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Posted in: Thai police arrest 4 Japanese men over drugs, bribery See in context

I don't care about the 4 idiots, terminate them, but am outraged they try to bring that killer drug into Japan.... Their own country...might as well poison their parents....

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Posted in: Runny curry, no pudding spoons among complaints of Japanese prison inmates See in context

Don't like it .... Don't do the crime if you don't want to do the time. They can kiss my ass.. Put them in an U.S. prison and they will get chocolate... Chocolate city that is....

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Posted in: Despite loss, Japanese fans proud of Nishikori See in context

Why some of you got to hate! Just appreciate a heck of a run.... yeah you.. FPSRussia

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Posted in: Brazilians cry and curse at World Cup humiliation See in context

Sorry losers (Brazil).. talked the talk but couldn't walk the walk. Then bitched about it.

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Posted in: 2 Chinese men held over Tokyo jewelry store robbery See in context

@Crazy joe .... you wrong dude... crime was committed during the interaction between the crooks and employee.... its a robbery..I own a jewelry store and I have experienced both.

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Posted in: Obama says Japan's wartime sex slavery was 'terrible' violation of human rights See in context

@sfjp330 got it right.... If you gonna talk about the past with pointed comments, better do the due diligence before you end up acting like a ass. Japan had already owned it, sincerely apologized for it and paid for it.... Give me a History lesson..... what other Nation in this world has done the same with wartime atrocities? Japanese Americans interned, 40+yrs for US to apologize.

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