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Posted in: Japanese WWII soldier who hid in Philippine jungle until 1974 dies See in context

The man was a coward. He stole. And he killed. He was afraid to go home. So he hid. Day, after day, after day. Pathetic.

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Posted in: Japan woos Africa with funds for peace and security See in context

Watch that Ethiopia doesn't find some of this money, use it, along with Abe's talk of rejoining ethnic groups as excuse to re-invade Eritrea.. Because "War is Peace" $320 million is huge. Japan's own foreign military base in neighbouring Djibouti only cost $40. I wonder if Abe has plans to visit to highlight its importance to the region and er.. its existence?

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Posted in: Why gold is making a comeback See in context

Gold is back because people are waking up to reality. Quick rule of thumb: If you can't put in your hand, you don't own it.

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Posted in: Charge it See in context

In Japan, where will the electric come from? It'll be produced at.. nuclear? nope. uh.. a Coal burning power maybe? Not so green after all Mr Electric-car. How about we just refine some shipped in oil or convert to natural gas? Cheaper, easier and natural gas burns clean. Developing electric is great but it's no panacea.

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Posted in: Purrfect day See in context

In Japan.. there is a real problem with feral cats. It comes from apathy, people not understanding, choosing not to care (just my observation). It is counter intuitive but DO NOT feed them. It creates a bigger problem. (In Japan; most cats -incl house cats are not fixed). Simply, hungry cats do no propagate.

Do you like cats and have time? Play and socialize them. Catch-spay/neuter-release. Get your neighbours involved. Find a sympathetic vet. Some people you'll never win over. That's sad, but with people you do find it can make a big difference to an area.

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Posted in: 'Forced abortion' images cause uproar in China See in context

Her fault, should've known.. That's badly flawed thinking.

China is a totalitarian state. Many here seem not to understand that corruption and selectively enforced laws stand out as prominent hallmarks. A one child 'policy' on the books is bad enough. Worse is the leverage over people and corruption surrounding it. Many areas in China allow more than one child (and 2 plus) btw, with oten no more than an administration fee, or sometimes not. Across the map though it is blotchy at best.

And we don' t know her story. In China it's who you know. Maybe someone had an interest in acquiring her family business. Land? Maybe 'her people' couldn't get through in time. That happens. People are abducted right off the street in China (by police, plain clothes and not) and if it's not noticed, if a call doesn't get through in time, consequences can be dire.

My heart goes out to them.

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Posted in: 'Soapland' manager arrested for hiring 13-year-old girl See in context

Let's see.. "soapland" is squeakily cleaned up term for what is a sleaze business. I'm thinking a manager there might be lacking just a small modicrum of moral fiber, but just a thought.. Oh, and he's a businessman. He'd never try to skirt the law, outstanding pillar of society he is.

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Posted in: 'Soapland' manager arrested for hiring 13-year-old girl See in context

For all we know she may be precocios and a convincing lier. With large doe like eyes you may really want to believe her. But she is a child. 13 and working at a brothel it should be painfully clear she is in need of protection and guidance (by responsible adults!).

And to protect others go after her every customer. Ignorance, willful or not, is no excuse for the amount of damage this causes society.

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Posted in: Taiwan aboriginal war epic set during Japan occupation to be screened in China See in context

Yes, and believe it or not this film leaves the same impression Ivan.. just, war is bad -but real exciting! The 4.5 hrs flies by as it should considering the budget and how well polished it is.

The spin is win-win-win. The aboriginals of today can be proud. They had the heros, fought the good fight. Taiwan of today can be proud, it's a made in Taiwan blockbuster and because of the period injustices they inflicted to the aboriginals is sidestepped. And young Taiwanese and Japanese can be friends again because it shows that Japan wasn't that bad during the war. As a Hollywood-type film, it is a heck of a flick.

