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Steven Fennel comments

Posted in: It's not written in the Imperial House Law, but no divorcee would ever be considered a possibility. See in context

Hey buddy, the year 2018 called. They're waiting for you to arrive

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Posted in: What are some of weirdest sandwiches, pastries or other food and drink items you have seen in Japanese convenience stores? See in context

A saw a sandwhich sandwich once. Literally, a sandwhich inside two slices of bread. The only thing I could think of was "they stole my idea!"

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Posted in: 31-year-old arrested for stealing whistles from little girls See in context

A 31 year old anime obsessed "man" stealing whistles from little girls... mind boggling. If he's caught he needs to be locked up

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Posted in: Mother backing car out of garage hits and kills 2-year-old son See in context

Negligence. Plain and simple. Just put the child in the car and restrain them safely before even starting the vehicle. This basic lack of common sense is staggering. Unforgivable

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Posted in: Sexy fairy tale heroine swimsuits from Japan will turn the beach into fantasyland this summer See in context

Can't wait to go to the beach this year!

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Posted in: 38 injured in school bus accident in Aomori Pref See in context

Who wants to bet that the oncoming driver was of an age unfit for driving.

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Posted in: What do you think about passengers using baby strollers on crowded trains or buses? Have you seen any unpleasant incidents? See in context

Strollers and children in public transport is definitely not a problem. It's the hoards of Chinese tourists with massive backpacks which they refuse to take off and suitcases they keep in the middle of the train that causes more problems

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Posted in: Man arrested for murder after stabbing customer in manga cafe See in context

Coward, and he deserves a cowards death.

Dont grant him his wish. Let him die alone and cold in his cell after a long life of pain and regret.

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Posted in: 96% of polled media industry workers report being sexually harassed multiple times See in context

This survey is a joke. "Teasing?" What are they school kids? I'll say it again, this metoo rubbish is out of control

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Posted in: Actor Ken Watanabe splits with actress wife See in context

All these bleeding hearts bad mouthing him for cheating on his wife. Men who cheat on their partners have a reason for doing so

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Posted in: Do you support torture as an interrogation method if the objective is to prevent a terrorist attack or capture criminals? See in context

100%, indisputably resounding YES! from me. Any means necessary must be used to extract potentially life saving information from these animals. Torture is absolutely justified here.

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Posted in: 87-year-old dementia patient arrested for stabbing nurse See in context

Dementia shouldn't be a get out of jail free card. He tried to murder the nurse and should be punished accordingly.

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Posted in: Couple arrested for attempted murder after dragging man 1.5 km by car See in context

Idiot. He's lucky he only got a head injury. Music was too loud? Grow up.

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Posted in: 3 more victims sue Japanese government over forced sterilization See in context


exactly. This was the accepted practice at the time. How has it taken this long for them to realize something wasn't right?

Oh that's right, they think they can get money out of it.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing boyfriend to death See in context

Poor little princess was dissatisfied with her man was she? Well she's a murderer now, and there ain't to men where she's going.

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Posted in: Aso ridicules N Korean leader's plane See in context

anybody wanna shut this guy up?! THe North Korean plane is in better shape and more reliable than him

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Posted in: 5 keys to navigating your first job interview in Japanese See in context

Name, rank and serial number.

Nothing that will reveal your true nature. This is what got me through my interview with a Japanese company.

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Posted in: Associates shocked at arrest of suspect in 7-year-old girl's murder See in context

The gallows is too good for him. He deserves to die screaming

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Posted in: Group of Japanese teens busted for marijuana; say 'We wanted to be like foreign musicians' See in context

Those crazy foreigners smoking their semi-legal herbs!

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Posted in: Female journalists in Japan join forces to fight sexual harassment See in context

This is getting old already....

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Posted in: Women in Japan reveal their worst dating experiences See in context

. Japan seems to be a magnet for them, for some crazy reason...

Sounds like an inferiority complex to me. Good looking guys who keep in shape have no trouble getting dates...got nothing to do with entitlement

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Posted in: Women in Japan reveal their worst dating experiences See in context

Ive had quite a bit of first dates at love hotels. Most of which was decided by the woman. Most of them continued to the have multiple dates all going straight to the hotel. 

Exactly. The women who make you "work for it" are usually boring flakes anyway.

Just be up front and honest and you'll both have a good time.

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Posted in: Women in Japan reveal their worst dating experiences See in context

When girls are lucky enough to be asked out by me, I always insist on choosing where to go. If I'm paying for it (which I do, except if she's boring or unresponsive then I only pay half), I choose a place that I will enjoy. If she enjoys my interests and choices she might get a second date.

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Posted in: Japan expresses concern at relocation of U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem See in context

Stay out of it Japan. Your precense in global politics doesn't carry much weight or influence.

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Posted in: 'Pregnancy order' rule among nursery workers stirs controversy See in context

How about building more nurseries? Might help

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Posted in: Amuro jet See in context

I mean shes and all, but what a waste of taxpayer money

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Posted in: Women in Japan reveal their worst dating experiences See in context

All of these complaints have the distinct reek of self entitlement.

it goes both ways, did the women in these stories make an effort?

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Posted in: Man arrested for living in elderly woman’s home unnoticed for half a year See in context

This story has the makings of a B-grade odd couple comedy. He didn't actually physically harm her. And she's got something wrong her too if she didn't care about it or notice

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Posted in: Man arrested over 7-year-old girl's murder See in context

Oh they got him?


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Posted in: Man arrested over 7-year-old girl's murder See in context

if this is indeed the animal that murdered the child, I hope he hangs from the neck until dead, whereupon he will fall into Hell to suffer for eternity.

Just sayin'

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