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Posted in: In new blow to Trump, U.S. court rejects Pennsylvania election case See in context

Its like watching a train slow motion.

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Posted in: Millions of U.S. Thanksgiving holiday travelers defy COVID-19 warnings See in context


Is that crying like the ones are that are doing exactly that whilst dying in hospital and still denying that Covid is real?

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Posted in: Kyoto man arrested for opening packs of 'Demon Slayer' key chains until finding one he wanted See in context

A construction worker? With what.....Lego.

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Posted in: China calls for action from Australia; raps agreement with Japan See in context

Sooner or later the entire world will tire of dealing with china. Problem is that China will let their entire population starve before admitting any failure. It has happened before. The CCP has zero respect for anything, including their own people.

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Posted in: Trump, allies make frantic steps to overturn Biden victory See in context

To those that don't subscribe to the law of democracy , and the democratic voice of the people, feel free to move to Russia ( you know, the place that Trump idolises)

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Posted in: U.S. COVID-19 deaths surpass 250,000 mark as infections surge See in context

The current administration has blood on their hands.

There is no sane excuse for it getting to this stage.

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Posted in: Biden outlines plan to ease economic inequity amid pandemic See in context

250000 dead and rapidly climbing. Over 100000 new infections per DAY. While some readers on here think it is acceptable, I can assure you that the world is mortified.

The damage that trump has done to America will take at least a generation to remedy. The damage to the fabric of social cohesion will stay with America for a very long time. If this was a murder case trump would be charged with being an accessory.

I truly feel sorry for all the intelligent people who can see through the foul web of lies and insults from trump, and hope that they can see a civilised way forward out of the chaos

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Posted in: No evidence of lost or changed votes: U.S. election officials See in context

Trump will be gone soon enough. My only concern is that he will do as much damage as possible before he is booted out, just out of deranged spite.

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Posted in: Anxious nation awaits Election Day See in context

Two things to come out of this election. America is a basket case. And, China can't stop laughing.

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Posted in: Judge blocks Election Day gun ban near Michigan polling sites See in context

All the right wing, white supremisists, redneck whack jobs won't be happy.

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Posted in: Nakagami signs new Honda-LCR deal for 2021 and beyond See in context

Well done Takaaki. Performed well this season.

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Posted in: Trump objects to 'mute' button in next Biden matchup, but debate will go on See in context

Trump will just shout louder. I guess when you cant string a sentence together it is the only way.

Insults and lies is all he can come up with.

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Posted in: Facebook shuts NZ political party's page before polls over COVID-19 misinformation See in context

@Goodlucktoyou, got any facts and figures to back up those NZ stats claim ? I, for one, am very sceptical.

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Posted in: Ardern set to win in New Zealand's 'COVID election' See in context

Regardless of which side of the political fence we all sit, i think she has done a great job of steering her country through a difficult time. She deservers to be allowed to continue, as it looks like she will.

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Posted in: Bomb threats for Bitcoin bewilder local governments in Japan See in context

Sending an extortion email ? Really? This is Japan, we only deal with fax machine please.

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Posted in: New York Times: Trump paid no federal income taxes in 10 of past 15 years See in context

A vote for Trump is a vote for zero morals and ethics. I guess it says more about his supporters than the man himself.

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Posted in: Australian think tank says there are 380 detention camps in Xinjiang See in context

It's got to the point where current events in China are mimicking Europe in the thirties.

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Posted in: Trump encourages supporters to try to vote twice, sparking uproar See in context

As the world watches on and cringes, and then laughs.

Any American with an ounce of brain should be ashamed to admit who their President is.

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Posted in: Annual dolphin hunt starts in Wakayama whaling town See in context

They feed this meat to school children knowing full well that the levels of Mercury and other heavy metals are unacceptably high. Any other developed country would not allow this.

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Posted in: Christchurch mosque gunman gets New Zealand's 1st life without parole sentence See in context

He stands a very good chance of being killed by another inmate. Will be many others inside that hate him.

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Posted in: Trump announces plasma treatment authorized for COVID-19 See in context

Hands up anyone who would take medical advice from someone with the mental age of a fifth grader.

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Posted in: Ex-Trump aide Bannon pleads not guilty to border wall fundraising fraud See in context

Trump and the GOP, the joke that keeps on giving a new punch line every day.

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Posted in: Democrats pound their message: To oust Trump, you must vote See in context

Its a shame that Americans are so insular, otherwise they would realise that the rest of the free world is laughing at them and their President.

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Posted in: Trump holds up coronavirus aid to block funding for mail-in voting See in context

Trump taking lessons from Russia and China.

I think having a moron for a President says more about the nuppties that vote for such a low life.

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Posted in: Melbourne clamps down in frantic bid to curb virus See in context

People who tested Positive were instructed to home isolate. When the police and ADF did house call checks, 30% of them were not at home. With actions like this they were never going to stop the spread. No amount of Govt action, or inaction, will compensate for human stupidity.

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Posted in: Melbourne clamps down in frantic bid to curb virus See in context

Nothing to do with Dan. Maybe talk to all the entitled folk who think restrictions do not apply to them. People in Melbourne went about their business like nothing was out of the ordinary. Tried the carrot, now time for the stick.

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Posted in: Australia reports record daily coronavirus cases, 14 deaths See in context

So easy, and so quick. Stay safe everyone.

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Posted in: Trump deploys federal agents to more states under 'law-and-order' push See in context

History repeating

"First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me."

America should be concerned that they get what they wish for.

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Posted in: Trump's show of federal force sparking alarm in cities See in context

The first question that one needs to ask is " Why do people feel the need to protest".

Answer that truthfully and you might have your answer.

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Posted in: As virus surges in some U.S. states, emergency rooms swamped See in context

The painfull legacy of the mismanagement of this pandemic will still be felt long after the idiot Trump is gone. I truly feel for America. I only hope that this will serve as a lesson to who they choose as a leader in the future.

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