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BEAUTIFUL‼️ Don’t miss the moment❣️ Fussing with a camera/smartphone/tablet to record absolutely everything is fine if there are no pro-photographers. But trust me: there are amazing photographers, so relax…ENJOY‼️❣️‼️

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This hits way too close to home as I have daughters. Then to learn of Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren further compounds the horrific nature of this atrocity. Does no one in Government, past and present administrations, have children? Families robbed of their children’s childhoods, first dates, music recitals, weddings, et cetera. This really infuriates me and makes me sick at the same time‼️

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@girl-in-tokyo I was also shocked by the word “alleged”.

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That he lives and freely attends events like this even if such events are occasional feels like a gross injustice to his murdered victims, their Families & loved ones.

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Absolutely the right move and about time!

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RIP young man. Wow, 23 years old…just a kid to me! His life was just starting to get interesting and my heart breaks for his family and loved ones. All the hopes and dreams for a life AFTER Covid-19 gone. Murdered. This is tragic!!

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It’s absolutely deplorable that BOTH drivers kept going!! Unthinkable!!! My heart goes out to the victim, her family and loved ones.

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