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Posted in: Gov't eyes indoor smoking ban as early as next year See in context

For the health of everyone, please do this, Japan.

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Posted in: Djokovic, Nishikori, Williams advance at Indian Wells See in context

I expect Kei will get past both Johnson (or Millman) and Nadal.

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Posted in: Wakayama's famous stationmaster cat Tama dies at 16 See in context

RIP, little one.

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Posted in: Hand grip is telltale of heart's health: study See in context

@Tom Turek - thanks all the same, but I think I will follow the heart health advice from my cardiologist.

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Posted in: Nishikori wins Barcelona Open See in context

Fantastic result!. Kei's clay-court game has improved to a level where he is now be a genuine chance to win the French Open title. Onwards and upwards, Kei!

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Posted in: Nishikori 3-peats as Memphis Open champ See in context

Best. Trophy. Ever!

Congrats on the win, Kei. You put in some gutsy performances at this tournament and deserved the title.

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Posted in: First Kit Kat Chocolatery shop with cafe opens in Kyoto See in context

Yum! Now I want to eat Kit Kats. Lots of them.

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Posted in: Nishikori, Federer win at ATP Finals See in context

This Masters will be great experience for Kei. Onwards and upwards!

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Posted in: Nishikori qualifies for ATP World Tour Finals See in context

Congratulations to Kei. History in the making.

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Posted in: Nishikori beats Raonic to win Japan Open title See in context

As an Australian fan of Kei's I will be at the Aus Open cheering his every match.

Congratulations on winning the Japan Open for the second time, Kei! You showed tremendous determination to fight through to the end. I hope your body holds-up for the remainder of this year's tournaments. And also congratulations on a fantastic year - your "coming of age"

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Posted in: History-making Nishikori beats Djokovic to reach U.S. Open final See in context

YES!! A well deserved reward for years of hard work. All the best for the final Kei, but regardless of the result you're already a winner.

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Posted in: Japanese fans celebrate Nishikori's U.S. Open quarterfinal win See in context

Wow, this is exciting. Keep the belief and anything can happen, Kei.

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Posted in: Nishikori pulls out of Davis Cup tie See in context

Bad news for Japan's Davis Cup chances and also for Nishikori. I hope he recovers quickly, as groin injuries can be tricky to diagnose and treat. Being forced to play on consecutive days in Miami wouldn't have helped - especially after the grueling match with Ferrer.

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Posted in: Nishikori upsets Federer, Djokovic ousts Murray in Miami Masters See in context

Kei's match aganst Djokovic will be fascinating - in many respects their strengths match-up, but of course Djokovic has a huge advantage in experience. But on his day Kei can beat anyone.

Bit by bit Kei is gaining strength and experience and as long as he stays fit should become a regular inside the top 10.

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Posted in: Japan leads Canada 2-1 in Davis Cup See in context

Kei Nishikori - carrying a nation! Go Japan!

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Posted in: Nadal hits out at umpire after beating Nishikori See in context

I went to all Kei's matches at this year Aus Open bar the Nadal one and Kei definitely has strong crowd support - and not just from the Japanese fans. I was surprised and delighted at how far Kei's game has come - his serve, backhand and general court-craft has really come along since Michael Chang joined the coaching team. Although Nadal wasn't at his absolute best yesterday, I think the close scoreline is proof that Kei is closer than ever to his top-ten goal. Thanks for the entertainment this week, Kei and best wishes for what is looking like a promising 2014 season for you.

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Posted in: Nishikori fans See in context

Kei is 23? His body hasn't yet matured - give him another 2 or 3 years of hard physical conditioning and he can definitely challenge and probably win a major. Kei is arguably the best ball striker on tour and combined with his freakish speed and overall athletic ability, his time will come - as long as he stays relatively injury free. I believe the addition of Michael Chang to Kei's coaching team may well be the missing link in his game. Already Kei is showing very good progress this season in all aspects, but especially the mental side of the game with more aggression on key points. Go Kei!

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Posted in: Nishikori wins Kooyong Classic in Australian Open tune-up See in context

Woops, I meant "Kei". (blushes)

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Posted in: Nishikori wins Kooyong Classic in Australian Open tune-up See in context

Congratulations Kai! It is about time some luck went your way (Gasquet's withdrawal). Your serving has improved - particularly the swinging serve out wide. Hopefully you will have a better year with less injury in 2014. I'll be at the Aus Open next week - hope to see you play and will be supporting you as usual.

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Posted in: Hewitt beats Federer in Brisbane Int'l final See in context

Was vintage Hewitt today. Top marks for a gutsy performance all tournament long.

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Posted in: Hewitt beats Nishikori to set up final with Federer See in context

Better luck at the Aus Open, Kai. Hopefully the temperature won't be so extreme there this year.

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Posted in: Hard work See in context

Brutal conditions in Brisbane today. Kai was the better player early but faded in the extreme heat. Kudos to Hewitt, though - he never gives up.

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Posted in: Okinawan plant holds promise of elixir of youth See in context

Lowly, here's a link: http://www.abc.net.au/am/content/2013/s3915143.htm

The Australian research is very encouraging.

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Posted in: No trans fat? Who can taste the difference See in context

@ horriified: Margarine typically contains some trans fat (in varying degrees), but it is usually only a few percent. It is not accurate to say margarine is trans fat. But I agree trans fat is bad for one's health and should be labelled so the consumer can make an informed choice. And personally, I much prefer butter for its taste.

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Posted in: Del Potro into Japan Open semis; Nishikori out See in context

To be fair to Nishikori, this is the first time I've heard him talk-up his prospects prior to a tournament. He is usually the most humble player on the circuit, so I was surprised to hear him talking up his chances prior to the Japan Open this year.

Maybe concentrate more on the strength and conditioning work, Kei, to minimise the injury concerns which seem to dog you. Keep up the good work, Kei, and try not to become discouraged. Your strongest years await. With perseverance you should be able to achieve your top-10 goal and also push for a grand slam victory sometime in the 25-30 y/o range

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Posted in: UNIQLO opens first store in Indonesia See in context

Dear Uniqlo - please come to Australia soon!

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Posted in: Nishikori wins U.S. National Indoor Championships for 3rd career title See in context

Kei definitely has the ability to compete with anyone in World tennis, but to do so he needs his body to hold together. If he can avoid further injury, I predict he will be in the top 10 by this year's end. Go Kei!!

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Posted in: Tokyo promises quick marathon See in context

Agree. I can't even run 1km at that pace, let alone 42!

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Posted in: Nishikori targets Grand Slam success despite loss See in context

Not yet, but Kei definitely has the game to do so on his day.

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Posted in: Ferrer beats Nishikori to advance to Australian Open quarterfinals See in context

Kei looked sore at practice and appeared to be struggling with injury in several matches at this Aus Open. Such a shame. I hope he regains fitness and form as soon as possible.

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