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Posted in: Qantas makes first commercial biofuel flight See in context

Biofuel is a scam. You grow food to put in your mouth, not in your engine. Several years ago the UN admitted the move to biofuel had forced food prices higher globally and the poorest among us were/are dying as a result.

And still this carbon talk? Real environmental issues need to be dealt with. Taxing the air we exhale as panacea to all things environmental is poppycock. The science behind the carbon credit scheme is as flawed as it is corrupt. Wasn't Qantas bailed out recently? Is this how they can get away with it?

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Posted in: Woman who sought police help twice against abusive husband murdered by him See in context

@fidaruzki- Not sure what is available now but at the time of the case I mentioned, quite some years ago, there was shockingly little considering the population of Osaka. The listings at both the city office and the prefectural office were scant.

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Posted in: Woman who sought police help twice against abusive husband murdered by him See in context

ayler really thinks the yaks would sympathize with the women? Not from what I've seen.

Myself, I became acquainted with a woman who had an abusive husband. He'd bash her about the head and she'd spend a week or so at a time in bed with black eyes, and concussions by the sound of it. Twice the police came after she'd called 110 but they only ever spoke with the husband calling out "are you alright?" to a darkened room. "Yes I'm ok" she called back both times. And that was the end of it. Case closed. She wasn't dead as far as they could tell, not yet at least. And that was that.

Fortunately there were support groups and a shelter in our area. My partner and I got that out to her and that was the last we saw of her. No surprise with today's story. I just wonder about the neighbours and if something could have been done.

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Posted in: U.S. newsman Mike Wallace dies at age 93 See in context

I grew up watching him too. It taught me to question everything.

The best propaganda is 95% fact, 5% message. Thank you Mr Wallace.


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Posted in: Springing a leak See in context

lol! my mistake! - My holiday's starting early /(@.@)

Yes, 'nationalize' TEPCO - and right away!

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Posted in: Springing a leak See in context

Nice... Privatize TEPCO NOW!

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Posted in: AKB48 cafe opens in Osaka See in context

likely find a few Gary glitter types amongst the patrons.

Straight up.

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Posted in: Coast guard rescues 11 crew of missing cargo ship See in context

Seems the New Lucky 7 wasn't so lucky. Let's hope the souls missing are found and those rescued have better luck when they arrive at immigration.

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Posted in: U.S. Coast Guard cannons sink tsunami ship after 4 hours See in context

It's been reported the BerniceC assessed the ship and chose not to salvage her because of a ruptured fuel tank on the inside the vessel. $10,000 in fuel to get out there and back btw. Before heading out the Bernice C's captain spoke of the significance the Ryou-Un Maru likening her resiliance to that of the Japanese people. Heart of oak. He'd have found her a home in either a west coast maritime museum or a pretty park with cherry blossoms and a plaque -if at all possible. But not to fret, probably we'll see more like her in days to come.


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Posted in: First contingent of U.S. Marines arrive in Australia See in context

So US troops ultimately hold loyalty to what country? Now I am sure they re all really good guys and I have met some stellar US milititary personel but Australia essentially is giving up parts of its sovereignty. Your country, do as you like.

So what happens when they decide there is 'tension' and begin boarding Australian flagged vessels and get snotty as they did Canadian vessels inside Canadian territorial waters during the 2010 Olympics? How much Aussie pride ya going to be feeling then? Are you even going to know about it? Defend it or lose it.

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Posted in: TEPCO asks for Y1 tril in public funds in exchange for giving gov't 51% control See in context

Government's responsibility day one was to say right, you messed up TEPCO. You're NATIONALIZED!

That would prevent any one invested from getting anything out of the company -and rightly so. After compensation and clean up (gov coffers, we're talking astronomical figures) TEPCO managers and share holders, in a perfect world, would know to expect knocks at the door for the difference.

Yet TEPCO carries on with loyalties to.. share holders( ?), suppliers of expendable workers( ?) as if still a viable (albeit corrupt) business and all was well when it's not. TEPCO is a foot dragging zombie. It's doing a terrible job and it's hurting people. It's high time for government to come in and pull the plug.

