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Steven McCarthy comments

Posted in: National Police Agency mulls revoking driver's licenses over road rage See in context

Is this for real??? how about just enforcing the laws currently established ... start with stop sign/ red light runners .... school zone speed limit enforcement ... I noticed they’re including “ break checks” which is not usually a “road rage” issue more as a wake up call to the idiot riding on your rear bumper ... The bottom line is they always react when something bad happens .... then 2 weeks later, it’s the same old thing. And sending people tickets by mail does not wake up other drivers about their dangerous habits.... Seeing officers doing their basic job might just makes drivers change ....

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Posted in: 8 die in Kagoshima hospital after infection with drug-resistant bacteria See in context

I'm sure the extremely hot temps they keep hospitals at here has something to do with this ....

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Posted in: Japan's high school English proficiency falls short of gov't targets See in context

As a parent of an elementary student, a JHS student, a HS student, and being an English teacher here, there are so many problems in the curriculum that the entire system in place needs to be completely overhauled. Kids are being taught grammar that is beyond precise that no one ... literally no one uses. As for speaking ... there is no focus on this at all... there is so much more to English than saying "I'm fine thank you " as fast as possible ... and "fine" is not even a state of mind or being ... I could go on and on here but what's the point ...

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Posted in: Conveyor belt sushi chain where foreigner filmed GoPro video considers pressing criminal charges See in context

"In general, Japan takes hygiene very seriously."

Whose statement is this ? As opposed to what other nationalities? Does this explain the annual flu pandemic? A mask is about the most germ infected thing in the country if not the most germ infected . In general .... that's some great comedy :)

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Posted in: Japan's retailers struggle to raise prices, even as economy gains momentum See in context

This isn't rocket science ... if they really want to create inflation ... there are basic steps that need to be taken. But that would require change which is the problem ... 1st of all... things are already over-priced.... so ... lower the prices to reality then raise them modestly.... 2nd.... include food prices in the scheme... 3rd... exclude the price of oil ... food prices are always referred to here as "volatile." No ... they are insanely over priced ... 150¥ for 1 tomato ... 400¥ for a head of lettuce... just to name a couple ... meat prices are off the chart ... TPP failed because the Japanese people would've seen how bad they've been getting hosed for years ... but if inflation is what they really want ... it can be created in 1 quarter...

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Posted in: BOJ's balance sheet tops Y500 trillion; on cusp of overtaking Fed See in context

Yawn .... this is not rocket science.... the reality is this ... the farmer.... the suppliers ... the retailers simply need to dramatically cut their grossly overpriced products and do it overnight .... then gradually increase their prices .... instant inflation ... sustainable inflation .... I'm tired of the same old lies ... "extremely volatile food prices." When Japan is the worlds only major industrialized nation that food prices are NOT included in their GDP and the price of OIL IS.... Truth be told ... TPP would've been great for the consumer .... 300¥ for an apple or pear ... lmao ....

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Posted in: Police offer ramen discounts to elderly as incentive not to drive See in context

Is this story legit ??? I have a better idea ... Why don't the police offer tickets and just enforce well established rules of the road ??? Such as failure to stop .... Failure to yield .... Demanding the right of way ... Wreckless driving .... Tailgating .... Child seat and seatbelt laws ... While I have already told my children someday they're gonna drive me around .... Singling out seniors because they've lost a bit of their senses is highly prejudicial as compared to the dangerous younger drivers who claim to have their wits ....

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Posted in: M7.4 quake strikes off Fukushima, triggering tsunami See in context

Who writes these stories ? It's always about Tokyo Tokyo Tokyo .... I live here in Iwaki city .... On the coast .... Fukushima Fukushima Fukushima ??? Come on editors .... Anyone have a clue the area of land mass in Fukushima prefecture ???? This is like all stories always imply poor Tokyo and just the name Fukushima .... Get an education and be more specific instead of telling us here near the epicenter about precious Tokyo ....

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Posted in: Fukushima teacher tapes students’ mouths shut for talking during class See in context

Which school was it ? Did they forget that on purpose ?

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Posted in: Japan's core inflation falls in August due to low oil prices See in context

TPP... Inflation... Deflation.... Food prices.... OIl...they're all entwined... If they truly want to create instant inflation then they should simply lower the so called volatile food prices to where they should be... 500 yen for an apple ? 300 yen for a tomato? Price of rice? A whole chicken 3-5000 yen ? Oil should not be included in the gdp. OIl is too volatile... And the issue why TPP is entwined is simply because the Japanese people will know how bad they've been getting screwed since the late 80's... This is the problem

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after being hit by car in Fukuoka parking lot See in context

@jonnydesu.... No where did I blame the driver...: I did however point out a constant problem with too many rogue, careless, or otherwise dangerous drivers and too many driver's habits... However, if someone does run over someone due to their willful violation of established law.... Or simply not paying attention which is also well established law.... They should live with the guilt of it... Instead ... It's usually about how much money does one have to pay that they truly care about.... The mindset of "nothing bad happened this time" or "it won't happen to me" has to change... And the police need to enforce well established rules of the roads... That is clearly what I said.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after being hit by car in Fukuoka parking lot See in context

Yes once again another tragedy and no... I'm not blaming the parent... While it's true parents should be paying better attention... That's because too many drivers don't pay attention at all... They run thru the store ... Get impatient at check out ... Then run out the door... Jump in their car and go.... And too often too many people sit in their cars and when their husband or wife jumps back in.... The car is already in drive starting to roll... At this point ... It's too late... The kid is dead.... It's the same with the drivers turning left out of parking lots... Too often too many never look left ... Only right then again... It's too late.... They've already ran over the pedestrian they didn't see because they didn't look left as well... Don't even get me started on dump truck , cement truck, taxi, or too many men drivers driving dangerously.... There is a huge difference between bad drivers and dangerous drivers... Until the mentality of nothing bad happened this time changes and the established traffic laws are enforced.... Nothing will change... To many people will continue to get killed.... And these ARE NOT accidents... IF ones actions are illegal... The result is not an accident.... It's time to enforce the law and put people in jail.... Unfortunately , a monetary value is placed on people's lives and more times than not... The punishment doesn't fit the crime.... As in not severe enough....

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