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Sounds like there is a lot of very convenient evidence. But no murder weapon, no blood, no link to him and the body, besides the parallel link to items that belong to him being fortuitously left in the bag. Items that anyone could get from his car. Specifically, items he would have left in his car. If, he has a car. Nothing about that in the report, though.

He has a work ID, so he had a job, it is likely he drove to work. They released his name but so few other details. It is as if they aren't willing to accept the coincidences are too perfect, so they will look for anything to help prosecute him. The video of him walking behind her for instance. They are neighbors, it isn't far fetched that they would "meet" while walking home.

They want to prosecute this guy, and are willing to let the villages break out the pitchforks and torches, to sway him into a confession. The entire thing reeks of dubious intervention. But if he is the guy or not, his fate may be decided by the force of gorilla coercion. I hope he is the perpetrator, because otherwise, is life is already ruined.

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