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Posted in: France suspends 3,000 unvaccinated health workers See in context

"liberal politics. Nothing “scientific” about it."

Just for your information, the virus doesnt care whether you are right wing or left.

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Posted in: France suspends 3,000 unvaccinated health workers See in context

This is obviously feeding the conspiricy theorists again. Reminds me of something that happened recently.

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Posted in: Milley defends calls to Chinese as effort to avoid conflict See in context

I think it was a given that if Trump tried to start something stupid then the ones with a brain would have stopped him in his tracks. Not everyone in the USA is an idiot.

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Posted in: WADA to review cannabis banned status See in context

Any athlete using cannabis should be given a head start as they would usually stop for a chocolate bar halfway through the race. Performance enhancing it certainly isnt.

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Posted in: Teens Raducanu, Fernandez advance to U.S. Open women's final See in context

How good are they. The only down side is that one of them will have to lose.

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Posted in: China passes tough new online privacy law See in context

CCP doesnt like competition.

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Posted in: Sydney extends lockdown for another month; imposes partial curfew See in context

My thoughts are they are buying time till vaccinated rates

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Posted in: U.S. states banning mask mandates could face civil rights probes See in context

GOP = Darwinism doing what it's best at.

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Posted in: Toddler fatally shoots woman during work video call in Florida See in context

Any other country and you would be shocked, but America, no.

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Posted in: China to ban karaoke songs deemed 'national security' threats See in context

"Inciting ethnic hatred"..I think the CCP has a monopoly on that one.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 3,865 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 10,699 See in context

I would suspect the numbers have always been that high, but the pathetic amount of testing was designed to hide the numbers to protect the games.

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Posted in: 316 people are shot every day in America. Here are 5 stories See in context

Strange breed those americans. They think the way to stop gun violence is to ..get more guns. Was it Einstein that said "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result."

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Posted in: Airport echoes with sobs and farewells in Hong Kong exodus See in context

Money will buy you freedom. No cash, too bad. Both Canada and Australia have a large cohort of Chinese with residency. But you need to inject lots of cash to get it.

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Posted in: Australia to deport British commentator Hopkins for quarantine breach boast See in context

Getting the original Visa would not have been a problem, as there are a few in the Federal Cabinet that subscribe to many of her views.

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Posted in: Robert E Lee statue removed in Charlottesville See in context

Anything that attracts the idolisation of the KKK and neonazis should rightly be gone, for good.

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Posted in: Trump files suit against Facebook, Twitter and YouTube See in context

Its like watching a child throwing their toys out of the cot, after being sent to the cot for being naughty in the first instance.

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Posted in: Bach to arrive in Tokyo on July 8; infections on rise again See in context

The telling line in the article is that the IOC gets 75% of its revenue from television rights. Nothing else matters. Got to keep them fat cats fed and watered.

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Posted in: Sydney reports double digit rise in Delta variant COVID cases See in context

All the indications are that the Delta variant is very easily spread. You either shut it down quickly or it runs rampant. Personally I would rather they shut it down.

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Posted in: Lack of Olympic spectators bad news for Tokyo's souvenir sellers See in context

The Government has thrown everyone under the bus by not taking the control of the virus seriously.

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Posted in: Crowdfunding opens on Japanese version of a gadget that makes any canned beer easier to drink See in context

Will probably end up the same as the other 101 gadgets (usually from the 100 yen shop) that end up cluttering the bottom kitchen drawer.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for sexually molesting high school girl See in context

A 20 year old male is way too immature ,both socially and cognitively , to become a Police officer. The male brain does not fully mature and stabilize until about 25.

Hardly a week goes by without a report of a Police Officer doing something gross.

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Posted in: Bored Games: Aussie softball team finds Olympic bubble challenging See in context

Being vaccinated and tested, they are a lower risk than 80% of the Japanese public, but have to put up with harsh restrictions. Rather ironic considering that Japan still has thousands of new infections Every Day.

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Posted in: Suga refers to Taiwan as country, drawing fire from China See in context

The entire world is looking at ways to stop relying on China for manufactured goods. Give it some time and China will have to stop its Wolf Warrior attitude or become ostracised from world trade. Other emerging economies will pick up the rewards.

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Posted in: We buy Vladimir Putin chocolate from the Red Square Russian shop in Tokyo See in context

Does the Putin chocolate come with Novichok topping?

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Posted in: Man charged with assisting 13-year-old girl to commit suicide See in context

How very sad. I wish Japan would take Mental Health more seriously.

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Posted in: Osaka fined $15,000 for skipping French Open news conference; could face disqualification See in context

Her life, her decision. I just find it strange/funny that others that have nothing to do with her can get so worked up and nasty about it. Tall Poppy Syndrome i would guess.

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Posted in: Australia urges over-50s to get jabbed as vaccine hesitancy grows See in context

The threat of catching the virus is so low in Australia atm, that people are just a bit blase about the whole thing. All good. Eventually will catch up.

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Posted in: Conspiracy epidemic, born in U.S., spreads in Europe See in context

I sometimes think that, as a species, we are getting dumber. The rise of orgs like qanon just reinforces the theory.

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Posted in: Suga says he has never put Olympics first and that IOC has final say See in context

I'm shocked. 60% against. Seriously thought it would be higher than that.

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Posted in: Golden Week travel begins despite pleas from governors to stay home See in context

The Govt will just blunder on until after the Olympics, it is only then that the REAL figures will be made known.

Its called selling the country a lie, all for the sake of not loosing face.

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