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Huge mistake . Seems Suga is handicapping the new PM before they’re even elected . Anyone who believes these positive case numbers needs to get out from under their rock . There’s literally thousands of people around the country still waiting for an ICU bed . But “daijoubu” full speed ahead.

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This is long overdue…. I’m sick of all the rules that are not followed or enforced. Time to be proactive instead of reactive as usual. The only time rules are enforced is when there’s been an accident caused by 1 of these dangerous drivers …. Then a week later, back to the same habits …..

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Does anyone actually believe these numbers? Anyone? I live in Iwaki, Fukushima and there are no available hospital beds. Too many children from 1-17 years old with Covid. Too many teachers from preschool-high school with Covid. If people really want to get back to any sense of normalcy, they need to get vaccinated ASAP! It’s way too soon to remotely consider allowing bars/restaurants/karaoke bars to even be open let alone shortened hours. The vaccine rollout has been a disaster but it is what it is. If people would just care about others we could get past this horrible virus. We could achieve “containment.” So 22 months has been wasted. That can’t be changed. But going forward, if people would just stop being selfish and in some ways dangerous, we can get through this sooner than later. If another wave comes , I hope we have a prime minister who will actually follow through with a true lockdown as we’ve never had 1. There’s the options .

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Blah blah blah …. Until the Japanese public start to care , the spread will continue. But “Daijoubu” everything is perfect . Nothing to worry about. I rarely agree with Suga but … he’s right . What good is a strict lockdown if the peaceful and kind citizens won’t listen to kind requests? This is an avoidable disaster. But it’s gonna take a country wide effort to contain . It starts with personal responsibilities. Can’t blame or expect everything from the JGOV. Businesses are being propped up with corporate welfare so I have no sympathy for them .

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While the Japanese govt has had its many COVID-19 failures, the bottom line is the overall selfish attitude of the public at large. If they personally don’t have the virus … no problem. But people just don’t care. The country needs a true and enforceable 6 week lockdown. So much time has been wasted. Other than truly essential trips, stay home . Close the bars… restaurants…. Public transportation anything. Schools need to cancel all events. The only mask that is safe in a closed room is a military grade gas mask. Ramp up testing … not just for precious Tokyo. Tokyo is a city not a country . Then mass inoculations around the entire country . No! I’m not a fear monger. Just speaking reality.

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Problem is people just don’t care. Until they or a very close family member becomes deathly ill... everything will be okay .

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We need to get these exam police in charge of traffic enforcement . More than 1 friendly reminder was enough. Now if the whole country would stop being so selfish with other’s health,. we might get on the path to containment. We can sit and nag on the govt all day and they have their fair share of responsibility. But it blows me away at the utter lack of concern for others here. Peaceful blah blah blah.

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What’s with all of the personal attracts here? I am a “gaijin” living here. 10 years and counting. While I completely agree with wearing a mask, there are many things business owners, the govt, and the general population should be doing a much better job at. Start by not being so selfish rather it be financial or lack of concern about other’s health. Sorry but if a bar or restaurant can’t make it a few months with the insane profits they’ve been making over the years , shame on them. Sure it sucks to be closed but it’s better than being dead. Karaoke bars ? Hostess bars ? Shut them down . Give them a minimum amount of help. Being from California, where people are just genuinely anti anything common sense , well in my 10 years here, every year I see more people with the flu than I ever seen in my lifetime. Mask , public gargling, lack of proper hygiene, luckily this year with Covid , the general population is doing a slightly better job . If the govt wants Covid contained, they need to ramp up testing , contact tracing, and treatment ASAP . Until then, nothing changes.

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Imagine if they were actually testing. I live in Iwaki, Fukushima and worse than not testing, they refuse to test. Zero test = zero cases.

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