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Steven Kaszab comments

Posted in: North Korea fires 2 short-range ballistic missiles toward its eastern seas See in context

The Axis of Evil Part Deux(perhaps Trois)

The Russian Federation Ruled By Putin (Former Communist playing an Capitalist Nationalist)

North Korea : Kim Jong Un (Crazy Ass Communist).

People Republic of China : President Xi (Communist).

Iran: Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Hosseini Khamenei (Religious Oligarch) 

Syria: Assad Supreme Dictator. 

Afghanistan: Hibatullah Akhundzada (perhaps?) Religious council in Command

Multiple Drug and Crime Cartels (hidden from western view) 

Various Terrorist Organizations

Possible Friends of Russia and China

South Africa


Balkan Countries & Serbia

Much of Africa's struggling nations

Some of Central and Latin American Nations

Most of above nations have hidden their ties and alliances with Russia and to some extent with China. All fear America's disfavor and possible retaliation both economically, politically and militarily. Directly tied to Russia either economically or militarily these nations either supply or are indebted to Russia or China. Nations that are struggling economically have become sources of needed natural resources, often paying for military weapons, training and mercenaries so they can stay in power by swapping these items for energy sources, man power, trade credits, places Russians can establish spy or military centers, ports and places to hide Russian Oligarch Wealth. This wealth has spread throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa, North America and The EU. This Axis of Evil speaks with cash in hand, intelligence agencies capable of exerting the Axis Power through fraud, manipulation, undue political and financial threats and demanding loan payments as a means of getting what they want.

The new and developing Axis of Evil entrusts much of their vast illegal wealth to multiple Criminal Enterprises, hiding, distributing "dirty" money into legal businesses and organization. Russia and China use these Cartels connections to acquire intelligence and use of man power in their illicit efforts to harm the West. Many terrorist organizations hold allegiance to Moscow and Beijing, and also to Pyongyang, who have historically bankrolled and trained these organizations as fifth column antagonists to the West.

Should Iran or Syria use a nuclear weapon , it will have been approved to do so by Moscow or Beijing. So powerful is the influence of these two political giants .

What is the Axis of Evil attempting to accomplish? 

Spread of chaos within the Western Alliance.

Ultimate defeat of the Ukraine through hook or crook.

Acquisition and control of all precious minerals. Control future development of EV Technology.

Carry out some form of attack upon America, so that it cannot defend those territories the Axis desire(Taiwan & Philippines).

Control of the International Bank, The United Nations through political and financial maneuvering.

The West has allowed the Axis to carry on its business of acquisition, manipulation and deceit. All these nations are carrying out their ideologies primary goal, to achieve ultimate power before the turn of this century. 

Steven Kaszab

Bradford, Ontario


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Posted in: China expels Canadian diplomat in worsening bilateral ties See in context

The Average North American, EU, UK and Caribbean Citizen: Beware if you speak your mind or work for a security sensitive Employer.

A couple works for a aggressive well known pharmaceutical firm or perhaps the CDC in Colorado or a innovative electronics-communications firm. All are developing top notch uniquely proprietary concepts, designs and products. This would be a perfect target for foreign agents hoping to acquire said private and public secrets. But how can this be done?

Have a direct agent or friendly join the firm. Direct infiltration would be best as, as it usually does not have all the baggage of a amateur or someone forced to spy for the foreign intelligence service.

Co-op someone already employed at these firms. Easily done, since all of us are not saints, having some sort of personal secret we would like to keep secret. Perhaps the employee is a gambler, addict, womanizer while married, someone who steals from the firm they work for or they are simply still in the closed member of the LGBT+ community within a security sensitive agency. Secrets of others is the basis of all intelligence work through out history. Acquiring information on someone gives the opposition power to manipulate, threaten and force compliance.

Sources of information in a Digital World: 

*. Online...TikTok, Facebook and other social media tools. Someone puts something online that provides information on their employer, location, activities, family and social group membership. Say your going to Florida for a week, and say so on Facebook, saying how, where, timing of travel. This provides criminals the ability to case your house and rob it. Pictures of the front lobby alone can provide the type and make of your security system, or if you have one.

