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Posted in: Gaijin -- just a word or racial epithet with sinister implications? See in context

This whole article is something quite ridiculous. As a white person you have never faced persecution, therefore I am so sorry that for once in your life you visit a country where you are not liked or viewed as different. Please be aware that this is the kind of persecution people of colour face on a daily basis. You are also rather ignorant. As a Latin American it offends me deeply that you used the word "Spanish" to refer to us in correlation with blacks. Spanish people are white Europeans, whilst some Latin americans are indeed of European anscestry, the majority (like myself) are of mixed Amerindian decent, please do not confuse the two. It is laughable that you criticise Europeans when you in fact are (as a white American) European. It would be lovely if one day you white yanks would realise that most countries outside of the US dislike Americans, inherently dislike Americans I might add and also most US citizens who are POC don't think too highly of you either, meanwhile you live a care free life with no real issues resulting in you getting upset over issues that will never be an issue for those of us with brown skin. You have white privilege. Apreciate it. Don't use it to perpetuate ignorance.

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