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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court rejects plea by Sea Shepherd See in context

Bottom line..The whalers are not targeting endangered whales and are no where near over exploiting the whales that are targeted for harvest.and they are operating legally. I agree the whaling fleet is exploiting a loop hole in the law but that is not a crime,infact that is common practice in MOST Japanese business ventures. If the Japanese anti whaling crowd wishes to end their countries whaling ships they should do so via changing laws and attitudes in japan,not via funding and supporting criminal ventures such as SS.

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Posted in: No guns at home, so Japanese shoot 'em up in Guam See in context

The Article makes note of the fact that the only people in Japan whom have guns are in the military,in the police departments, or in the Mob............This is the exact reason we wish to maintain our right to own firearms in the US.we know that we can protect ourselves from any of the above should the need arise. Americans,for the most part, are independent thinking people that are willing to defend ourselves from criminals and even our government should the need arise. The Japanese have accepted the implementation of Marshal law before and, without the means to resist, will one day accept totalitarian rule again if their governing leaders decide the populace needs to be controlled for what ever reason....VIVA AMERICA, Land of the free individual...and a few other endangered species.

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Posted in: U.S. Supreme Court rejects plea by Sea Shepherd See in context

Watson will be caught and forced to face the court...He is on the run and in hiding because he is a cowardly man. Watson has been scamming gthe public for years,spending donated dollars to make sensational propaganda television shows as a way to gain more money..This Man has not once attempted a court action, nor has he ever tried to work within the political system to effect the change he says he supports...Watson has not saved a single whale!

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One thing for sure is that burying massive amounts of nuclear waste under ground is a very bad idea..there is not one substance known to mankind that can be used and is capable as a containment liner or container..What element do we have that will not corrode,crack, collapse, or leach before a 1000 years of usage,never mind 250 thousand years.. also with Japans multiple fault lines both near surface and deep ,is it not wise to know that a problem is sure to arise and a disastrous problem at that.. Nuclear waste generation and what to do about safe storage of the waste is a world wide problem that no one country has yet to successfully resolve,storage facilities are not being built fast enough to meet the output, and yet our Governments are staying closed lipped about the already failing and leaking storage areas such as the Hanford nuclear storage area that is holding nuclear waste that dates back to the 1950's and was stored in containers using 1950's technologies and materials.. There is far more to this problem then is being reported or released. The US government does not yet and has not figured out what to do to contain the leakage will occur at Handord Washington storage facility and I would bet that the Russian,french,Canadian,Indian,Pakistan,and Chinese government s are all facing the same problems with nuclear storage as are you folks in Japan...

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Posted in: Japanese diplomat agrees to plea deal over wife abuse in U.S. See in context

Assault with a deadly weapon is a very serious crime,.. This vile monster stabbed a woman, his wife no less, with a screwdriver and knocked out one of her teeth, the woman must have surely feared for her life. I remember seeing the initial news release about this attack,.this guy is the lowest of the low and has brought great disgrace upon Japan. I hope the powers that be in Japan have the good sense to insure this animal never again is allowed to hold any government post and I also hope that the good people of Japan will remember his name,face,and his dastardly behavior..He should be shunned by all upon his return to Japan. There are men like this in every society on earth but that does not mean we should not take a firm stand against those that engage in domestic violence,especially this degree of brutality.

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Posted in: TEPCO admits lack of safety, bad habits led to nuclear disaster See in context

The TEPCO executive leaders and the Japanese political leaders that have been bribed or financially influenced by TEPCO will never see one day of jail time. TEPCO and the many government official are responsible for the low safety standards,lack of oversight, and outright disregard for the very foreseeable disaster that had been forecast and yet still acted with total disregard for human life. The best the citizens can do is remove any and all of those that have dirty money stains on there hands. The citizens must vote them out of office and demand a changing laws to require that there is prosecution and imprisonment of corrupt,unethical,or purposely negligent business leaders and politicians You can not change what has already passed but you can control what is yet to be. .

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What good would come from Japan developing nuclear weapon capability? China has enough Nukes to blast Japan of the face of the planet but IMO China would never launch unto a target so near their own border..that would be nuts. The World does not need more nuclear warheads...Old man Ishihara is a madman!

