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I saw a story out of Florida. One hospital where 44% of COVID-19 patients at the hospital were in their 40s or younger. Another where the median age of patients was 49 compared to in the 60s during past waves.

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When cases were increasing we were told by some to ignore that because severe cases were decreasing. Now, when cases are declining, (which has been pointed out ad nauseam is because of declining tests on holidays/weekends) these same people are choosing to ignore the increase in severe cases.

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Anyone remember this headline from a few months ago?

“Suga says he has never put Olympics first and that IOC has final say”

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Tokyo case number increases by ~500 but National remains unchanged….Interesting

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I would have assumed your intention had you not written, “it was unhealthy to continue.” That implied to me that you thought it was too hot (high mercury), when in reality a mercy rule is about sportsmanship.

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A mercy rule not a mercury rule. Quite a big difference 2 letters can make

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I am 30 and also live in Shinjuku. I haven’t heard anything to the contrary so I am anticipating being able to receive my first dose of the vaccine at my appointment this Friday. It’s unfortunate that you haven’t been able to schedule as well.

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@Commodore Perry

Below are the 5 states with the lowest vaccination rates and the percentage points Trump won those states by in 2020. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions

Alabama - 26

Mississippi - 16

Arkansas - 28

Wyoming - 43

Louisiana -19

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I merely point out the impact the delta variant can have on unvaccinated populations. Whether appropriate or not, even experts in the US are raising concerns about the delta variant among the subset of the population that isn’t vaccinated.

Japan has no good peers because the rest of the developed world is either more further along with their vaccination campaigns or completely locked down (ex. Australia)

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The data out of India, Indonesia and South Africa for example seems to show how much of a “game changer” the delta variant is on low-vaccinated populations. Has Japan done enough? Only time will tell

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Or are in the group like me who has a voucher but isn’t eligible to make an appointment yet

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I know I speak for most “Debbie downers” when I say we are as eager as you to see the pandemic over. But it’s the pragmatist in us that recognizes it’s still too early for Japan to schedule the metaphorical victory parade.

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44 million total doses administered but 15 million are fully vaccinated. So 15 million people have received 30 million of the 44, which means only 14 million have received 1 dose. That makes only 23% (29/126) have received at least one dose. If we are sticking to the facts…

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While I agree with you that increased vaccinations is the a key to bringing about an end to the pandemic (and appreciate your optimism), your analysis of the facts seems spotty at best. Hospitalizations and deaths are a lagging indicator and would therefore not be rising in tandem with cases. And Looking at UK hospitalization data, it appears they are already beginning to increase from the recent lows. But this is most likely contributed to the delta variant circulating among the large unvaccinated population. That is concern many people on this board have for Japan. But I am encouraged by the increased vaccination rate.

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Seems like the multiple promises of a safe and secure games was a lie…gasp. And us “fear mongers” were correct to believe publications such as the New England Journal of Medicine and the Lancet when they called the COVID mitigation measures outlined in the so called playbooks as inadequate.

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The rise in cases in the UK is likely the result of the Delta variant spreading among the unvaccinated population. That or the fact I’m pretty sure the UK has prioritized getting more people one dose as opposed to two so they only have partial protection.

Some analysis out of the US shows that since May, 0.1% of COVID hospitalizations and 0.8% of COVID deaths were people who were fully vaccinated

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9 fully-vaccinated members of the New York Yankees recently tested positive for Covid. The science also seems unclear on the likelihood of vaccinated people spreading to unvaccinated but seems plausible. Given Japan’s low rate of vaccination I wouldn’t rest easy just because some athletes will be vaccinated before arriving.

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Posted in: About 80% of the medical staff needed for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games have been secured, organizing committee President Seiko Hashimoto says. Some people have criticized these doctors and nurses, saying they will be desperately needed elsewhere in coping with the pandemic. What's your view? See in context

The doctors and nurses who are being redeployed for the Olympics could be used instead to administer vaccines to the general population. Considering so few people are considered qualified to even give vaccines, it seems like a waste having them tend to athletes when people are dying in their homes.

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Wouldn’t you consider it a problem, if in a highly developed nation, even one person dies in their home after being denied access to a hospital?

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