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Posted in: Self-driving taxi with paying passengers tested in Tokyo in world first See in context

Would you trust a robot surgeon to operate on your child? NO. Why? Changes are the robot is better in 99% of surgeries. Faster, more accurate, tireless, with a perfect memory. But in the event of disaster, the robot is judged and possibly cancelled. Why? Because it is new and hundreds of variables come into play. Human nature is such that it wants tested proven routines. And from a legal perspective the doctor is a human, but a robot is a heartless corporation begging to be sued for millions in evert problem.

Also a robotic car has no judgement. If a human hears that a terrorist is at the destination, it will cleverly turn away from the destination. A clueless robot will deliver its occupants right to the terrorist. It will enter an earthquake zone. It will brake suddenly for pranks in the form of cartoons depicting situations.

Bottom line is a handsome surgeon in court says quietly "we did all we could do" chances are he is forgiven. If a robot is accused, well the robot does not even talk. The blame will fall squarely onto the corporation and its stockholders.

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Posted in: Arabs, Europe, U.N. reject Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital See in context

Well are you now worried about N Korea? No more.

Are you worried about USA FBI? No more.

Trump now has all worried about the Islamists. Brilliant.

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