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Posted in: Marlins pass on Ichiro Suzuki See in context

Orix Buffaloes, maybe, if he's lucky. He's 44!! get real.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic committee increasing efforts to counter ticket scalping See in context

i thought you could only scalp tickets for events people wanted to go to.

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Posted in: Murata stops N'Dam to win world title See in context

Don't trust boxing and yesterday's bout didn't do anything to change my mind. The whole thing had a whiff of corruption to it. And yes, people watching on TV did not see the cirtical moment when N'Dam supposedly gave up. anyone who pays to watch boxing is a fool.

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Posted in: Halilhodzic lives to fight another day as Japan reaches 2018 World Cup See in context

alright!! they qualified to get knocked out in the first or second round in Russia. Hoooray. cant wait for that

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Posted in: 50 and out as Mayweather stops McGregor See in context

he just made 200 million and retired. don't think he needs to bother any more,

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Posted in: Fox News hit with new charges to its credibility See in context

as a liberal I have nothing against intelligent conservative viewpoints  from the likes of Bob Novak and George Will. but you can't call those nitwits at Fox News serious journalists.

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Posted in: Darvish thanks Rangers fans in full-page ad See in context

He never quite lived up to expectations in my opinion. Maybe he can put it all together in LA but don't hold your breath.

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Posted in: Trump's son admits meeting Russian to get dirt on Clinton See in context

Blacklabel, does is not bother you that the Russians are meddling in your democratic elections? They hacked computers and revealed information that discredited one of the two parties. I'm not American so its no big deal to me but if I was American I would find this deeply disturbing. The US can't retaliate in the same way because Russia's elections are a sham. just step away from your partisan leanings for a few minutes and think about what this means. Any future US election can be seriously compromised.

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Posted in: Trump backtracks on cyber unit with Russia after harsh criticism See in context

Don Jr. Kushner, what's the difference? They are both relatives who wouldn't be involved unless for this disgusting level of nepotism. it would be like

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Posted in: Trump backtracks on cyber unit with Russia after harsh criticism See in context

how does the NYT know?? its called investigative journalism. remember that? And why did Donny Jr. come up with two explanations for the meetings? he's as guilty as sin.

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Posted in: Tiger Woods says he has completed intensive program See in context

well, if he's had 4 back surgeries he should retire. clearly the game is taking a toll. he's ok financially.

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Posted in: Wimbledon injury dropouts raise questions about motives See in context

no sympathy. nobody forced them into tennis. its a choice they make. they could get real jobs like the rest of us.

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Posted in: Lions savage Sunwolves 94-7 in Super Rugby See in context

let's be perfectly honest with ourselves. Rugby is not Japan's game.

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Posted in: IOC's Coates stresses cost cuts during Tokyo visit See in context

the IOC adds all sorts of 'new' sports then expects Tokyo to cut costs. Talk about corrupt.

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Posted in: Trump's new idea -- a 'solar wall' on Mexican border See in context

what a buffoon this man is.

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Posted in: Nifco to sell Japan Times to PR firm News2u Holdings See in context

esteemed? u serious? my guess is the government backs both the JT and Kyodo.

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Posted in: Nifco to sell Japan Times to PR firm News2u Holdings See in context

u hot the nail on the head, JT and Kyodo pretty much are partners. this is bad news for both.

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Posted in: Penguins strike late to repeat as Stanley Cup champs See in context

great series. tough to lose it with 1 minute, 35 seconds left But that's hockey. another trophy for Crosby.

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Posted in: Yomiuri Giants extend team record for consecutive losses See in context

time for Takahashi to go. Replace him with Cromartie. Haha. well, he's a former Giant right?

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Posted in: Red Sox announcer says Tanaka shouldn't get interpreter See in context

@Toasted Heretic (Great name btw) yes, American players in Japan do have translators. They are not expected to learn Japanese, although some do on their own. As the translation is simulaneous, I don't see what Remy is complaining about.

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Posted in: Kashima fires coach Ishii after AFC Champions League exit See in context

the new coach is actually Go Oiwa, but hey, no biggie.

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Posted in: Hakuho caps 38th title with perfect record at summer sumo See in context

@Yubaru Why would they mention Kisenosato? The story was about Hakuho.

Kisenosato pulled out a few days earlier when the same news service did a story on his wihdrawal.

you dont understand basic news reporting. AP is not a propaganda machine like Kyodo or NHK.

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Posted in: Miyazato retiring from LPGA Tour after 2017 season See in context

good point regarding Tiger. She could always come home and play on the domestic tour.

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Posted in: Kisenosato pulls out of summer tourney due to lingering injuries See in context

i agree both Kisenosato and kakuryu were rush-promoted. They dont make em like they used to but that's true all round.

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Posted in: Predators reach 1st Stanley Cup Final See in context

yes, and I believe they were the eighth seed. good story and good for hockey.

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Posted in: American passenger arrested for assaulting ANA employee See in context

the guy in the brown t-shirt can throw, u can tell this isn't his first dance. The guy in the red shirt does not appear drunk at all. something tells me we are not getting the whole story here.

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Posted in: American passenger arrested for assaulting ANA employee See in context

I drink a lot, so I know what "drunk' is. The guy in the red shirt does not look drunk. I suspect he forgot to take his meds. anyway, the guy looks unstable.

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Posted in: Gamba Osaka bans fans for displaying controversial banner See in context

my guess is who cares? club, team, u guys have too much time on your hands

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Posted in: Justin Bieber to perform in Japan in September See in context

i don't care how successful this guy is. He's an embarrassment to Canada.

just because of the way he carries himself off stage. He's a punk.

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Posted in: Sugano mows down Swallows as local heroes battle in Kumamoto See in context

pathetic terrible writing making light of a tragic situation.

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