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Posted in: Abe says sales tax to go ahead as planned in Oct 2019 See in context

Well--I guess that does it for me. It's time to sell my bar in beautiful downtown Sasebo, Japan and retire. A lot of small businesses like mine can't afford to pay 10%. And to up prices just chases away customers.

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Posted in: Trump allies, security experts alarmed by Omarosa recordings See in context

I agree with President Trump--she does seem to be a low life

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Posted in: British warship arrives in Tokyo as UK expands presence in Asian waters See in context

Is this the same ship that caused a lot of problems in Sasebo in May??

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Posted in: Princess Mako's fiance to study in U.S. from summer See in context

150 million yen is almost $1,400,000 dollars at current exchange rate--not too shabby

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Posted in: American man indicted for killing woman in Osaka See in context

sorry-should read out for a jog--not job

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Posted in: American man indicted for killing woman in Osaka See in context

I guess he could be innocent. Maybe he just happened to find her head in his room and maybe while out for a job in the woods he just happened across the other body parts. Yep-that would explain how he was able to lead police to that area. Not murder?? Or just being in the wrong place at wrong time? Sure, that explains it all to me---yep it sure does.

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Posted in: Over 90% of security companies suffering staff shortages: police See in context

I guess I am behind the times--what is an ALT?

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Posted in: Nearly Y5.5 mil stolen from supermarket in Chiba See in context

inside job

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