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Posted in: How WHO could fight future pandemics See in context

This is the scientifically sound and right thing to do .!. Get ahead and be prepared for the next time.!. Had the worlds leaders put lives over money 1st, and entire worldwide lockdown would’ve been implemented from the beginning.!. Saving millions of lives.!. Stopping the spread immediately.!. Worldwide travel should’ve been stopped… every country should have locked their borders ! 6 weeks would’ve done the trick .!. Instead , here we are 3 plus years later and XBB is still raging wild .!.

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Posted in: IOC puts trust at risk by seeking ways to allow Russia to compete at Olympics, EU official says See in context

It will come down to how much cash Russia is going to line Bach’s pockets with .!.

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Posted in: What the Iraq War can teach U.S. about avoiding a quagmire in Ukraine – 3 key lessons See in context

FFS….. since 1970…. Precisely…. How many countries has the US “invaded?”

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Posted in: Two more get suspended jail terms in Tokyo Olympics bribery scandal See in context

I hope when they finally get around to arresting that scoundrel Bach … they don’t end up giving him a suspended sentence.!. He’s the leader and architect of this scam .!.

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Posted in: Bauer picks up 4-1 victory in debut with Yokohama See in context

He didn’t rape anyone .!. Get your facts straight .!. Also , once he was released by the Dodgers, any MLB could have signed him for the MLB minimum and the Dodgers would still have to pay him .!.

He’s a great pitcher and will help his team win.!.

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Posted in: Prices for over 20,000 items hiked in Japan so far this year See in context

Japan is the ONLY industrialized nation on the planet that does NOT include the price of fuels or food in their GDP which is what inflation is measured by.!. The true inflation rate here is well over 30%…

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Posted in: 3 things you should eat at Denny’s in Japan, according to staff who work there See in context

Btw ….. egg is not part of a classic club sandwich ….

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Posted in: 3 things you should eat at Denny’s in Japan, according to staff who work there See in context

I wouldn’t eat mutton curry ….. prisoner food …..

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Posted in: Who do you think is currently the most powerful world leader? See in context

Biden and there’s no close 2nd .!.

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Posted in: KFC adds hash brown burgers to its menu in Japan See in context

Another great item on the menu .!. Made from all natural ingredients and healthy.!.

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Posted in: First Tokyo Olympic bribery verdict ends with suspended sentences See in context

It’s odd that the leader of this ring hasn’t been charged yet … that ghastly Bach masterminded this entire scheme for his own benefit and must be held accountable.!.

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Posted in: Ukraine awaits U.S. missile system after latest Russian strike See in context

For the ordinary citizens of Russia, Putin has set them back for several decades to come.!. We all know how this invasion ends …. This is not a war .!. This is a bully neighbor blowing up anything and everything…. Killing and kidnapping completely innocent people.!. When Putin is taken out by one of his generals, the illegal invasion will end and the rebuilding of Ukraine will begin .!. Anything a future Russia can can sell on the international markets will pay for it.!. If your neighbor blows up your house, they’re gonna pay for it criminally and economically.!. All this anti USA nonsense…. Those of you expressing your racist views against the USA, you owe your very freedoms to the USA…. Remember that….

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Posted in: Japan declares war on hay fever See in context

Japan is net exporter of lumber .!. Japan does NOT import so much as even a splinter from Brazil.!. As for hay fever … I lived hay fever free for 43 years in central California…. Where everything is grown…. I’ve had seasonal hay fever every year for 12 years since moving to Japan …. This isn’t some mask conspiracy…. And cedar trees which are NATIVE to Japan and a huge part of the problem.!.

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Posted in: Are robot waiters the future? Some restaurants think so See in context

These tablets and robots are just what the Dr ordered .!. Scientific common sense.!.

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Posted in: Most unwanted? How sports treat the Russia problem See in context

As long as that scoundrel Bach is in charge of the IOC, Putin will just keep paying him bribes .!. Then there’s the doping issues that never stop .!. Since Russia claim’s Ukrainians are actually Russian…. Ask them athletes if they will compete under the Ukrainian flag.!.

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Posted in: IOC backs return of Russian athletes as individuals; no timeline for Paris Olympics See in context

Only thing that scoundrel Bach wants is his next grift off the olympics….

