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Posted in: Typhoon lashes central Japan, killing two See in context

Living in Japan, we get used to being in typhoons. However, people who live near the river or seas should be careful about it and leave dangerous places early when typhoons. Recently, the Korean government banned banjiha because typhoons made people who lived in banjiha dead. It was a sensible choice.

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Posted in: How the new bivalent COVID vaccines work See in context

Compared with the risk of infection of COVID-19 and the vaccine's side effects, it's a tricky problem which better chooses have a vaccine or not. However, I think the former is more dangerous to us. Some studies showed brain fog, long periods of fatigue, and so on; long-term results after COVID-19. It's so-called long COVID-19. Getting a vaccine means prevents from the aftereffects of a new contagion.

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Posted in: Struggling Osaka aiming to break slump as Pan Pacific Open returns See in context

It is a chance to become a more significant tennis player by overcoming this slump.

I believe in her.


This picture made me laugh.

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Posted in: Meditation holds potential to help treat children suffering from traumas, difficult diagnoses See in context

I know the benefits of meditation.

However, I have not experienced it, so I don't know the reality of this.

For example, I can understand the attention to the breath, but not mindful acceptance.

What is this?

Moreover, I guess that children over 6-7 years old can do that, but those younger than these can not.

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Posted in: Okinawa voters expected to turn backs on central gov't despite China threat See in context

This article didn't touch on the side of the economy very well.

Once they put down roots and create the economic zone, it benefits the USA financially, and some local people gain monetary benefits. It causes conflict between people who gain these benefits and those who don't do them.

Creating this economic zone resulted in some people in Okinawa agreeing with the presence of American bases.

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Posted in: Dream job: The Japanese man who gets paid to do nothing See in context

His doing nothing means doing something for somebody.

This article said his job was a dream job. However, it seems to me not accurate.

Reading other articles about him, I knew he had harmful experiences in relationships with others before he started doing nothing job. He also said that individual loneliness was related to the reason for hiring him and that many offers came from complicated interpersonal relationships.

His presence is just essential to his customers.

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Posted in: Ohtani's 30th home run rallies Angels to 3-2 victory over Yankees See in context

I love Ohotani Shohei.

I am the same age as him and think I did nothing and accomplishment while he did great things.

I will find something I can and try to do what I should do perfectly.

I wish he would come up big more and more.

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Posted in: Outgrown or unwanted? See in context

What happened?

Maybe there are many cockroaches and mice.

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Posted in: Abe's state funeral to cost ¥250 million See in context

It is challenging to decide whether the funeral for Shinzo Abe should do and who should pay for it. There are no correct answers.

Some official polls about the national tax used for this funeral were almost identical. About 50 % agreed, and about 50 % disagreed. 

However, during the financial recession caused by the covid-19 pandemic, many people lost their jobs and struggled to manage their lives.

How many people will be saved by ¥250 million?

I think Abe's family has more than ¥250 million, and they can pay for the funeral by themselves.

If the government decides to use the national tax for this funeral, we can only obey this.

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Posted in: Okinawa gubernatorial race begins with U.S. base relocation in focus See in context

I love Okinawa.

I also want the US base to get away from Okinawa because US bases have been polluting Okinawa's beautiful seas, and I want to support Tamaki. But I realize Tamaki's dream cannot be accurate.

We cannot miss the threat of one country's invasion of Okinawa, so I understand the importance of the US base presence.

If the US base leaves Okinawa, something that most people could imagine will happen.

I think that if Japan had more military power over countries around the country, without US power, we would not need the US base and guard our country by ourselves.

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