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Posted in: Yakuza tone down events, step up relief efforts in quake-stricken areas See in context

whinge whinge whinge..just let them be.. if they want to help.. in the name of their organisation.. then so be it..

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Posted in: Asia Girls Explosion See in context

Nothing worse than western girls trying to look Asian..another load of western crap

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Posted in: Singapore Airlines to use Airbus A380 on Tokyo-LA route See in context

noborito If you need to ask how much is the suite, you can't afford it.

What kind of idiotic statement is that.. pull your head out of your backside..mate..!!

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Posted in: Your shout See in context

I agree with "needabrew" chill out people.. national pride is a necesity to the Japanese.. The China Incident" Shina Jihen". In 1937" the Japan - China war was called the incident as neither country made a formal declaration of war.

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Posted in: Qatar and Russia World Cups make sense See in context

Briberi.. is all i can say.. Australia should of had this.. if it wasn't for money exchanging hands under the table..

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Posted in: 18-year-old female university student dies of alcohol poisoning See in context

c'mon people.. not everyone can handle alcohol.. next topic thankls..

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Posted in: Iran claims full control over making nuclear fuel See in context

The Middle East, has only one thing on its mind and that is power over the west, propagander or not.... it is clear they're enriching uranium for military purposes..

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