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A problem facing Japan,the US and some EU countries is demographic..The population growth has slowed to a point where we have the capacity,and are, producing far beyond demand..,enough so that demand for consumer products is less . As a population ages the need to buy ever more goods becomes much less.The booming populations during the 1950s and 1960s created the vast consumer driven markets of the 1970s -1990s..Those years of high consumer demand are long gone. people tend to consume far more in the early years of their lives,21-55 years of age, beyond those years the need for more houses cars,clothing,even nutrition,drops of greatly. The Economies of western societies are going through an financial adjustment just as the economies of countries have done all through out history..Empires fall and new ones take their place, Until , finally, the new Empires fall and the cycle reverses..he bubble has burst.. China,India and South America will be the most likely new economic power house in the near future as they have a growing consumer demand that has not reached pace with domestic out put and they have refrained from allowing the monetary inflation rates that western governments have allowed . Everyone should get used to the idea that that cost of living will rise and the the standard of living will declines,there is no cure for this. Get prepared for hard times.

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Posted in: Fault under Oi nuclear plant may be active, geologist warns See in context

Building and operating a NPP on top of a fault line is about as intelligent as playing a game of Russian roulette..Given enough time both will end tragically.

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Posted in: Woman dies after inhaling herb in Tokyo hotel See in context

These synthetic pseudo herbs are poison...Legalize marijuana,it's less harmful than alcohol and causes far fewer social problems. Marijuana is being grown indoors and outdoors by millions of people in all countries anyway,the use will not be stopped via laws law enforcement. I don't know what the public opinion in japan is regarding personal use of pot,but in the US over 50 percent of the population favors legalization or at the very least decriminalization of marijuana use,

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Posted in: TEPCO says Fukushima clean-up costs may double to Y10 tril See in context

it is going to cost 10 trillion yen and take many decades just to complete the R&D and build suitable equipment and storage facilities before the clean up and dismantling of the damaged plants can even begin...TEPCO and your own Government is feeding you a large steaming pile of bull manure and hoping you will eat it all without question or complaint.

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Posted in: 4 members of gov't nuclear safety team got funding from utilities See in context

No news here really,and no one should be shocked nor surprised...Mad as hell yes,but not surprised. This is business as usual in all government agencies, all over the world..I don't think this type of activity well ever cease as big business, with deep pockets, will always be able to buy favor sand influence within governments because those in government leadership positions, or positions of influence, are always going to have their hands out waiting to grab some E Z money.

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Posted in: Nuclear Regulation Authority apologizes for mistakes in nuclear fallout simulation See in context

it's just a matter of time before japan becomes a nuclear wasteland. The existing nuclear plants are aging and there is talk of building even more of plants. Nuclear generation is not cost effective,tally up yhe sum of yen that will be spent removing the currently damaged plants,ware water,spent fuel storage, and the cost of cleaning up.the soil,ground water and sea....(If that can even be accomplished). The plants will continue to age and sooner or later another catostrophic failure will take place. The entire world needs to find a better solution than nuclear generation, how many more disasters will it take before we learn from our mistake.

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Posted in: Killing of U.S. ambassador sets off firestorm; U.S. sends destroyers, Marines to Libya See in context

Anyone that thinks that the Libyan and Egyptian Governments were not well aware that these attacks were being planned is just not paying attention. The ME situation is not looking good,the Muslim brotherhood and other extremest have gained control in both Egypt and Libya and are also the driving force behind the Syrian opposition . Mitt Romney,regardless of ones political view of him, was right to scold Obama for not paying heed to the dangers presented by the ME extreme element. The US needs to break away from it's policy of aiding ME countries.we also need to stop trying to influence ME policy.. The US should remove all US personnel from ALL the ME and make it clearly known that if we are EVER attacked again by these extreme idiots that we will unleash the full extent of our military mite(including Nuclear war heads) against ALL COUNTIES known to be harboring extreme Muslim terrorist groups.

