and work to make the world a safer and saner place through honest and sincere debate and friendly agreement where ever it can be found? Horrific things have been done by all nations that have engaged in war and still we do not learn to be kind. War...God god ya'll,What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.

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Posted in: Some nuclear reactors may be restarted in fall, Motegi says See in context

IMO this is all tied into reducing costs and improving profit margins at not only TEPCO but also all sectors of the Japanese manufacturing industry....low cost nuclear energy production has allowed Japans industry sectors to compete survive on the world economic playing field. If you follow the money and you will always find the reason for any and all national political policy decisions,little weight is given to the will and opinion of the average middle class majority. Meet the new boss,same as the old boss!

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Posted in: Woman, 77, ordered to repay Y400 mil she got from 79-yr-old man for sex See in context

Loans? Yeah right! This old guy received what he asked for and was more than willing to reward this woman with money! He obviously give her his coins in trade for sex ,companionship, to fulfill his granny bathing fetish, Only now, once his money has been spent he expects this woman to pay him????? Japan is a strange country indeed.

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Posted in: BOJ to double money supply to get Japan out of slump See in context

Increasing the amount of available paper yen is not going to help the middle class Japanese citizen,this just causes far more personal debt..sure those with huge cash reserves might spend a little more but not the average person..In the US the federal bank has been issued trillions of US dollars via the us treasury and all at very low or zero interest..As a result average household incomes have decrease by about 10 percent over the past 4 years and prices for energy,food and other staples has increased by 15 percent and more...Yes,this quantitative easing scam has caused the the middle class to spend more but it has nothing to do with the will of the population to spend more money and everything to do with increased consumer spending to cover basic survival needs.. Devaluing the Yen will not cause any improvement in the Japanese economy for one simple reason, and that reason is...Most all the raw material/resource that japan uses today for most all of its industrial output is imported.from other countries,.so while imported consumer goods will rise in cost, domestic prices also will increase,including food or anything else that must rely on imported oil/Ng/coal/metal ores/wood, even cotton for production to take place. Everything is relative in today's world economies and national monetary systems .One country can not out compete another simply by printing paper currency, that serves only to creat higher national debt and further increases poverty among the populace..only the very wealthy gain from such policy.

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Posted in: North Korea puts rockets on standby for U.S. strike See in context

Yawn..sigh...NK will not launch a Nuke and the US is not going to attack NK, it's all saber rattling,a political ploy. It's a well known fact should the US desire to destroy the NK military and their nuclear capabilities they could do so in a matter of hours.. Nk will never be so foolish as to kick the sleeping dog named USA, they fear and know our bite is much dangerous than our bark.. The US has so far remained tolerant of the Norths sable rattling but make no mistake, the US been using spy satellite technology to locate,keep tabs on,target,and plan for military intervention in NK for decades....We've got their number and we can take this country out of the game at anytime we feel the need to do so!

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Posted in: Gov't presses 2 utilities to lower planned rate hikes See in context

There are great amounts of fuel used to power Ge-thermal power plants,after all,these are in the simplest term,giant steam driven power plants. The water from deep geothermal wells must be pumped into the plants,heated to a point that create a hyper steam,cooled and condensed from vapor back to liquid and then pumped back into the ground..geothermal is only sightly less expensive than coal or NG as a way of producing high wattage,high voltage electricity..It takes allot of fossil fuel to fire a GTPP ,albeit, a bit less than a coal powered plant. The truth is,either Japan excepts the risk and uses NPPs or excepts the fact that any alternative will result in higher utility bills...there isn't anyway around the fact that if the power companies must pay more out of pocket to produce the same amount of product that these companies,in order to be proffitable and exist,must rase consumer rates.