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Posted in: COVID-era relocation trend may be fading despite work flexibility See in context

Tokyo is literally just the secretary for the other 46 prefectures.!.

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Posted in: Japan reports 6,324 new coronavirus cases See in context

worldometers is as bunk as the Cochrane report …. Literally junk science and fabrication of data.!.

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Posted in: Yankees rated MLB's most valuable team at $7.1 bil: Forbes See in context

The best value in sports entertainment.!. MLB.!.

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Posted in: World Athletics Council stymies Russian path to Olympics See in context

This better not affect Bach’s payday .!.

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Posted in: IOC and Olympic Games cannot be referees in political disputes: Bach See in context

Bach wants all that Russian money ….

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Posted in: Japan reports 8,683 new coronavirus cases See in context

Marc Lowe …. Good news .!. Every country that is a member of the WHO, reports their pertinent numbers daily or weekly.!. The legitimate information is out there…. If you want to keep informed.!.

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Posted in: Child suicides in Japan hit record high of 514 in 2022 See in context

There was / is no direct or indirect link between Covid and an increase in suicides by younger people…. Not in Japan anyway .!. There were no “draconian restrictions” ever placed on us here …. The pressure put on school aged children in all age groups here is the main issue and bullying being another ….

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Posted in: Record early start again for Tokyo's cherry blossoms See in context

These are NOT cherry trees ….

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Posted in: Woman arrested over death of 56-year-old mother See in context

Osaka ??? Again ??? There’s some weirdo’s living there …. That’s for sure .!.

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Posted in: Japan reports 7,013 new coronavirus cases See in context

The world realizes the PANDEMIC is nowhere near over .!.




a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease over a whole country or the world at a particular time.

"the impact of the pandemic caused loved ones to be separated and unable to meet in person"


(of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world.

"pandemic diseases have occurred throughout history"

For those of you still unsure what a “pandemic” is …. There you go .!.

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Posted in: 1 in 4 still to wear masks in Japan despite eased COVID rules: survey See in context

I still want to know …. All you anti science… anti masks … anti vaxers, basically… anti any and everything related to mitigating the spread of Covid , please enlighten the vast majority of responsible people who have followed the scientifically proven recommendations…. Precisely… how is YOUR life going to change tomorrow? Please be specific.!. Hiding behind your masked identities all while whining about peoples choices to mask up ! Priceless.!.

“The only way to put an end to this nonsense would be for the Japanese government to admit to the people that they misinterpreted the data, educational institutions and private enterprise admit they over-reacted and over-reached, and for all parties to apologize to those adversely affected - namely children whose social development may have been hugely impacted.”

1st of all , the jgov did NOT misinterpret any Covid related Data. If so , it was not in the way you’re portraying.!. The jgov kept a hands off approach and let us live as usual.!. That was a huge mistake.!. Lead directly to unnecessary deaths.!. Schools didn’t over- react or over- reach either .!. If anything, they were far too lax ! As for the private sector, ha…. They hand their hands out for the massive amount of corporate welfare they received to do nothing .!. As for child development…. Do you have any credibility on the issue ? I do … and you’re just patently wrong….

Mask have and will continue to save lives .!. Long before Covid ever came along… the Japanese people were a mask wearing society… Part of their culture.!, to deny this reality is an admission you haven’t been in and around Japan very long … if ever .!.

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Posted in: Paris Olympics chief defends ticket pricing after criticism See in context

This is precisely what happens when the IOC put that dirty scoundrel Bach in charge .!. Always looking for more ways to line his pockets .!.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for assaulting son in Sapporo See in context

The person is not an “alleged” woman .!. She is in fact a woman .!.

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Posted in: Japan reports 4,263 new coronavirus cases See in context

The numbers that matters are all of them .!. New cases need to be reduced to as close to zero as possible.!. The daily deaths FROM Covid also needs to be reduced to as close to zero as possible.!. The problem ??? Yesterday , we had the 1st day to day increase in hospitalizations in 5 weeks .!.

Hospitalizations 419,804

Change from previous day +479

I live in one small city and our Covid hotels are still fully booked .!. Until these 419k people have recovered and the number of actual hospitalizations is drastically reduced, we are no where near this mythical end some of you continue to whine about.!. Come next Monday when the masses are still masked up….. because of allergies, influenza, Covid , or just because …. Are your lives going to be seriously impacted?

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