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A 262% increase from yesterday… and that’s with drastically reduced testing. Nothing good about this massive increase in new case numbers. Actual hospitalizations are stuck at 490,000 and will probably increase for the 1st time in 3 weeks ! Luckily, for the responsible and eligible majority, the new boosters are coming right up ! In the meantime, mask up people! Follow the 3 C’s! Avoid the highly irresponsible and reckless minority! Get your mRNA jabs asap ! Keep safe people!

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The problem : “ We need to spread the positivity!” Too many people in the marginalized minority have been “spreading the positivity.!.”

The problem : “No, not normal when everybody masked up as if their lives depended on it.”

What is it with all the anti masks rhetoric? They are only one tool to help mitigate the spread of positivity.!. They do help save lives What’s next ? Why single out masks ? You want people to ditch clothes too ?

The problem : “Covid and Flu during the winter. “ Australia just came through one of their worst influenza seasons ever.!. Around the world, since the pandemic started…. Influenza has been near nonexistent…. Why ? Because of the responsible majority of people masking up, using hand sanitizer, social distancing, and govts giving sound medical advice and most people following it ! And as soon as the 1st country that relaxed Covid rules hit winter …. Their worst flu season in years .!. So yes …. If people get lazy , stop doing the most basic things to help mitigate the spread of Covid …. The flu will hit us hard here ….

The problem: There’s still nearly 500k people hospitalized from Covid here.!. The numbers are trending downward but the net drop has flatlined….

Keep safe people! Mask up when necessary! Get your safe and effective mRNA vaccination asap! If you’re eligible:)

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Posted in: Japan to extend oil subsidy program to next spring to curb price hike See in context

Bad move …. Time to kill all this corporate welfare…. Give the money to the masses ….

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Posted in: Japan revises law to speed identification of anonymous cyberbullies See in context

This is a good small step forward! Let the unmasking begin ! All these people posting patently false statements/information and insulting anyone who calls them out….using their fake accounts to show others agree with them ….

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Wolfyboy…. That’s a lot to unpack there but it can be summed up completely with this …. Omicron is by far and away the deadliest variant and it was because of vaccines that were not available during alpha and delta that the death count and serious case count hasn’t been drastically higher …. However, there are still 500k people correctly listed as hospitalized rather in a hospital or hotel…. Under the care of Drs and nurses around the clock! The number of net hospitalizations is flattering which is not good …. Just yesterday it was a net zero …. As for “strict measures” …. We’ve never had any so not quite sure what you’re point is …. Border controls? Every country has had them…. Masking ? This is Japan…. Long before Covid… the society was always masked up …. When the healthcare system which includes healthcare professionals have recovered for total collapse…. Come spread your glee .!. Currently… we are nowhere near the end….

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Sorry pickles …. There is no way to reinterpret actual deaths …. More than 1/3 of all deaths from Covid in Japan , have been this calendar year….. no amount of spin will change that sad fact !

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From Jan 2022 to date , more people have died in Japan per day from Covid than the previous 2 years …. Therefore, the only scientific conclusion that can be drawn , omicron has and continues to be the deadliest variant of Covid in Japan! Mild ??? No …. It’s testament to the safety and efficacy of the vaccines! Combined with masking …. The vast majority of responsible and reasonable people are the reason or cause of this so called mildness !

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The current variant …. More specific…. Omicron … all strains of it has been the deadliest variant in Japan…. There is no factual dispute….

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Case reports arent representative anymore, the real number is likely to be higher but either still sinking or entering an 8th fully manageable wave. 

Returning to pre-pandemic life will continue as planned with minimal unnecessary deaths. I suspect we dont have much longer with these daily reports as recorded cases diverge further from reality and relevance.

We’ve never remotely let alone fully managed any wave ! Still over 500,000 people still hospitalized from the current wave which is no where near the end ! Minimal unnecessary deaths???? Really ? There should be zero unnecessary deaths…/ but with the collapse of the entire healthcare system…. Unnecessary deaths could not be avoided …. Far too many patients were sent to hotels or home to either recover or die… as long as Japan is a member of the WHO, we will just like every country on the planet earth … continue to have daily reports.!.

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Another week on week increase and that’s with dramatically reduced testing. Combine that with the 580,000 people still hospitalized FROM Covid…. The actual situation on the ground isn’t getting better soon enough …. Far too many active cases and actual hospitalizations to be declaring this over again …. The jgov should seriously reconsider any loosening of the borders ! Get through this wave and then make smart changes….

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My bad buua..:. An utter waste of tax revenue ….

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I certainly hope they apply rules and common sense restrictions to this waste of tax dollars … ie: a maximum limit per person…. Must be responsibly vaccinated and boosted ! Must be a tax payer or retired!Just to name a few basic requirements…. Otherwise…. Mooches are just gonna scam this for all they can …. Maybe even add in …. a 1 to ratio … every yen spent equals 1 discount pt ! Let the people pay a fair share ! This is not anyone but the jgov supporting businesses…

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Posted in: Abe damaged Japan's democracy, left legacy of power abuse, critics say See in context

This story ….. or political hit job has a lot to unpack …. It’s better suited to be on the Onion…. Nearly everything is false , innuendo, or just whining !

