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Christ she IS smokin' hot alright!

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Love watching Japanese walk around aquariums looking at the fish saying, "Oishi sou".

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Ebi-chan anorexic? Naa, she's great.. check her out in a bikini.

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He's gonna hit the wall in 2 more strides heading on that bearing.. I think that's why the guys behind are looking so pensive.

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She's all class. Best mum in entertainment world.. good as any.

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The kids aren't smiling because they are behaving and pretending to pay attention to whoever is speaking on the mic in the center.. and it probably isn't funny enough to make them smile. Although they could smile just because they are at the beach.. but that would be nuts.

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Are you sure you didn't release any 'gas' when your rump was pressed against him? This appears to be a very rare/isolated/unfortunate incidence and provided there was no deliberate aggravation on your part, the guy is a nutter.. but you should have had the balls to give him what he deserved on the platform once he got off.. and then split. Never involve any of the station staff or the police as you will find them very unhelpful, and like another person commented, may get you into trouble because you are a gaijin. Unfortunate, but true. I lived in Tokyo for 9 years(now Hokkaido, God bless) and had my fair share of 'alterations' commuting on crowded trains. Like any other gaijin who has experience living in Tokyo will agree, for the most part Japanese commuters are polite and will put up with all manner of discomfort and annoyances in the 'sardine can' - Back home there would be fights going left, right and center if the crowds were like the ones on central Tokyo trains. Having said that, Japanese(or more specifically, Tokyo) society being what it is, there are always some who will erupt with violent outburts like the one you describe here. It's true, some Japanese workers are under considerable stress and lack an 'acceptable' means in which to release it - Some of them crap their pants and do something stupid. Some cast their lots in front of trains, others lash out at bystanders, and others go to soaplands and the likes to 'release' the tension on some poor high school girl saving to buy a Prada handbag. Learn to recognise the twisted ones on the street(or in the train, as it may be) and keep the hell away. They aren't so hard to spot. Look for connecting eyebrows and guys with fruit down their pants. Better still, stay away from male Japanese businessmen in general - They are a weak, mummied, mixed-up bunch with skeletons and closets too small to contain them. Over.

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