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Posted in: Date-Krumm calls her longevity 'a miracle' See in context

What an inspiration!

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Posted in: Nishikori wins in 4 sets at Australian Open See in context

Hope the knee holds up, Kei. I hope to see you play this week. Good luck.

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Posted in: 9 random reasons to love Japan See in context

Great article. I visit Japan whenever possible, and this article accurately sums-up why. I've found Japan is a beautiful country with wonderful people and culture.

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Posted in: Casio to release second set of 30th anniversary G-SHOCK models See in context

I wish Casio would produce a GPS sports watch. That market is hanging-out for a quality product.

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Posted in: Coffee, coffee everywhere but not a drop to drink See in context

The best coffee I've had in Japan was at the Illy Espressamente shop in Tenjin, Fukuoka. There are also some good smaller individual shops I stumbled across, but it can be difficult at times to find a good cup of coffee if you are a tourist and don't know where to look.

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Posted in: Kobayashi emotional over amazing Japan GP scenes See in context

Congratulations Kamui - I was cheering for you from here in Australia. I hope there are many more podiums ahead for you.

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Posted in: Birds' heads torn off in Australian zoo rampage by vandals See in context

This type of behavior is unfortunately all too common here in Australia.

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Posted in: Quiet please! Wimbledon decorum adheres to tradition See in context

Pity they can't stop the shrieking women like Sharapova and Azarenka.

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Posted in: Who is your favorite 1960s singer or group that is still rockin' on? See in context

Brian Wilson!

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Posted in: Hand-held 'flashlight' zaps dangerous germs See in context

With the increasing prevalence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria this is a great development.

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Posted in: Japan names marathon team for London Olympics See in context

Good luck to the Japanese marathon team. They are a good chance of being the first non-Kenyan/African home.

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Posted in: Kenya's Kipyego wins Tokyo Marathon See in context

It's way more than just training - these runners are gifted with near perfect bio-mechanics and freakish cardio-vascular systems. The average runner could train just as much but would be only half as good. These elite runners are born with their physical advantages and hard training just hones it. Hats off to them.

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