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Steven Mccarthy comments

Posted in: Japan inflation slows to 2.2% in April See in context

The pace of Japanese inflation slowed in April to 2.2 percent as gas bills fell, 

Lets add just a bit of honesty to this story.!. Japan does NOT include the prices of fuel and food in their GDP / CPI! If they did , the actual rate of inflation would be well over 20%. Literally everything we buy at the grocery store has gone up dramatically or the quantity has been reduced for the same price ! The jgov has been subsidizing fuel prices (car and home) for 4 years ! It has NOT been passed on to us consumers! It is corporate greed/ welfare at its worst!

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Posted in: Kishida arrives in U.S. for summit, state dinner See in context

“Don't remember any wars starting when Trump was the POTUS.”

Trump enabled and encouraged Putin ! And yes …. Trump started a civil war 2.0

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Posted in: Tokyo crowds revel as cherry blossoms reach full bloom See in context

Those are not “cherry blossoms.”

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Posted in: Former Tokyo Olympic official says he's not guilty of taking bribes See in context

Dude needs to cop a plea deal and roll over on Bach .!. The architect of all these scams .!.

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Posted in: Ex-Tokyo Olympics operations executive found guilty of bid-rigging See in context

It’s time to charge , arrest , and convict the architect of all these scams : Tommy Bach.!.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics sullied by bid-rigging, bribery trials more than 2 years after Games See in context

It’s time for the Tammy Bach , the architect and main benefactor from all these scams to finally be charged , arrested, convicted, and sent to the gallows.!. Total scumbag.!.

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Posted in: Ukraine aims a major drone attack at Crimea as Russia tries to capture a destroyed eastern city See in context

Time for Russia to get out , and suffer the economic and criminal repercussions of invading a sovereign nation! This is a black and white issue ! This is all on Putin and Russia .!.

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Posted in: Diet debate on inflation-fighting FY2023 extra budget begins See in context

This proposed tax cut will literally be a wage cut .!. Employers are already figuring out how to reduce wages while making sure net pay goes up marginally.

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Posted in: Japan OKs ¥13.2 tril extra budget for FY2023 to fight inflation See in context

This tax reduction scam gives employers far too long to figure out how to skim wages, bonuses, and /or tiny pay raises …. Just give the people the money….

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Posted in: Japan OKs ¥13.2 tril extra budget for FY2023 to fight inflation See in context

Inflation is closer to 30% here . Japan does NOT include the price of food and fuels in their GDP.!. If they did , the public at large would see how bad they’ve been getting hosed for decades.!.

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Posted in: Olympic president Thomas Bach urged by IOC members to extend term limit and seek 4 more years See in context

Grift at its worst .!. This guy is the dirtiest politician on the planet.!. It’s always and only about how much money a country is willing to pay him to allow their roided up participants in .!. Or how much he can milk the games / bidding as a whole out of.

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Posted in: Sapporo's 2030 Winter Olympics bid dropped; 2034 or later targeted See in context

Great news .!. Waiting for the architect of so many bribery scandals Bach to retire or be retired .!. Until that scoundrel is gone, the Olympics have no chance to be pure .!.

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Posted in: Reports Sapporo will drop 2030 Winter Games bid draw mixed reaction See in context

Good move . I wouldn’t pay Bqch’s ransom demands either .!.

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Posted in: Updated COVID vaccine targeting Omicron subvariant rolls out in Japan See in context

This is great news .!. Hospitalizations in Japan are currently at record highs.!. Do your individual part to help ease the burden on the healthcare system.!. Get your jab of the safe and effective vaccine .!. Don’t you or force one of your family members to become a statistic.!.

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Posted in: Highly mutated COVID variant found in more countries See in context

I currently know of a country in particular that has more actual hospitalizations FROM Covid than ever … that’s right here in Japan .!. This isn’t just some hyperbole…. Every prefecture currently has more patients FROM COVID that at any point!

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Posted in: Shelling kills civilians in Ukraine's northeast as fears grow of a second Russian takeover See in context

This unprovoked and illegal invasion by Russia is a black and white , right or wrong issue.!, Tough guy Putin thought h could just walk all over Ukraine and Zelensky.!, This was supposed to take 3 days to a week .!. Ukraine, nor NATO did anything to threaten Russia.!. And now what ? Putin can travel to Belarus and nowhere else.!. There is ONLY 1 bad side here .!. Some people try to spin reality and share blame with Zelensky, a comedian turned politician turned wartime commander in chief.!. That’s surely what bothers Putin the most .!. I truly don’t understand how any normal thinking person remotely and constantly thinks / states that Zelensky is part of the problem, and that the President of a sovereign country should just let the criminal invaders just keep what they’ve stolen so far.!. That thought process is fatally flawed you see .!. If your neighbor kept stealing from your apartment , would you just say … for short lived peace , just keep what you’ve taken .!. That’s just beta coward …. You see .!.