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Posted in: Japan sees surge in aspiring adult film actresses; 6,000 said to debut each year See in context

I dated a stripper by the show name of nuclear nora in the 1980,s...Should have married that woman. she earned good money and was very easy going..sweetest girl I ever have known. While dating Nora I met many nude dancers that were working their way through higher education and a few that were professional career women by day and dancers by knight..I am sure the porn industry has many great young women working within also...Bottom line,never judge a book by it's cover.

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Posted in: 16-year-old Japanese boy faces lengthy jail term in Bali over possession of marijuana See in context

the only reason pot is illegal is because keeping position a crime is very proffitable to goverments and the prison industry..The use of marijuana has far less negative health and social affects than the use of alcohol. I am glad I live in Alaska were position of weed is pretty much decriminalized,if you get caught with a small amount of weed or busted growing a couple of plants for personnel use there is a small fine. God help this poor youth,he is being abused by the Bali government.

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Posted in: Arctic melt will impact climate before policy See in context

"The sky is falling" "The sky is falling" NOT! Climate change is normal,been happening on earth forever. Yes human activities probably are helping to increase the speed of climate change but even if we quit burning fossil fuels the planets climate will continue it's course..warmer????colder??? No one knows for sure. The only thing known is that we can not control the weather.

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Posted in: Tokyo Metro employee arrested for taking upskirt photos See in context

Japan is a very strange place for sure! One day we read about how women in japan can not getr men to date,or at the least, find men to ask them for a date....On another day we read that many men in japan are obsessed with the idea of upskirt photography. I don't get the facination these men have with panty photos?????? Maybe it's just a passing fad or something but at any rate this is very odd behavior,grown men acting like grade school children. It just seems to me that if theses upskirt Idiots would grow a set of nuts(Ask for a few dates) they would have access to what is under the panties...smoething far more enjoyable to say the least.

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Posted in: Would a 2nd term mean 'Obama Unleashed' on world stage? See in context

The only "mandate" from the US voters will be the mandate that Obama turn the helm over to Mitt Romney.

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Posted in: Romney vows to restore 'promise of America' See in context

The US is in steady decline under Obama...Mitt Romney is going to be the next POTUS,you can bank on that! Americans have had enough of this whinning little whimp named Barrak.....Obama has done nothing to improve the US economy,people are done listening to him complain and blame everyone and everything for the hard times we are going through,if Obama would man up and admit his policies are not working and lean a little to the center,he might have a chance,but he won't. Obama is a has been!

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Posted in: A Japanese woman’s guide for getting a date See in context

Pretending to be someone you are not may very well lead to a date or two but it won't last long....As soon as you drop the act.,.and eventually you will, then the game is over. Just be yourself, be polite,dress nicely,and be open to conversation..Acting stupid in an effort to seem cute is a lame way to find a date and most men will look at you as an easy lay,men are smart enough to see the desperation in such a foolish women. I don't know anything about Japanese culture or what Japanese men look for in a potential date but I would bet that most Japanese men are like most men in the US and will date any women that is polite,clean well dressed,and freindly..We will date the airheads too but we veiw these dates as a chance at some casual sex only....Why is it so hard for a Japanese woman to find a dat in Japane???Many Americans find Japanese women to be quite attractive..

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Posted in: U.S. presidential race more bitter than usual See in context

** The US Economy has not improved via Obamas policies and actions,it has become stagnent at best and is declining. Romney does not have a record of being a callus man,just ythe opposite,he gives to charity and has done far more to help those less fortunate than himself than Obama by ten fold..Obama does not even contribute to his own blood relitives well being. He has a brother living in a hut in an african slum that he refuses to even aknowledge..obama has an aunt also living on the streets in an african slum...His call for share the wealth and his chiding of others that we are all our brothers keepers.Obama is the epitomy of a hypocatic fool.

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Posted in: France says it will recognize Syrian opposition as gov't See in context

Why should the US,Europe or NATO get involved in syria??? the US,Europe and Nato alies have not done a very good job in the ME so far...Iraq is a mess since the US invasion there,Afghanistan is in turmoil with Nato bootsd on the ground there since the US?Nato Occupation,Lybia is still as screwed up as ever,Egypt is no better off than before the regime change efforts. IMO The ME will solve there own problems..The Saudi's should be putting presure on Syria and China and the russians have influence in the region...I do not see ANY mid eastern country trying to make alliances with the western world.Let them destroy there own countries...They will come seeking our oil dollars once the ashes settle.

