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Posted in: Police urge vigilance against yakuza gang violence See in context

"...... But unlike their foreign counterparts, they are not illegal ....”

Probably because of their associations with politicians who use them for their dirty work. (Finding employees for the Fukushima clean up comes to mind)

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The nuclear bombs did change the world forever and caused much suffering. However the suffering would have been much worse if America had been forced to invade Japan while the military waited for one last battle victory so they could surrender without losing face. Unfortunately the two bombs were a necessary evil.

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They visited a second time in August but no one was at home.>

How many more times do I have to see this. Knock the door down, in most cases when they do finally get in its too late and the kid or kids are corpses.

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Posted in: Aging canine nursing home to open in Chiba See in context

Shame that homeless dogs and cats aren't treated the same. But no money in that I suppose.

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Tokyo is a great city. But certainly not number one. And not that tourist friendly when compared to popular destinations and cities.

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Posted in: TEPCO reports Y772.9 bil profit for April-December See in context

Disgraceful this company shouldn't exist let alone make a profit. The Japanese government should resign.

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Posted in: Nuclear watchdog urges TEPCO to take drastic action on Fukushima See in context

It will be under control once they pass the legislation to stop the press from reporting things and stop people from talking to foreigners about what is going on. Control the press and the whole situation is under control

All too true unfortunately.

"For years I've heard nothing but the demise of Japan and they get back up stronger each time." What planet are you living on? Japan has been in a consistent funk for the past two decades.

Even when Japan is doing well, it is often a lie. Companies giving false results, banks lying about debt etc. Japan's success story and its good times became the bubble years. A period of greed, corruption and lies.

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Posted in: Kishida makes fact-finding visit to Chernobyl See in context

"Chernobyl in Ukraine, the site of the world’s worst nuclear disaster". Surely the worst nuclear disaster is Fukushima, it has released considerably more radiation and continues to do so. Not to mention the fact that it still seems to be far from being under control. As mentioned above it's about time the Japanese press and government accepted this and started doing something about it.

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