Word of Mouth: Your family in China speaks freely and proudly of your promotion, place of business and what your do, or perhaps personal information that allows the security services to in China to locate you, your employer and what it is you do. If it is of importance, the security system jumps into action investigating you. Members of Government can face such challenges, as they do through out the world. 

Actions of Provocateur Nations: 

a. Acquiring a target, say a member of parliament in Canada who has a extended family in Hong Kong.

The MP also does business of the government and personal needs in Asia. 

b. Pin Point means of co-opting MP such as simply telling the MP bad things could happen to his family in Hong Kong without actually doing so. The threat maybe enough to get the MP's attention. Personal contact in Canada through phone calls, emails and even meeting MP at events can follow. A few key words can let him know he is being watched with interest. Cyber Hacks of the MP's office, personal computer can follow. Acquiring all personal information on the target will allow agents to move swiftly within the shadows. 

Is the subject financially insecure? Does he gamble or has he roving sexual interests? Can the subject be manipulated in any way?

c. Should the subject not respond visibly, actions against his family in China could happen. Loss of employment or citizen rights such as medical care. Threatening to leak Hurtful information or photo's can initiate the manipulation and capture process. Once a subject falls into the intelligence services hands, they will be at their complete command. Some go to the authorities, while others commit suicide. Intelligence service can act much like organized crime syndicates, applying fraud, threats, victimization and harm to their targets. 

d. In the case of super powers such as Russia and China, financial pressures can be used to get what these foreign intelligence services want. Subjects firm or personal finances are in a mess where an infusion of cash is needed. An agency appears willing to provide a loan. Foreign Banks suddenly show interest in subjects financial needs. Say the subject has a business in construction. A group of firms provide profitable work, building up the subjects firms debt significantly, then holding off paying for work done. Black mail, fraud, misrepresentation all are the bailiwick of spy craft. Lack of payment can threaten bankruptcy until someone comes by, offering payment so long as a favor asked of subject, for information both corporate, private or security based.

e. Intelligence services will look at both short and long term commitments from the subject. Acquiring a projects code, or a particular virus can be a short term investment, but the longer a subject can secretively serve the better. Subject can be assisted in their professional journeys towards more vital security vital targets. Starting as a doctor, promoted to head the hospital they serve in, the information provided the subject of medical, pharmaceutical, governmental, patents can be useful for a foreign government. 

f. Like a virus, intelligence gathering and recruitment are unending. Co-opting other's can also be a useful procedure for the subject. A list of candidates could be given to the subject of those in their organization most useful to intelligence needs. Acquiring personal, possibly secretive information of these individuals by the subject starts the whole procedure once again.

Methods of maintaining the security and well being of vital organizations and their employee's is keep to keeping the tentacles of foreign intrigue away. Investigations into employee's back grounds, present day financial-personal activities is essential. If someone begins placement in a firm with a personal worth of $250,000 and three years later they are worth $2.2 million questions need to be asked. It is simple as that. Security of the population, government or private concern's demand honesty. Without secrets, intelligence agencies are S.O.L.

Steven Kaszab


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Posted in: China could step up armament, provocations near Senkakus, think tank warns See in context

When the pressure is on to reform and change its ways, totalitarian regimes will respond in many ways

Threaten their antagonists. throwing their military might about as China has done in the past when their unproven land claims are challenged in The Philippines, Thailand and of shore Japan.

Flex their Financial Muscle. Challanged by Canada and the EU due to China's oppression of Muslim Population. Enbargo's, joint projects put on hold, not delivering upon contracts.

Threaten the safety and security of antagonist nations Citizens. Those students, business people and even travellers who work and live, visit China.

Chinese pressure is placed upon those nations who are client nations to China...such as African and Latin American nations whose mines and mineral resouces are owned or controlled by Chinese Interests.

Look to possible threats and hostilies coming from Northern Korea, a client state of China's.

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