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Posted in: Ukraine has a mixed record of treating its citizens fairly See in context

Russian propaganda….

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Posted in: Dentsu officials admit to Tokyo Olympic test event bid rigging See in context

Bach is the dirtiest of all the scoundrels…

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Posted in: Japan reports 32,571 new coronavirus cases See in context

Since the middle of October, Japan ONLY tests symptomatic people.!. So zero of these millions or recent new cases are asymptomatic.!. As of yesterday, there are 615,000 people correctly listed as hospitalized either in an actual hospital or a hotel.!. All this whining about downgrading Covid to the same level as the flu is spin .!. It is not the flu .!. The changes will prevent hospitals from discriminating against people with Covid.!. But some of you act like we’ve been locked up for 3 years when the reality is that we never had a single meaningful restriction.!. I’m curious as to precisely how a change of status is going to affect your daily lives ??? Anyone ??? Some of you should be thanking those of us in the vast majority of responsible people who have done our individual parts to get us to this point where we are .!. The mRNA vaccines have proven to be safe and effective .!. Masks have helped ! Following the 3 C’s has been a huge positive.!. But we’re still nowhere near the end .!. So vax up .!. Don’t be afraid .!. The jab hurts a tiny bit for a day or 2 and you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor.!. Mask up when your safety is compromised.!. Avoid all closed settings .!. Be responsible.!. Can’t learn to live with Covid if you didn’t learn anything and people are still dying FROM Covid everyday .!.

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Posted in: Gov't to discuss downgrading COVID-19 classification to same as influenza See in context

i would agree if Covid were on the same level as seasonal influenza….. but it’s not . Covid is by far and away more deadly than anything in any living person’s lifetime.!. They prematurely opened the borders … net results … cases exploded… death rates soaring …. Healthcare system collapsed…. No Dr or nurse agrees with this terrible idea . The jgov is going completely the wrong direction . It’s time for some real restrictions to be put in place .

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Posted in: U.S., Japan unveil plans to strengthen their alliance See in context

What’s with all the anti American vitriol comments? The very freedoms you and you is wherever you come from and whoever you are…. Freedom isn’t free…, you owe your very freedoms to the might of the US military and US State dept …

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Posted in: Kishida to highlight security concerns on trip to Europe, U.S. See in context

Gintonic….. you have finally posted something…. Anything that is actual .!. I’m so proud of you .!. Boy .!.

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Posted in: Japan reports 190,538 new coronavirus cases See in context

1.5 million new cases in the last week alone …. While I think 407 deaths FROM Covid today are far too many and most preventable with better mitigation, the fact it’s only 407 FROM Covid is more scientific proof that the SAFE vaccines are working exactly as advertised.!. Mask up people.!. Vax up to the max.!. Don’t allow yourself or force one of your loved ones to become a statistic.!.

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Posted in: Japan reports 76,264 new coronavirus cases See in context

Horrible holiday numbers …. Again ….

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Posted in: Japan reports 107,465 new coronavirus cases See in context

107k on a HOLIDAY…. Time to sound the panic alarm .!. The healthcare system is once again on the brink of total collapse.!. Hotels are stuffed .!. No not with unnecessary foreign tourists. With Covid patients because the hospitals are already stuffed …. Mask up… vax up and avoid the Covid denying cultists.!.

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Posted in: Japan reports 148,784 new coronavirus cases See in context

I was expecting a much bigger drop in the number of new cases. This does not bode well for the next week .!. In order to help keep you and loved ones as safe as possible from a negative outcome, if you’re not vaccinated with the SAFE and EFFECTIVE mRNA vaccines, get started asap .!. Obviously the best thing would to do would be avoiding infection entirely, but that’s not reality in the real world! But infection can lead directly to blood clotting which in turn can swiftly lead to a stroke .!. So mask up , vax up .!. Keep you and your family safe.!. Masks , vaccines (mRNA) and social distancing are your best defenses .!.

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Posted in: Long COVID: Could mono virus or fat cells be playing roles? See in context

ffs …. Just like repeatedly stating that Covid deaths of the elderly, obese , or those with other health problems are acceptable, you have also repeatedly stated that “long Covid” is a myth …. So don’t run from your own words …. You own them….

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Posted in: Men urged to train themselves to notice household chores: study See in context

The comment section here is …. Well …. Odd…. The article is generally about men needing to do their fair share . But somehow that’s veered off into some beastly and ghastly statements about “bread winners “ admissions of just blatant sexism…. I really don’t think there should be any non binary “men” with no children telling the rest of us how a woman’s job is to keep the house spotless…. Keeping childrens schedules in order …. Regardless if she also works full time or not…. Welcome to 2022 pansies …. This must mostly be a UK issue ….

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Posted in: Shibuya New Year’s Eve countdown event canceled for 3rd consecutive year See in context

Wise and responsible decision made by adults .!. Following the science .!.

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Posted in: Japan reports 202,853 new coronavirus cases See in context

Spot on Brian …. While the % may be small , long Covid is very real for some people.!. Mask up and vax up people.!. For those of you Covid denial larks , book your flights for a restriction free vacation to mainland China.!.

