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Posted in: Guns N' Roses tour to extend into 2017, says manager See in context

Why is this news? Or news in Japan Today?

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Posted in: Gov't looking for new catchphrase to replace 'omotenashi' for Olympics See in context

How about, "めんどくさい"?

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Posted in: Buddhist schoolgirl idol group gets shut down for becoming too popular See in context

Well, that felt really awkward, and yes, I do need a ローン。

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Posted in: Kanna Hashimoto reminds everyone why she’s the 'once in a millennium' idol with new ads See in context

...picks jaw up off of ground, mops up puddle of drool...

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Posted in: Hiroshima beats Sendai 2-0 in J-League See in context


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Posted in: Blatter pushes for Qatar to hold 2022 World Cup in winter See in context

The 2018 WC should've been awarded to England and the 2022 WC should've been awarded to Japan. Both countries have good enough venues to host this event. Qatar and football... before 2010 I never thought I would see the two words in the same sentence.

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Posted in: iPhone sales stalling as rivals gain: survey See in context

Just wait until you see the new iOS coming soon for your iPhones. I watched the video about in on the Apple website and it blew me away! I''ve actually been really happy with my iPhone 5 since I got it last year. Perfect size and 4G.

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Posted in: NEC to pull out of smartphone production See in context

NEC need to make a new PC Engine for the new generation of videogames. One of the best game consoles ever!

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Posted in: Tsubasa Masuwaka gives make-up lecture in France See in context

@ hoserfella: It's each to their own, I guess. However I still think the comments are a little bit harsh comparing her with a common back alley street hooker. If she is making money out of fashion and make up, then power to her. Saying you don't find her attractive is fine, just most of the people's comments here (all men) are a little OTT. Dont you think?

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Posted in: Tsubasa Masuwaka gives make-up lecture in France See in context

OK, now I think you guys are just being mean. Or you are just jealous that your gf/wife (if you even have one) won't make-up and dress up like that for you.

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Posted in: Japan to send letter to China's president, protesting flag incident See in context

Who did Noda send the letter to?

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Posted in: Jailbreak has Hiroshima on edge See in context

He's still in Hiroshima! He broke into someone's house a block away from where I live and stole food and clothing. This is in the Minami Kanon area of Nishi-ku, Hiroshima. The police have been all over the place, going door to door asking everyone questions.

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