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Posted in: Japanese chef nabbed for sex with underage girls in Jakarta See in context

Unlike Japan, Indonesia seems to take these kind of offences seriously, that's good.

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Posted in: 10 outdoor surveillance cameras installed at home where parents confined daughter See in context

Disgusting people. Words cannot do this horrible story justice. Speaking of justice, with the bizarre justice and sentencing system in Japan God knows what the punishment will be. As little as 5 or 6 years in jail wouldn't surprise me.

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Posted in: Australia introduces tough new laws on child sex tourism See in context


Gary Glitter isn't under house arrest, he's serving a 16 year prison sentence.

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Posted in: Honda's N-Box remains top seller in Japan in November See in context

And an uglier looking deathtrap I've yet to see.

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Posted in: Calls for same-sex marriage legalization growing in Japan See in context

In 15 years of living in Japan I've never met a Japanese person who is openly gay.

That suggests it's not a country where coming out is beneficial to the person.

Therefore I can't see this happening which is a shame.

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Posted in: Man’s life sentence for killing 17-year-old girl upheld by high court See in context

He had given up hope and wanted to end it all so he killed someone else instead of committing suicide.

Whst kind of twisted logic is this?

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Posted in: Japan drawn against Colombia, Poland, Senegal in World Cup See in context

@Nippori Nick

Whatever the nationality of the manager I don't think Japan are ever going to win the World Cup.

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Posted in: Man arrested over death of woman in Chiba love hotel See in context

quite an age gap. these hotels do not see you face to face when checking in or checking out, but I am sure there are surveillance cameras up the ying yang in case something like this happens


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Posted in: 'Social media suicide' in spotlight after Zama serial killings See in context

“The grisly beheading of nine young people”

The first sentence of this article implies that the victims were killed by having their heads cut off. What evidence does the author have to state that? To my knowledge, everything that has been made public so far indicates the bodies were cut up after the victims were killed by other means.

They were beheaded and whether that was before or after death it was, no doubt grisly.

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Posted in: Beaujolais Nouveau released in Japan amid declining demand See in context

As someone who likes wine, I tried to get into Beaujolais Nouveau but just couldn't.

I always found it tasted like watered down wine.

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Posted in: Nepali speaks on 1st visit to Japan after being wrongly jailed for murder for 15 years See in context

No apology and compensation to him?

No apology to the victim's family for letting the real killer escape justice?


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Posted in: Politician apologizes for saying serial killer was heavily influenced by anime See in context

I agree with others on this subject, the politician is probably spot on. I don' t see why he has apologised.

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Posted in: Trump, Abe toast 'bromance' as two-day summit wraps up See in context

Out of interest, does Abe speak English well or do they communicate through interpreters?

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Posted in: 9 dismembered bodies found in Kanagawa apartment See in context


A professional killer isn't going to leave the bodies of his victims to rot and eventually be discovered in his own abode. He would have to be the world's least skilled professional killer to do that.

Here's my theory; the guy is a twisted, sadistic, mentally ill nutcase.

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Posted in: 1-year-old boy killed after drunk father crashes car See in context

@Disillusioned, I've seen a woman drive with a baby in a chest sling too.

Simply unbelievable ignorance / stupidity.

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Posted in: 1-year-old boy killed after drunk father crashes car See in context

No child seat - of course. I see this every single day on the roads.

When is this ever going to be clamped down on?

Shame on these parents who place their children's lives in danger every time they put them in a car.

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Posted in: High fives, low bows: Electioneering, Japan style See in context

So they are called warbler birds and crows these people who breach the peace regularly with their ghastly racket of noise pollution.

I can think of a few names for them, none of which could be published here.

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Posted in: Museum of Design See in context

You made the right choice, thank you for following Dundee FC mate!

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Posted in: Museum of Design See in context


I'm a Dee mate. Yourself?

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Posted in: Museum of Design See in context

This is my home town. Yes, it's part of the V & A museum in London.

It should give Dundee's economy a big boost as the whole waterfront area where the museum is being built is being developed.

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Posted in: Man in prison for attempted murder arrested for killing woman in Kawasaki tunnel in 2006 See in context

Why would a man who went to the lengths of deliberately cutting himself with a knife to avoid suspicion of a murder suddenly decide to confess to it?

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Posted in: 3 Britons to be put on int'l wanted list over 2015 jewelry heist See in context

@Sensei258, that line is rolled out by a poster on every crime story here.

It's not funny anymore.

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Posted in: Man gets life in prison for killing 88-year-old woman during robbery See in context

Aly, it's only 2 people. It's not exactly epidemic proportions.

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Posted in: 6 Keio University students face gang-rape charges See in context

@Andrew Crisp, forced equals peer pressure or whatever.

The issue here is that a very serious crime (in most countries anyway, Japan doesn't seem to treat it that way) took place.

The circumstances of how alcohol was consumed is irrelevant.

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Posted in: 2 teachers arrested over alleged indecent sexual acts See in context

Are these not criminal offences warranting more then a cheap fine?

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Posted in: 1 dead, 10 injured in expressway tunnel pileups in Shizuoka; truck driver arrested See in context

One of the problems is that the police here only crack down on something during a campaign, be it illegal parking, speeding or whatever

They don't seem to generally police and look out for offences as they happen.

Another reason why I don't respect the Japanese police force.

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Posted in: Ex-teacher gets 3 years for child porn See in context

Do Japanese courts ever hand out serious sentences?

Every case I read about, this one included, seem to end in ridiculously lenient sentences by developed countries' standards.

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Posted in: 32 windows smashed at junior high school in Tochigi Pref See in context

@Aaron, far more likely it was a disgruntled ex-student.

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Posted in: Osaka files criminal complaint against ex-head of scandal-hit school operator See in context

Guilty until proved innocent isn't a system to be proud of.

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Posted in: 3 former high school baseball team members arrested for forcing girl into prostitution See in context

Sounds like a good school, no doubt they'll get suspended sentences then.

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