On the diplomatic front, foreign policy direction was largely set by Abe's office, eventually causing Japan's relations with its neighbors China, Russia and South Korea to deteriorate significantly, they said.

Foreign policy should be set by the Prime Minister! Japans relations with South Korea didn’t deteriorate…. He stood firm that Japan wasn’t paying more money and he reaffirmed the former apology to the “comfort women.” That issue was resolved so many times and SK kept bringing it up outta nowhere every now and then! China ??? Really ??? Who who is the “they?” Quite vague ….

Political enemies???? The Conservative party had their chance …. And the voters booted them out of power …. Sorry losers …. It’s not anyones fault but their own that the voters went back to the LDP! Scandals ??? Regardless of the country…. Whoever’s in the hot seat is going to be accused of scandals and cronyism…. What crimes was Abe charged with ? None … he got re-elected … Covid ? Every world leader has done a horrendous job at handling the pandemic…. It still continues today ! Where were these “sources” hiding when Abe was alive and could answer to the lies ???

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Posted in: Kishida begins 3 days of 'condolence diplomacy' around Abe funeral See in context

It’s great to see respected leaders from around the world paying their respects to a fallen well respected former leader ! Well deserved for the most popular and longest serving prime minister here!

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Here you go Sanji …

I don’t know if Australia is a “Western” country but they definitely keep y’all up to date.!.

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Simon …. You’re infatuation with the unification church and Kishida’s approval ratings is well … strange …. Abe promised and delivered free preschool and kindergarten tuition so working parents could work …. Abe pushed through free healthcare for children …. Never started a single military conflict … yet is called a war monger …. Scandals ? Without googles help …. Name scandals that are directly about Abe…. Not a cabinet member…. I’m yet to meet a single Japanese National who has all this vitriol hatred for the most popular Prime Minister ever ….

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There’s no real controversy here ! 3 x Prime Minister…. Highly respected at home and abroad! If he was so controversial, he would not have been elected 3 times …. The 2nd and 3rd after resigning the 1st time … the Japanese kept re-electing him… not the foreigners fabricating stories here !

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FFS…. I sure hope this new travel voucher plan is only for the vaccinated!

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But for Covid, 68 more people wouldn’t have had their deaths hastened…. I won’t speculate as to ages or any possible health issues….. Covid kills completely healthy and young people too …. And none of these deaths are acceptable as some think ….

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Drastically way too high for a holiday…. Keep safe people…. Mask up! Get your mRNA jabs! If you’re eligible:) follow the 3 C’s! Avoid closed or crowded places!

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What’s with all this whining about Abe ??? How many wars did he start ??? Oh ! Zero …. 3x prime minister…. Longest serving…. Ever …. Respected around the world and at home ! William 77…. Spot on !

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Posted in: Japan to launch domestic travel subsidy program on Oct 11 See in context

But hey … I certainly hope that all of you that plan on taking full advantage of this program surely get ALL that comes with it as well .!. I do hope the jgov adds some minor rules such as “vaccinated” travelers only !

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Another massive amount of corporate welfare payments! These private sectors of the economy have been propped up far too long! If people really care about spending money to help these businesses, they shouldn’t need welfare !

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This is a wise request for multiple reasons ! They certainly don’t want foreign dignitaries catching Covid here since it’s still running wild here ! On the minuscule chance a dignitary has it , they don’t want them sharing it as well ! Proactive is much better than reactive! Masks are just 1 tool to help mitigate the spread…. Not sure about all the anti mask talk ….

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Posted in: Japan weighs plan for ban on hotel guests without masks: report See in context

There’s nothing xenophobic about this idea ! It will include Japanese guests as well ! So what’s the issue ? Mask help !

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Posted in: Japan weighs plan for ban on hotel guests without masks: report See in context

This is fabulous and bold news ! The jgov is finally starting to take Covid seriously! Long overdue set of a proven scientific method to help mitigate the spread of diseases! Vax mandates next? happy to see Kishida and crew taking care of business here at home!

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Wow…/ nearly 100% higher from yesterday…mask up…. Get boosted asap! Follow the 3 C’s!!! These numbers are shocking ! How can this even be possible? Better tighten those borders too !

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Posted in: How the new bivalent COVID vaccines work See in context

Another great tool to reduce your chances of getting a severe case!

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Posted in: Japanese man sets himself on fire in apparent protest at Abe's state funeral See in context

A bit of an overreaction….

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Posted in: It’s time to talk about no-mask anxiety See in context

Healthcare professionals around the world have been wearing masks since the beginning of time .!. To protect themselves and the patients .!. My 1st trip to Japan … in Aug 1998…. I boarded my flight from SFO - Kansai and was mortified at the number of passengers masked up .!. Being a nurse from California, I knew if someone in the general population was wearing a mask, it was because they were sick with an infectious disease! Not in Japan … long before Covid ever came along … the Japanese people have been wearing masks all year long! So I’m not quite sure about all the anti masks talk as it pertains to the Japanese people! I’m yet to hear a single Japanese person complain about mask anything … only foreigners whining ! Scientifically speaking , masks and masks alone have and continue to save lives daily ! I’ll concede that no mask in a closed setting is gonna save you from Covid ! So my advice…. Avoid closed settings and mask up when social distancing is not possible!

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