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Posted in: Japan to reopen to cruise ships after 2 1/2-year ban See in context

@dbsaiya , not sure of all cruise lines, but the one just in Australia had 25% of passengers test positive. They were confined to their cabin. On arrival in port they were disembarked only after all the other passengers had left and then there were arrangements to transport them to wherever.

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Posted in: Chiba police inspector indicted on 2 rape charges See in context

You would have to wonder if there has been many more incidents that were not reported by victims, which is not uncommon.

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Posted in: Russia tells U.N. Ukraine plans 'dirty bomb;' West dismisses allegation See in context

There sure is a lot of Mental Sickness in Russia if they believe any of the rubbish that their press puts out. Too much vodka ? Alcoholism is rife in Russia, which probably explains their low life expectancy figures.

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Posted in: Russia hits Ukraine homes, evacuates Kherson See in context

As soon as Putin starts talking about a nuclear "false flag", then we all know that he means that it is him that will use a nuclear device. Doesnt give a damn what the world thinks. The man is a psychotic murderer, who has no regard for human life, either ukranian or russian.

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Posted in: Brawl involving 100 customers breaks out at Tokyo skyscraper restaurant See in context

Usually when unhappy with the food or service i just leave a bad review.

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Posted in: Russia strikes annexed area; more bodies in liberated zones See in context

Putin: i will win the hearts and minds of the people of Ukraine

Reporter: how ?

Putin: by killing them of course. They will love me for it. Women and children are easy to kill didnt you know.

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Posted in: Russia's call-up splits EU; Ukraine says it shows weakness See in context

So a contract, trained, and properly equipped army can not make any more headway. But now we have an untrained, poorly equipped army of conscripts who don't want to be there that will turn the tide.

The logic of this is laughable.

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Posted in: Putin thanks China's Xi for his 'balanced' stand on Ukraine See in context

The Chinese are known to be big gamblers and know a bit about odds.. They sure as hell arn't going to back a loser.

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Posted in: Roger Federer says he is retiring from pro tennis at age 41 See in context

Roger set the bar very high when it comes to behaviour by sportsmen. Will be missed for sure.

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Posted in: Ukraine retakes territory in Kharkiv region as Russian front crumbles See in context

The second most powerful army in the world (or so some would have you believe) is now the second most powerful army in Ukraine. This is a fight between good and evil, and the entire world needs to step up to the plate and crush the evil. If you, your children, and grand children wish to live in a free peaceful democratic world, now is the time to act.

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Posted in: Putin mocks West; says Russia will press on in Ukraine See in context

50,000 dead orcs, and considering what is happening now with Ukranian advances, it is about to get much much worse.

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Posted in: Russia to hold joint war games with China in Far East, Sea of Japan See in context

The Chinese troops will get some comic relief when the see the standard of equipment issued to the Russian troops.

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Posted in: Zelenskiy tells Russians to run for their lives from Ukraine offensive in south See in context

No one should tolerate Vermin in their house. Vermin should be eliminated asap.

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Posted in: FBI: Trump mixed top secret documents with magazines, other items See in context

Those boxes were Trumps retirement fund. Gotta have something to sell to the Russians. I cant see any other reason to be holding all that top secret material, other than using them for future blackmail attempts.

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Posted in: Amid global alarm, Ukraine, Russia trade blame for nuclear plant attacks See in context

Russians: "The world hates us, we need to do something to make us look good. I know, lets blow up a Nuclear Power plant and poison Europe, that should do it. " Orc logic 101.

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Posted in: Japanese junior high school girl removed from class for three days for grooming her eyebrows See in context

The only thing that this taught the student is that schools are run by idiots.

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Posted in: Smith rallies to beat McIlroy at British Open for 1st major See in context

He has previously stated that the "mullet " will go if he wins a Major. Stunning back nine.

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Posted in: Spitting mad Kyrgios blasts fans' 'disrespect', '90-year-old' officials See in context

A case of the pot calling the kettle black. He has the talent but his demeanor will always stop him from being a champion. Shame really.

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Posted in: Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall are getting a divorce: New York Times See in context

Quite sure she didn't marry him for his personality.

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Posted in: Ukraine's Zelenskiy looks to EU offer as Russian missiles rain down See in context

Some folk commenting on here need to buy a dictionary and look up a few words like Genocide and Murder. How anyone can support putin and his orcs defies logic.

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Posted in: Zelenskiy says Ukraine will fight for all territory amid fierce battle in east See in context

So the Russians are "liberating " the east as the area is supposedly pro russia. I wonder how they feel about having their families killed, area flattened, and all the infrastructure destroyed by their so called "saviours." They must feel so grateful. I'll give you a little hint....this war has nothing to do with "liberation", rather it is about stealing resources and arable land. If you think the russians give a hoot about the people then you really do need your head read.

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Posted in: Trudeau proposes freeze on handgun ownership in Canada See in context

Well the kid who walked into the school was. up until then, a law abiding citizen. With the history of so many Americans "in therapy", how far do we trust those "thousand law abiding gun owners." Judging by the statistics in America i wouldnt trust any of them.

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Posted in: 19 children, 2 adults killed in Texas school shooting; Biden says 'we have to act' See in context

Now i've heard it all, Bass4funk blaming the school. Beyond words. The very sad thing is that there are millions like him in the USA. The country is broken.

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Posted in: Opposition Labor Party leader Albanese elected Australian PM in complex poll result See in context

@Concerned Citizen. I don't know where you get this idea from,Sky News maybe. In fact it is the complete opposite. The Libs have been going further to far right fundie position, anti science and anti humanitarian. Another full term and they would have been full Trump. This is also demonstrated by the number of independents who won seats based on policy of science and humanities.

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Posted in: Opposition Labor Party leader Albanese elected Australian PM in complex poll result See in context

The rot with China started when Morrison and his cohort started pointing the finger at China. It was probably warranted but could have been handled way better diplomatically. The world needs diplomacy and tact to function, something the smug Morrison has no clue about. Hopefully the new Govt can mend some bridges.

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Posted in: Once-neutral Sweden seeks NATO membership in historic shift See in context

Putin was just awarded the "NATO salesman of the month" badge.

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Posted in: California churchgoers detained gunman in deadly attack See in context

An interesting article here.

In 2020, Guns Became the Leading Cause of Death for US Kids | Time


irearms became the leading cause of death for American children and teenagers in 2020, according to researchers who analyzed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data.

This sad fact represents a major shift in risks for young people in the U.S. For over 60 years, car accidents were the leading cause of death for kids and teens. Car accidents are now number two, while drug overdoses are number three.

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Posted in: 50 more civilians rescued from besieged Mariupol steel plant See in context

What a load of utter rubbish saying that there are "Human Shields". The russians dont give a damn who they kill, including civilians. This has been proven over and over in the north. In fact , the russians use civilian murder and rape as a tactical weapon. No, the civilians are hiding so they themselves dont become victims of war crimes commited by the russians.

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Posted in: Putin claims victory in Mariupol despite steel mill holdouts See in context

Win lose or draw, Russia will be an economic basket case by time this is finished. Putin has single handedly broken the country. The people of russia will be paying for this action for decades.

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Posted in: Australian leader warns of resurgence in asylum seekers if opposition wins election See in context

Morrison appealing to the racists for votes. Classy.

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