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Posted in: What is the most environmentally friendly way to keep warm in winter? See in context

Hot Sake

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Posted in: Asiana offers $10,000 to survivors of July crash See in context

yea.. Sue the crap out of that airline for putting your life in danger.. do not settle for 10,000.. that's a slap in the face.

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Posted in: PM's adviser says no need to hurry with sales tax hikes See in context

oh thanks Abe & advisor, you buttholes.

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Posted in: Ben & Jerry’s offer free ice cream to encourage people to vote on Sunday See in context

Love how ice cream is a motivator to vote LoL

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Posted in: Do you think summers are hotter now than when you were a child? See in context

It's actually been a cool summer.. really only two weeks of hot in Tokyo.. Past couple days have been nice.. Arizona is just hot in the summer, so hard to say as a child living there..

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Posted in: Bon Jovi to rock unpaid in crisis-hit Spain See in context

Spain is living on a prayer... kudos Mr. Jovi.

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Posted in: N Korea threatens to strike Hawaii, U.S. mainland See in context

Well.. i think they should learn how to camouflage first.. old school!

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Posted in: China loses by not attending IMF, World Bank meetings: Lagarde See in context

Keep on hurting yourselves China.. All good.

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Posted in: Japan finds another gap in its disaster readiness - Mt Fuji See in context

man.. i have got to stop reading the news these days..

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Posted in: Death sentence upheld for man convicted of killing 7 in Akihabara rampage See in context

You do a crime as blatant as this.. you know the stakes of the law...you get what you deserve.. Have fun getting bullied in the after life.

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Posted in: Company president arrested for taking video up JAL cabin attendant's skirt using pen camera See in context

I guess he dropped his pen.

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Posted in: China says tensions with Japan likely to hurt trade See in context

Game of Risk anyone?

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Posted in: Japan warns citizens in China after assaults See in context

looks like China ran out of fish.. Stay safe Japanese peeps.

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Posted in: Osaka assistant judge arrested for taking upskirt photos on train See in context


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Posted in: Gov't projects 320,000 deaths in event of earthquake in Nankai Trough See in context

Its really a case of damned if you report, damned if you dont . People will complain either way and point the finger at what isn`t done properly.. Will it happen? Doubtful.. but people should take safe measures anywhere.. There is no win/win situation on this.. Is it really necessary to report? Yes and no.. Depends on what type of person you are. Personally i would want to know if my city/prefecture is in any high danger zone from this..

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Posted in: Gov't projects 320,000 deaths in event of earthquake in Nankai Trough See in context

lol you people..

It`s good to be aware, and know which areas are more prone to danger... Start doing your eq drills kiddies and take it seriously..

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Posted in: Clint Eastwood See in context

Good actor for the part.. Will be interesting to see.

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Posted in: Chinese mob ravages Japanese restaurant during protest; later finds out it is Chinese-owned See in context

This gave me a good chuckle...

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Posted in: Fukushima couple stabbed to death in home See in context

@Vesperto Depends on how you look at it and take it.. Could be helpful tips, could be nothing. Unemployed man living in his car could possibly explain his motive for stealing and killing. It can also put people on alert in their neighborhoods. Nothing wrong with reporting that. Especially if you have kids going to school in that area.

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Posted in: Tom Cruise's attorney threatens National Enquirer with lawsuit See in context

lol.. come on now Tom.. just come out of the closet.

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Posted in: Kim Jong-Il ordered uranium bombs: reports See in context

Country cant even finish building a hotel.. Leader is probably ordering them to build more food stables for his fat self.

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Posted in: Marriage impossible - Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes split after five years See in context

Why be married to a shopping friend for 5 years.

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Posted in: What is the best way to quit smoking? See in context

Enjoy life.. I like a good cig every now and then.. If i die cause of it.. than so be it...

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Posted in: Need a boyfriend? See in context

I think they meant for the caption to be Need a Boyfriend?, Well so do we.

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Posted in: Justin Bieber accused of roughing up photographer See in context

LoL... what did he do? Tickle him to hard?

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Posted in: Man injures leg on Tokyo DisneySea Park ride See in context

Time to sue Mickey.

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Posted in: Quake jolts Tokyo, Kanagawa, Chiba See in context

hmm I didnt think it was that big.. guess Im used to them..

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Posted in: Temperatures soar in Japan; 30.5 C recorded in Oita town See in context

Time for the ladies to show some skin again... ;)

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Posted in: N Korean military warns of 'special actions' against South See in context

I dont think that cake eating fatso is running the country.. but anyways.. well see. Sort of unusual to make those threats openly which is harmless. N.K is just a cult... nothing to fear and nothing to see here. The exposure helps and feeds them the most..

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Posted in: Hunters kill brown bear in residential area of Sapporo See in context

Don`t know the whole story, but most likely determined as a problem bear.

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