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Nah, I don't buy the Western history teacher's job argument. I'm old enough to remember teaching history back home just like it's taught here in Japan, but it changed; and good historians, who are also teachers, helped to make it change.

I've taught history in schools in four other Asian countries, and, yes, there are propagandists who call themselves history teachers, just like back home, but they are easily found out by students.

But there are also those who circumvent the confines of classroom texts, if they use them at all; it's not difficult, especially when most of the class doubt the rubbish in the texts anyway.

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Posted in: Japan revises teaching manuals, says disputed islands its territory See in context

Interesting posts on the issue.

But what about the history teachers? Surely they would simply highlight the bias in the reviewed texts and manuals, and point students to primary sources of information, easily available online, and let them make their own decisions?

That's a history teacher's job, after all.

I'm a former history teacher. That's what I would do.

Students are young adults, give them some credit.

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The ignorance of the principles of non-violence, demonstrated by the many posts here, is breath-taking.

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Ooooooooooooh, yes! Well worth the risk.

I started a small business 3 years ago. Growing steadily each year.

Absolutely love having to decide everything for myself. And I answer to nobody except my clients.

My only set-back is wishing I had done it years ago.

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Good question, Mr Roadrage. I guess to be spending a lot of time looking down at manhole covers, you might not notice, eh?

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Astute readers would realise that Australia at the moment is in holiday season. Expect more announcements like this one. There will be no legal action, and there will be no government action on whaling, because Australia needs Japan's support in it's bid to secure a seat on the UN Security Council - this is a much bigger issue for Kevin Rudd, than whaling.

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