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Posted in: Japan reports 177,622 new coronavirus cases See in context

@ Tora …. Just the FACTS please .!. Japan ONLY tests SYMPTOMATIC people.!. So the entire premise of your statement starts off as patently false and misleading at best .!. And Africa ? Sorry what’s happening in other countries does not compare to any other country.!. We see precisely what happens to other countries who do nothing …. China and England being 2 examples of being reckless.!.

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Posted in: Japan reports 177,622 new coronavirus cases See in context

Ministry of health report shows that denying the scientific fact that Omicron is the deadliest variant of Covid for all age groups to date is a serious mental health condition.!. The report further states that anti masks , anti vax, and anti mitigation statements are completely false and lead directly to more infections and unnecessary deaths.!.

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Posted in: End of Japan COVID curbs triggers surge in visitors to nearly 1 million in November See in context

The only thing surging is Covid and Covid deaths …/

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Posted in: Thousands of UK ambulance staff strike as public urged to avoid risks See in context

walrus …. Where should I get started ? Churchill begging for help so even people like you could enjoy the very freedoms you enjoy today ? The list is never ending tootsie…..

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Posted in: Thousands of UK ambulance staff strike as public urged to avoid risks See in context

3rd world healthcare in a 3rd world country …. A totally avoidable catastrophe…. Seems time for the US to step in and bail them out …. As usual …. Brexit = rationed healthcare and ghastly healthcare professionals wages ….. Teresa May is starting to look like a genius now .!. Mask up … vax up …. You literally could be saving your own life.!.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting acquaintance with wooden block See in context

So if a man hits another man …. Just accept the punishment…. But if a man assaults a woman ….. it must’ve been her fault…. Interesting views you have FFS……

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Posted in: Japan reports 136,237 new coronavirus cases See in context

Bronco…. Omicron is by far and away the deadliest variant in Covid worldwide.!. Does that answer it for you?

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Posted in: LDP panel agrees on tax hikes to beef up defense, with delay See in context

I certainly hope this money is spent wisely on US weaponry.!.

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Posted in: Int'l cruise ship operations resume in Japan after almost 3 years See in context

What could possibly go wrong.!.

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Posted in: Man gets suspended sentence for causing plane to divert after refusing to wear mask See in context

The alleged assault on the woman is a minor offence and if he had no prior convictions a suspended sentence is the norm here.

Assault on a woman is a minor offense? He should have been given 5 years of hard time for that alone.!.

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Posted in: Japan reports 175,961 new coronavirus cases See in context

I am sure you are not even Japanese! Most Japanese I have spoken to have had enough of the masks and the rules and just want there to be some direction and end goal from a directionless Govt!

How many Japanese people have you spoken to??? And long before Covid ever came along, the Japanese were always wearing masks .!. And what rules are you remotely talking about? We’ve had none .!. Come on .!. Enlighten me.!.

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Posted in: Japan eyes higher corporate, tobacco taxes to fund defense spending See in context

I thought this story was about defense spending and taxes ? Yet somehow some of you have spun this into an anti American story .!. The very freedoms most or all of you enjoy are compliments of the USA saving/defending whatever country you come from .!. And what country would any of you propose Japan buy hardware and technology from ?

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Posted in: Britain braces for winter of strike action as nurses walk out See in context

No worries FFS…. Just get out of your dungeon there and go take care of them .!. In a way though , I pity them too .!.

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Posted in: Japan reports 62,336 new coronavirus cases See in context

My reference is common sense .!. And if you can understand the 1/2 of all deaths in Japan FROM Covid are this year alone .!. Luckily, the vaccines have saved hundreds of thousands of lives and prevented hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations .!. Got it ? Wakatea? If not , sorry … there’s no getting through.!.

As for sour pickle …. It is preferable to get omicron vs any other variant because there weren’t safe and effective vaccines for delta …. Just wow ….

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Posted in: Japan reports 62,336 new coronavirus cases See in context

Basic science 101.!. Omicron is by far and away the deadliest variant of Covid to date .!. It is NOT some cold or flu. The vaccines have and continue to prove their safety and effectiveness.!. There were no vaccines with Alpha, Beta, or Delta .!. And only marginal therapeutics at best .!. With all strains of omicron being more contagious and deadly than the previous strains, the mirage of mildness or utter ignorance of basic truths is what it is.!. This is not unique to Japan.!. All the gaijin here whining about masks need to give it a rest .!. Long before Covid, the Japanese people always wore masks.!, The case numbers are too high for many reasons but too many misinformed gaijin are stuck on anti mask . Anti vax mindsets.!. No mask is gonna save anyone in a closed or crowded environment.!. So avoid poorly ventilated places , particularly the bars and trains .!. Social distancing is still the way to go.!. So vax up , mask up and follow the 3 C’s.!. Lastly, every single country that is a member of the WHO reports their daily Covid case numbers.!.

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Posted in: France beats England 2-1 to advance to semifinals See in context

The “English” were grossly incompetent and arrogant.!. Then in typical English fashion , making excuses for being beaten down by the better team .!.

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