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Posted in: Japan to require day nurseries, schools to block sex offenders from jobs See in context

I’ve been a kindergarten English teacher at the same school here for 13 years. Including our preschool and gakadou dept , we have 430 students. We also have cameras everywhere except the restrooms. We have never once had an issue brought to our attention because it isn’t “prevalent” as some falsely stated ! However , we do check our videos if a child is thought to have wandered off, something is missing , or something is damaged. There are some whacked out people in the world sure … the issue directly in Japan is that when a teacher is accused of something, regardless if true or not , they just get sent to another school. That is the issue. That’s why we hear about repeat offenders. They have a personnel file… but it’s usually kept secret . The new laws should cure these problems… but again … this is not some massive problem at kindergartens all over the country …

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Posted in: Spain wins its first Women's World Cup title, beating England 1-0 See in context

So happy the superior nation and team won this .!.

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Posted in: Ukrainian entrepreneur supports homeland winery through Japan venture See in context

Bravo to her .!. Caring , smart people are sympathetic to the plight of the Ukrainians who had their country invaded by a thug .!. This IS a black and white issue.!. No one was threatening Russia except Putin himself.!. Set that country back decades .!. Support Ukraine.!,

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Posted in: Putin says he offered Wagner mercenaries option to stay as a single unit See in context

What a mess . A total shambles someone’s granny used to say about him .!. Must’ve been something in the water he drinks .!. Or just plain ignorance.!.

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Posted in: Ukraine wins G7 security pledges but NATO membership remains elusive See in context

This issue is black and white ! The only country on the planet earth that wanted to invade a neighbor was Russia .!. A “cease fire?” Sure … Putin needs to pull his troops (some are children) out of Ukraine. Unfortunately, this illegal invasion will only end with Putins death .!. He made the greatest mistake since Japan hit Pearl Harbor! Putin has set Russia back for decades to come .!. I still find in incomprehensible that there are a few ( a tiny uneducated fraction) of those that want to blame Zelenskyy for not “ending the war.” This is not a war ! Seriously… if I invaded your house, what would you be willing to let me keep to get me to leave ???

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Posted in: Court finds consultant guilty of taking bribes over Tokyo Olympics See in context

Time to get Bach .!.

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Posted in: Number of food items in Japan seeing price hikes so far in 2023 tops 29,000 See in context

Inflation is already near 40%.!. Japan is the only major economy in the world that does NOT include the price of fuel and food in the GDP…. Wages aren’t going up … it’s the culture…. Rodney … you recently posted you had been deported… so what’s your gibberish about ?

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Posted in: Japan COVID adviser seeks better pandemic response See in context

This is welcomed news .!. It is better to be proactive and prepared than reactive and completely unprepared.!. It’s good to see FFS come out of denial and finally acknowledge that Covid was and is a pandemic .!. The deadliest disease to hit earth since the Spanish flu.!. And where the next pandemic originates from is completely irrelevant.!. Still have to be prepared.!.

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Posted in: My Number ID system faces further setback with erroneous deliveries See in context

New system is bound to have a few hiccups Not every … thing is perfect like FFS…. Lucky he doesn’t actually live here… hence he has zero credibility on another …. Every issue.!.

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Posted in: Lab-grown human embryo models spark calls for regulation See in context

This is great news.!. Another step towards a cure for cancers .!.

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Posted in: Evidence suggests Russia blew up Kakhovka dam in Ukraine: New York Times See in context

This is Putins doing .!. Ukrainians or the west didn’t invade or encroach on Russian territory or sovereignty.!. The only peaceful solution is when Putin is taken out either by a bullet , or simply arrested for being the murdering thug he is.!. Putin and Putin alone has set Russia back 50+ years .!. I empathize with the Russian people, The entire living and next generation will only understand being poor.!. Vladimir bit off more than he can chew and should happy NATO hasn’t pushed them out … yet .!.

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Posted in: Diet enacts law to create defense funds pool See in context

Always better to be ahead of than behind the curve.!. The US has some great military hardware for sell too ! I don’t understand all the anti American comments . The USA is more likely than not that most of you even enjoy the freedoms you have! So get over it! When disasters happen, rather they be natural or man made wars … the USA comes to the rescue ! Always there to help !

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Posted in: Former execs of stuffed toy maker convicted in Tokyo Olympic bribery case See in context

Bach’s days are numbered.!.

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Posted in: How WHO could fight future pandemics See in context

This is the scientifically sound and right thing to do .!. Get ahead and be prepared for the next time.!. Had the worlds leaders put lives over money 1st, and entire worldwide lockdown would’ve been implemented from the beginning.!. Saving millions of lives.!. Stopping the spread immediately.!. Worldwide travel should’ve been stopped… every country should have locked their borders ! 6 weeks would’ve done the trick .!. Instead , here we are 3 plus years later and XBB is still raging wild .!.

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