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Posted in: China orders overseas mail disinfection over Omicron fears See in context

Funny how China had no objection to spreading it worldwide in 2020 after they knew of its existance well before the end of 2019. Always the victim.

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Posted in: 1,000 women take part in New Year archery event See in context

Kyudo is pure Zen. As others have said, it's not about the score on the target.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police switch to goose-stepping 'to show patriotism' See in context

All very 1930 ish. Nationalism, secret police, persons being disappeared, genocide, land grabs.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police switch to goose-stepping 'to show patriotism' See in context

Goosestepping will give you an idea of who they model themselves on.

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Posted in: Australian judge overturns Djokovic's visa cancelation See in context

@kazungu change of shift apparently. Someone wanted to get home on time. Amateurs.

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Posted in: Australian judge overturns Djokovic's visa cancelation See in context

It was overturned on a technicality They told him he had until 8.30 to provide documents but then cancelled the visa at 7.45. It does not alter the fact that he still does not have valid exemption according to immigration rules. He obtained the original visa electronically, and if you tick all the right boxes the visa is automatically issued without anyone physically reviewing it. The application also states that by getting the electronic visa does not guarantee entry through immigration. Novak believed he was exempt due to Information supplied by Tennis Australia, not Border control who actually set the rules.

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Posted in: Folau stars as Shining Arcs win thrilling League One opener See in context

If you were playing against him just tell him that you have the "Gay Disease ", and if he tries to tackle you he will catch it also.

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Posted in: Despite video, only GOP minority say Jan 6 very violent See in context

Idiots protesting against Democracy and not having the brain power to realise that it is that very Democracy that is saving them from a firing squad in any non democratic country. Go figure .

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Posted in: Trump, Ivanka, Don Jr subpoenaed by New York attorney general See in context

If you don't know what the word "Perjury" means. Stand by, you are about to see it in action.

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Posted in: Australian rugby player arrested on cocaine possession charge See in context

Not surprising. In the Australian NRL cocaine is the drug of choice. There is hardly a week goes by without an NRL player arrested for either assault or drugs.

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Posted in: Australia's New South Wales sets new daily COVID case record See in context

It was always inevitable that the virus would have to be let run, particularly when vaccine rates got to a certain level . The number to take note of though is the hospitalisation rates which, so far, are manageable. It's funny though for the past 18 months the NSW govt, and heaps of the population, have been pointing the finger and berating all the other states. Now they are the plague ground zero.

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Posted in: Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai denies making sexual assault claim See in context

She should have got herself, and her family, out of Chine before she blew the whistle. They are all under threat of permanent disappearance now.

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Posted in: 5 children die in bouncy castle accident in Australia See in context

There have been many cases of Jumping Castles being lifted by wind and causing injuries in Australia. I would have thought that there would be some form of regulation to have these apparatus firmly anchored to the ground. A terrible tragedy for all concerned.

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Posted in: Australian lawmakers call for inquiry into Murdoch media See in context

That grub Murdoch does more harm to civilised society than any govt could do. His news services, and I say that very loosely, only prey on the weak of mind and the racist rednecks.

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Posted in: UK police contacted over report of cocaine use in Parliament See in context

Classy British Australia we have a Deputy Prime Minister who regularly turns up drunk. I think i would prefer him to be on the marching powder, at least he may be able to speak coherently.

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Posted in: Bus driver chases down groper who targeted 18-year-old girl on his vehicle See in context

Women should carry a Tazer and give these perverts I bit of a tickle with it, just to see "how I they react" of course.

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Posted in: U.N. urges all nations to observe truce during winter Olympics in Beijing See in context

Yep, let's all just forget that China is a genocidal dictatorship.

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Posted in: Australian cabinet minister suspended over accusations of abusing staffer See in context

The Boys Club/power imbalance/misogynistic toxic culture is most probably not just an Australian problem. But ,the current LNP Govt seem to have taken it to a new level. There is an allegation of a rape only doors down from the PM'S office, yet this grub still lies saying he knew nothing about it when everyone else in the building knew. There was the case only this week where an LNP senator was barking like a dog at another female senator whilst she was making a speech. The level of disrespect is beyond disgusting.

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Posted in: 3 dead, 6 wounded in shooting at Michigan high school See in context

The perverse obsession with guns is a sickness.

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Posted in: Australian government vows to unmask online trolls See in context

This whole thing is designed by Morrison to discourage criticism of him and his merry band of corrupt mates. There is plenty to criticise this Govt about, and like any Right Wing regime they only see the way around this is to threaten everybody. Ànd they have the gaul to criticise China.

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Posted in: Guns, stress and politics: U.S. road rage shootings on the rise See in context

Is anyone surprised. I think not. Welcome to normal dysfunctional USA.

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Posted in: Relatives of virus dead question Japan's stay-at-home policy See in context

All the figures given by the Govt have been BS from the very beginning. Why? The Olympics and saving face.

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Posted in: Study: Fox viewers more likely to believe COVID falsehoods See in context

Well the choice is to take advice from trained educated scientists, or from a Murdoch stooge talking head.

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Posted in: Macron says Australian PM Morrison lied to him See in context

The Liar From The Shire. He's been lying to the people of Australia for years. On the world stage he is irrelevant, but always seems to cast Australia in a bad light.

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Posted in: Some U.S. Capitol riot defendants forgo lawyers See in context

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. It's just a shame the instigator of the insurrection isn't yet in front of a Judge.

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Posted in: Australia wants Facebook held liable for anonymous defamatory comments See in context

The corrupt lnp govt are just panicking because there are many sources exposing them for what they are. This is a nut job of a PM that thinks he can "talk in tongues, and lay healing hands on people".

This is a govt that stuffed up quarantine, lied about vaccine supplies, and paid millions to companies as covid disaster payments where it was not needed and eventually just went to bonus payments for directors. Then tried to blame the states for everything.

A man of zero substance who stands by and watches cabinet ministers rort the public purse.

This is why they don't like social media.

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Posted in: Restaurants, venues in 13 prefectures to try using proof of vaccination See in context

You will have to send your cert through fax.

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Posted in: China seeks cooperation of Japan for Beijing Winter Olympics See in context

Hi Japan, I know we have missiles pointed at you, but let's just forget that for now.

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Posted in: China clamps down on pop culture in bid to 'control' youth See in context

A few more years and everyone will be dressed similarly to Mao. I feel sorry for the Chinese people, but feel only disgust for the CCP.

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Posted in: Witness: Taliban hang dead body in Afghan city's main square See in context

The US didnt have to bomb them back to the stone age, they will end up there through their own choice . Amazing what people will do in the name of religion.

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