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Posted in: BOJ chief says Japan's economy likely to recover by mid-year See in context

The Japanese economy has been trying to recover for about 20 years...It is just not going to happen! It is more likely that the economy will just barely continue to limp along,propped up on it's crutch of Yen manipulation and the junk government bonds that so many patriotic Japanese citizens purchase...But these will not sustain nor grow the Japanese economy for much longer. Times are tight for all global economies and there is no solid indication that anything has has occurred that any countries economy will be improving anytime soon.In japan there are many things that will stop meaningful improvements, the aging population, deep government debt, loss of exported products demand, the ever rising cost of producing energy, and the yet undetermined cost of cleaning up the NPP disaster. All of these will continue to hobble any meaningful growth in the Japanese economy,probably for many decades......And if you think these "Free trade agreements" with the US and EU are going to somehow stimulate growth then you are drinking some very bad KoolAide and smoking some wicked bad weed! But at least you will be able to afford the imported rice,beef,and apples...Even though you won't be able to afford the fuel to cook them.

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Posted in: Rich rare earth deposits found on seabed See in context

Even with he much higher concentration of REE it will not be economically feasible to mine these deposits..how many Yen do you suppose it would cost, per ton of ore, to dig the ore out of the earth at 5800 meters and then bring that ore to a surface ship for transport or processing?? Heck ,there are some pretty awesome payloads of gold bearing ores in the depths of the ocean that have been proven via core sampling that are in far more shoal areas than this and refining on ships would be simple and of little cost but the cost of extraction is 10 times higher than the price of gold,,even at current gold prices. Deep Sea REE mining is a just a pipe dream!

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Posted in: Rat may have caused Fukushima outage See in context

It's going to be several decades before these NPPs will be fully removed. and judging by the amount of near catastrophic incidents that have occurred over the first two years of the shut down it seems very likely that,TEPCO does not have the ability to oversee this problem safely. It is MHO that sooner or later TEPCO will screw up royally, and when they do??????? Signora NW Japan. Isn't it strange that there does not seem to be much international press/media coverage of what is clearly an ongoing and very dangerous environmental disaster,the worst in the past few decades. Problems like loosing the power supply to cooling water pumps for nuclear waste rod storage tanks would be big time front page news but I have not seena word in US papers a report from our national media outlets.....Very strange indeed. One has to wonder how this situation is swept under the carpet internationally.

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Posted in: Chinese military officials admit ship radar lock on Japanese detroyer See in context

@ USNin &cabadage.....I hate to be the one to burst your self proclaimed military knowledge expert bubbles but target lock happens many of times each year between opposing military air craft and marine ships. It is a way to comunicate to the other vessel or aircraft that they are being painted and need to operate in a manner that does not display any aggression. It is no different than swinging the 20mm cannons onto the target..Even the US Coast Guard will occasionally swings their patrol vessels guns onto targets such as non aggressive fishing boats and cargo ships Are the Japanese coast guard/armed/Military forces really so easily intimidated??? Sheesh Man upgrow a pair or the Chinese military void your man card?

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Posted in: TEPCO partially restores power to cooling systems at Fukushima plant See in context

The chance of a disaster occurring due to these damaged reactors and spent fuel rod storage/cooling pools losing water pumping capacity will be something that will be haunting the people of Japan and around the globe for many more decades....I live just across the big pound (Pacific ocean)and I get nervous reading about these cooling water pump problems..Also there is a chance that a another large Quake and/or Tsunami could one day strike these same NPPs once more in the near future???? I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best but I do not have much faith that TEPCO has this situation any where near stable or controlled.

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Posted in: Chinese military officials admit ship radar lock on Japanese detroyer See in context


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Posted in: Chinese military officials admit ship radar lock on Japanese detroyer See in context

Yawn...So what is the big deal about radar lock??? getting a target lock on another vessel is nothing unheard of with military ships,both air and water. Now if a weapons launch would have occurred that would be another issue completely but Radar lock??? Don't get your panties in such a bunch Japan,after all China has ICMBs that are target locked on Tokyo and many other major cities and ports within Japan,that doesn't mean they are being aggressors . sheesh,chill out!

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Posted in: Gov't increases disaster debris estimate to reach North America See in context

I have seen quite a bit of debris from Japan floating into Cook inlet AK last summer and fall,mostly trash items like platic bottles and Styrofoam containers..I am going to travel by boat along the very remote outer coast this summer and do some beach combing..I am very curious as to just how badly our prestene shoreline will be impacted by this nasty junk.