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Posted in: Atsuko Maeda 'graduates' from AKB48 See in context

Does she get to keep the uniform? ..er...can I have it?

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Posted in: What are some of the weirdest examples of English used in ads or on T-shirts, bags, etc, that you have seen in Japan? See in context

Hey bro, gimme some skin!

A supermarket opened nearby with a sizable outside wall advert. In large flowing red neon 'Flesh Food'.

By the second or third month they had it collected*

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Posted in: Robot seals heal hearts of tsunami survivors See in context

Sad, very sad. Better than a dog out back on a 1 meter chain tho. Do real seals coo? I know cats do but sadly we know where many of them wind up. For a child in a restrictive environment, or a dementia patient completely out of it sure, a fuzzy toy. "The latest weapon in the battle against depression"? "Healing hearts"? It's hard to know whether to laugh or cry. It's just a toy and a poor substitute for the warm healing touch of another human being.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for stabbing 11-year-old boy in Osaka See in context

In Higashi-yodogawa-ku last month saw an out of the blue knife-in-the-back-attack of the newspaper woman. What also comes to mind is the randomly slashed elementary school girl out riding her bicycle (Yodogawa-ku, about a year ago). Never mind Japan, what's up with the area?

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Posted in: Superman comic, that cost 10 cents, sells for $2.16 million at auction See in context

Truth, Justice, and the American way (in the classic sense)

Superman has great values. Yes, my avatar is from the cover of Action Comics #1.

In a nutshell the creator sold the SM character to put food on the table. No royalties. Decades later to avoid embarrassment Warner Bros, before a major movie release, quietly began paying Jerry Siegel a meager monthy stipend

Old newsprint will last a very long time. It's the new stuff that falls apart, books included.

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Posted in: Superman comic, that cost 10 cents, sells for $2.16 million at auction See in context

Up, Up and Away!

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Posted in: Peace effort See in context

Charity begins at home. I commend them for their work in Tokoku. For many Peace Boat is a trusted name and it's a given that during a disaster in Japan they should come together. Good work. Please continue. I would like to see more of this type of clear focus from them in future. Their young charges hail from all over Japan year after year so it's not hard to imagine Peace Boat becoming the go-to for networking across Japan in time of need.

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Posted in: The government is considering the introduction of a new tax to finance the huge costs of reconstruction in the Tohoku region following last month's earthquake and tsunami. What are your thoughts on su See in context

In light of the next potential crisis I've already restocked my supplies of food, water and other non-perishables (pre-tax increase, of course). These are interesting times.

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Posted in: The government is considering the introduction of a new tax to finance the huge costs of reconstruction in the Tohoku region following last month's earthquake and tsunami. What are your thoughts on su See in context

So this is the end? How long can the Ponzi scheme here stay afloat? Japan's dept is enormous. Supplementary budget after supplementary budget has meant only more and more paper money. Just look at where gold and silver are going. And now an actual crisis. Oil is set to rise and this time gov has said they will not reduce the gasoline tax so you will take the hit. An increase in the consumption tax? Add to that this proposed special new tax to pay for the special new "disaster bonds"? Come here inflation I want to bite and kiss you. The lenders aren't worried. The banks are sitting on the trillions that's already been dolled out over the past few years. Go at it boys, it'll be a great day for shopping soon. It's reported Dev Bank and Shoko Chukin will share in ¥3 trillion (to start) received at 0.5%. If a man can't pay his mortgage because the sea washed his livelihood away that sucks. If you're the bank that lent him the money you'll get his house - and bundles of cheap cash from BOJ to buy up his neighbours, to buy up the markets while sinking the economy. So for me, no i think a new tax is not a good idea. The argument for precious metals however has never been better.

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Posted in: Jane Birkin performs at free charity concert in Shibuya See in context

This is inspirational. Acts of unselfishness, people doing what they can.

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