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The only way Japan can dig it's way out of this deep pit of debt is to cut spending,de-value the yen to boost exports, and cut taxes by 2-5 percent....raising taxes to allow for more debt is not going to do anything except increase the debt load and further put the financial future of Japan in dire straights..But I don't know how this can ever happen as Japan has many problems to face..financing the clean up effort and decontamination of vast areas affected via the failed NPP is probably not going to happen as the Japanese Government is basically broke...Buying JBGs is about as smart as investing in junk bonds... Governments selling bonds as a way of to service National debt is no diferent than a citizen bouncing a check to pay an over due rent,mortgage or car just multiplies the debt burden and makes no progress in debt servicing what so ever...Tax rates can onlybe raised to a certain point before the tax burden sterts to slow investments. All modern western economies have barrowed and overspent for far too long..the day of reconing is here and tough times are ahead..Bash China all you want but the Chinese have been doing a very good job of keeping their curency at an exceptable/sustained/realitic value and they have been saving reserve cash...when the Chinese did not have large sums the government did not borrow and spend...They are now reaping the bennifits of good conservitive financial policy. It is enteresting to take note of the great progress being made in countries that have refrained from allowing debt to be the crux and reason for high taxation.

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Posted in: Japanese sushi chef says North Korean leader's wife 'charming' See in context

Lots of comments about The N Korean dictator living the high life while there are people going hungry in N Korea...But is it not the same in all Countries to some degree? All the Elite government leaders live like kings in there mighty Mansion and have chefs preparing elaborate and expensive meals while the poor grovel in the streets and beg or scrounge for whatever they can find,the poor struggle mightily,the middle class get taxed up the yazzoo as a means of insuring that they remain middle class and the rich keep getting richer... Name one country that is led by a man or women that does not live an extraordinarily lavish life style,or one that is insuring the poor,lower middle class,even upper middle class are being treated as equals to the rich. The very fact that humans are "CLASSED" via ones economic standing is disturbing.

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Everyone knows you can run but you cannot hide...This fat idiot is stupid to thumb at German law...He now is a high profile felon with a very easily recognizable appearance. He will be caught and face justice sooner or later.. He is an outlaw,an international Eco-terrorist ! He's going down!

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Posted in: Obama: New gun control laws not on the agenda See in context

Gun Control does not stop crime..not even the crime of murder..How often do you read in JT about a person murdeing someone?? Well,I see iy quite often and a gun is seldom involved. bottom line...people with the intent to kill will find a a way to get the job done...An lawfully armed citizen is a safe citizen,it is very rare for an legally armed person to be murdered and in the US many armed citizens have saved lives and stopped crimes!

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Posted in: 5 U.S. states get $250,000 federal grants for tsunami debris removal See in context

50 thousand US dollars???? Well that should just about pay the wage of one Alaskan for 1 year after administrative cost are deducted.. never mind fuel transport and other logistics. 99 percent of Alaska's shore line is remote,no road access and much shoreline is rugged.with no where to land a vessel.. I really don't think the State Fed,or anyone will clean the mess up.....50 grand??? That's ridiculous!

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Posted in: Taliban publicly execute Afghan woman for adultery See in context

Wow Crystalyle you are far off base! I did not condone adulatory behavior.. I only stated that having a sexual encounter outside ones marriage is not unheard of and that a woman that has sex outside of her marriage is not deserving of being shot in the street like a pest. If your" moral compass" is so poorly calibrated as to direct you down such a dark moral trail so be it....I just believe otherwise.

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Posted in: Taliban publicly execute Afghan woman for adultery See in context

Crystayle.....No one needs state that this woman has a right to have sex with a man other than her husband...Women and men have been "Cheating" on one another always..Yes some do and some do not..however it is, and has been, a prevalent part of the human condition. Infidelity is well recognized and excepted in most free societies..There are few modern countries that have judicial punishments for infidelity,although there are some civil penalties such as in divorce and custody proceedings.. That being said,It may be considered morally wrong to cheat,it certainly should be considered more so to kill a person for something as benign as having a sexual encounter outside the marriage..

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