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Posted in: Japan gives Canada $1 mil for tsunami debris cleanup See in context

This is just some more government insanity.....That one million dollars could/would/should be spent on those still living in shelters and the other displaced Japanese citizens. Isn't it amazing how easily governments toss money to one another yet fail in the basic government function of serving their citizens..Some say it is only $1 million dollars and that in the grand scale of government spending is a pittance,that may be true but it is still money that has been miss appropriated by any degree of decency.

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Posted in: Big money available for doing manual labor at Fukushima disaster site See in context

Anyone with a lick of common sense knows that the only reason they are offering these wages to common laborers is because no body except those very desperate will want to willingly except the risk involved with working in a highly radioactive environment......where are all the TEPCO electricians,plumbers,maintenance persons,and plant operators that are currently idled since all the NPP shut downs?????? If TEPCO,s own prior and current employees are afraid to take these jobs then it is a (no brainer) that these jobs are far too hazardous to ones health for a measly 50,000 yen per day...Sounds like good money,but what price would you take for risking your health and perhaps your life? Sadly there are people that will make this sacrifice out of a desperate need to put a roof over the heads and food on the tables of their families.....TEPCO exec's and those working in the government department that were overseeing this NPP should be inside and working side by side with the poor folks they feel are expendable or of some lower worth. The Big Daddy's made the mess and now they are asking there children to clean it up!

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Posted in: Japan riled by WHO's Fukushima cancer warning See in context

If I were living near this area I would move ASAP. The Japanese government ha a vested interest in not finding any negative health factors as it will cost trillions to compensate and relocate all those living in areas affected by radiation.. The one question everyone in Japan should be asking themselves is can you trust them to be honest about the danger. After all how truthful has the political powers and their partners been so far when it comes to revealing negative news about this disaster?? Get your children as far from this mess as you possibly can,as soon as you can.. the longer the Time/duration of exposure your children receive the larger the chance they may suffer ill effects.

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Posted in: Tuna collapse fears fail to curb Japan's appetite See in context

Blue fin tuna stocks are down?? No worries my Japanese friends, Whale populations are at an all time high. When the last Blue Fin hits the dock you will still have plenty of whale flesh to consume!

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Posted in: U.S. court calls Sea Shepherd modern-day pirates See in context

Watson and his crew/crews are Eco terrorist ,that much is certain..Obama should send out a Drone and end this crap today!

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Posted in: Gov't plans to spend Y10 tril on public works in 15 months See in context

Japan should spend a little bit of money on cleaning up the mess that is floating in the pacific ocean and landing on foreign shores..We see it everyday here in Alaska,what a mess. Also,it would be nice to hear how Abe San can come up with trillions of yen for everything Japan does not need but for reasons un-kown there are still people living in temporary shelters and waiting patiently for some relief and very little being spent on the clean up efforts.

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Posted in: TPP trade talks will be thorny issue at Obama-Abe talks See in context

Free trade agreements harm the small independent mom pop operations greatly..Be careful Japan or soon you may become like the US where small scale farming is now a hobby that earns little to no income. Big ag rules the markets in the US. Also,without tariffs that equal the playing field free trade can lower the standard of living of the citizens,sure many products become cheaper and allow more choices to consumers but that comes at either great cost or great benefit dependent on the scale of economies and the value of currencies..China imports have destroyed the manufacturing sector of the US economy. Go slow and be careful Japan,look long and hard at the negative aspects of free trade. look carefully at the EU and see how,while some counties thrive,others fail to make any meaningful gain and some fail completely. Also study the effects that the NAFTA has had on the US, Mexico,and Canada. do not be sold into believing that open trade without restrictions is your savior as it might just be the straw that breaks the camels back....as is the case in the us. US household income has been declining for several years and millions of our citizens are now out of work and many that are working are doing so in low wage service industry jobs that have wages bellow the US poverty level..40 percent of the US population is either on food stamps,rent subsidies,or som e other form of government social support because our economy has been displaced via free trade agreements.

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Posted in: World's biggest food firms embroiled in Europe horsemeat scandal See in context

Horse meat is Delicious ...Japan even has a horse meat Ice cream type product. that is quite popular. I wish I could by horse meat in my local US supermarket or even from a meat processor. Horse taste very much like Moose meat,it is nice and lean and has more protein per ounce than beef.horse is a far superior food product to beef.

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