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Posted in: Crowdfunding opens on Japanese version of a gadget that makes any canned beer easier to drink See in context

Will probably end up the same as the other 101 gadgets (usually from the 100 yen shop) that end up cluttering the bottom kitchen drawer.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for sexually molesting high school girl See in context

A 20 year old male is way too immature ,both socially and cognitively , to become a Police officer. The male brain does not fully mature and stabilize until about 25.

Hardly a week goes by without a report of a Police Officer doing something gross.

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Posted in: Bored Games: Aussie softball team finds Olympic bubble challenging See in context

Being vaccinated and tested, they are a lower risk than 80% of the Japanese public, but have to put up with harsh restrictions. Rather ironic considering that Japan still has thousands of new infections Every Day.

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Posted in: Suga refers to Taiwan as country, drawing fire from China See in context

The entire world is looking at ways to stop relying on China for manufactured goods. Give it some time and China will have to stop its Wolf Warrior attitude or become ostracised from world trade. Other emerging economies will pick up the rewards.

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Posted in: We buy Vladimir Putin chocolate from the Red Square Russian shop in Tokyo See in context

Does the Putin chocolate come with Novichok topping?

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Posted in: Man charged with assisting 13-year-old girl to commit suicide See in context

How very sad. I wish Japan would take Mental Health more seriously.

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Posted in: Osaka fined $15,000 for skipping French Open news conference; could face disqualification See in context

Her life, her decision. I just find it strange/funny that others that have nothing to do with her can get so worked up and nasty about it. Tall Poppy Syndrome i would guess.

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Posted in: Australia urges over-50s to get jabbed as vaccine hesitancy grows See in context

The threat of catching the virus is so low in Australia atm, that people are just a bit blase about the whole thing. All good. Eventually will catch up.

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Posted in: Conspiracy epidemic, born in U.S., spreads in Europe See in context

I sometimes think that, as a species, we are getting dumber. The rise of orgs like qanon just reinforces the theory.

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Posted in: Suga says he has never put Olympics first and that IOC has final say See in context

I'm shocked. 60% against. Seriously thought it would be higher than that.

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Posted in: Golden Week travel begins despite pleas from governors to stay home See in context

The Govt will just blunder on until after the Olympics, it is only then that the REAL figures will be made known.

Its called selling the country a lie, all for the sake of not loosing face.

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Posted in: China's Xi calls for fairer world order as rivalry with U.S. deepens See in context

Yeah, lets all change the rules to suit....China. Sounds reasonable. The world is rapidly tiring of the BS that Chine sprouts.

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Posted in: 4 die in fire suppression system accident in Tokyo parking garage See in context

Its a parking garage. It should have been a sprinkler system. Having a CO2 injection system anywhere that people could possibly be is sheer criminal. Is this even legal in Japan. I know that in most western countries it would never be allowed.

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Posted in: Japan's neighbors react strongly to Fukushima water release decision See in context

Always wanted to catch a two headed fish.

On the other hand, its a bit rich of China complaining after what they just dumped on the world.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 510 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,452 See in context

Anyone else have a sneaking suspicion that once the Olympics are over the true extent of infections will be revealed?

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Posted in: Pumpkins, peas, peonies: New York exhibit celebrates Yayoi Kusama See in context

I have seen many of her exhibitions all over the world, including her home town Matsumoto.

A living treasure.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's boyfriend expresses resolve to marry her See in context

Just run away, sign the papers, have a bunch of kids, live in a tiny house by the sea, go surfing, be happy. Everyone deserves to be happy and in love.

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Posted in: Police report record number of cannabis offenders in 2020 See in context

There is more societal and health damage due to alcohol, but hey, we can tax that. So lets not even look at alternate ways of dealing with this. Plenty of evidence from other countries that point to responsible ways of allowing use.

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Posted in: U.S. weighs Beijing Olympics boycott with partners, allies See in context

Practically every sport has a World Championship already. Is the Olympics needed or relevant any more. It seems to have evolved into nothing more than a money making venture , and corrupt as well.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 355 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,472 See in context

If they tested anywhere near what other countries are doing then you could add another zero to that figure.

But...the Olympics.

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Posted in: 4 SDF members infected with coronavirus in Africa See in context

If you let it run rampant like in Brasil, it mutates and now it is killing lots of their young people.

But its only the flu eh.

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Posted in: New recruits mark 1st day at work, with many ceremonies held online See in context

Welcome to the world of soul destroying sameness and unpaid overtime.

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Posted in: Suicides among Japanese students hit record high in 2020 See in context

An inflexible learning system, too much early expectations and pressure, and ridicule and ostracised for daring to be different. You either become one of the sheep or you're out. One of the worst education systems in the developed world.

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Posted in: Australian police commissioner suggests app to prove sexual consent See in context

Also this from a commissioner who thinks strip searching minors is ok.

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Posted in: Australian police commissioner suggests app to prove sexual consent See in context

All of this due to the behaviour of the politicians and their staff. Setting a great example.

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Posted in: Tokyo experiences drop in population for 7th consecutive month See in context

Its happening worldwide. People are opting for a "Tree Change". Crowded cities are less attractive and lifestyle choices are becoming more important. The ability to work from home is also a factor.

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Posted in: Fukushima plant chief: No need to extend decommissioning target See in context

You could probably envisage that in years to come that the only solution will be a huge cover like the one at Chernobyl. As it stands it looks like they have no answers.

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Posted in: Trump allies show fealty to former president with golden statue See in context

No matter what, he will always be remembered as the man with the blood of 500000 on his hands. End of story.

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Posted in: Japan to begin allowing foreign Olympic athletes' entry next month: Nikkei See in context


I'm not sure if any travel insurance companies will cover you for the virus. Six months ago it was a no.

Virus spike?

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Posted in: Australian defense minister hospitalized amid parliament rape investigation See in context

She was to speak at the press club, where she would have been subjected to questions, the answers to which would have either been a lie, or it would have proved that the PM was lying. Very convenient.

The current Government has no qualms about throwing any of the female members under the bus. The most corrupt Govt Australia has ever seen.

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