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Stewart Gale comments

Posted in: Human torso found in suitcase dumped at disused Nikko golf course See in context

It’s funny here, whenever there is an murder case people immediately credit it the yakuza. Like the average Japan Today below the line commentator knows all about Japanese organised crime......

In this story’s case, there are plenty of local, Everyman nutters who would dismember a body in this way.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested over fatal car crash in Aomori in September See in context

“For these 2 SOBs... justice will be in prison when they are introduced to their 250lb cellmates.”

Regarding sentencing; it’ll be interesting to see what they get. Someone was remarking here the other day how lightly vehicular manslaughter seems to be treated.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for killing brother, charged over father's death See in context

A few schoolboy errors there.

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Posted in: German tourist admits to stabbing Japanese man on Nagasaki street See in context

He’s in the right country for that legal defence. I wonder if he reads this website.

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Posted in: Fukuoka senior arrested for stealing a single grape See in context

There are so many do-gooders/narks/grasses in Japan, it’s unbelievable. It’s one aspect of society here I really can’t stand

Could the shopkeeper not just have warned the guy face to face he would call the cops if it happened again?

I’m sure he would have got the message.

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Posted in: Student held for production of explosives and 3D gun also charged with stimulant possession See in context

Smart kid, only he’s not a kid except in the eyes of Japanese law.

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Posted in: Nintendo wins court battle over Mario go-karting See in context


There is no way Mari Mobility has made anywhere close to millions, unless you mean yen.

I have done karting with them in Tokyo, it’s definitely not a large, upscale operation.

Brilliant fun though, I loved it and hope to do it again.

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Posted in: Police arrest 14-year-old student for assaulting teacher See in context

I don’t know the place but I know these types when I read about them.

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Posted in: Kirin unveils new vending machines with built-in security camera See in context

You can’t even buy a drink from a vending machine now without being filmed.....

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Posted in: Police arrest 14-year-old student for assaulting teacher See in context

I’m going to speculate here that the teacher is a domineering bully and the student is a yankee good for nothing punk.

Complete speculation and conjuncture but I wouldn’t be surprised if I was right.

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Posted in: Marijuana tops paint thinner as most abused substance in Japan See in context

Paint thinner?

Just say no to solvents.

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Posted in: Members of student shoplifting gang admit to stealing over 400 times See in context

They’ve been busted for this crime yet they volunteer a confession for a further 399 crimes. Why would anyone do that?

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Posted in: Shoplifter drags drugstore employee 130 meters by car in Hyogo Pref See in context

I'll never understand these "have a go heroes" who risk their lives for the multi-million dollar corporation they are employed on a part-time basis for. 

It's complete folly.

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Posted in: Japan sees record marijuana cases in 2017; spike in youth involvement See in context

They should be out catching the real criminals and punishing them properly (unlike what happend with the perverted elementary school teacher) rather than wasting everyone's time coming after pot smokers.

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Posted in: Japanese candy factory plays 'thank you' constantly over speakers so its snacks will taste good See in context

Thank you repeated constantly on a loop?  And people wonder why Japanese people sometimes flip out and go postal....

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Posted in: Ex-elementary school teacher gets 4-year prison term for sexual indecency See in context

The authorities really don't take sex crime seriously in Japan which is disgraceful.

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Posted in: Peruvian man sentenced to death for 6 murders in Saitama See in context

It's hard to argue the death penalty isn't an appropriate sentence in this heinous case. I don't think the world will be a worse place without this person.

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Posted in: Man wielding knife shot by Osaka police officer See in context

For once I respect the actions of a Japanese police officer.

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Posted in: 31-year-old man arrested on suspicion of dumping father’s body in sea See in context

My wife's mother met the deceased once. Years ago she threw away a letter with her address on it and this guy (a complete stranger) found it, turned up at her door and started berating her for allowing someone to find her address.

She said he seemed completely mental.

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Posted in: Motorcyclist arrested for assaulting taxi driver See in context

He's using the 'I don't remember' line.

He's admitting to drink driving, then.....?

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Posted in: What is Japan’s most used on-demand video streaming service? See in context

I had Hulu a few years ago then cancelled it when I got Netflix.

Netflix is way better.

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Posted in: 50-year-old man arrested for strangling father in Shiga See in context

It's strange how many killers immediately turn themselves in to the police in cases like these.

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Posted in: We'd be 10 times happier if we could only learn how to rest See in context

@Tina Watanabe & Robert Maes

There is a big difference between having the random Japanese public holidays off plus Golden Week, Obon and New Year and being able to take your own days off in a block at a time of your choosing.

Everyone is off at the same time at Golden Week and Obon; prices for travel sky rocket, availability is more limited and the highways and attractions are rammed with cars and people.

If you are able to take 7 days off in February, for example travel is much more reasonably priced and pleasant.

This whole work/life/leisure balance problem Japan has is frustrating and infuriating to witness.

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