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Posted in: Japan wins bronze in women's curling See in context

They were great. Charming, graceful & talented.

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Posted in: Russia denies diplomatic mail was used for Argentina cocaine traffic See in context

The Russian Connection. Coming this summer to a theater near you!

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Posted in: Ex-Trump aide pleads guilty, will cooperate in Russia probe See in context

The plot thickens. Move over The French Connection here comes The Russian Connection.

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Posted in: Trump suggests armed deputy at Florida school was a 'coward' See in context

I feel kind of sorry for the deputy. He's armed with something like a six-shooter against a suicidal gunman armed with a semi-automatic assault rifle. The peaceful school you're accustomed to strolling around in has suddenly changed into a shooting gallery where every kid you encounter in the hallway is a potential shooter. Most people would probably be more afraid of shooting the wrong kid than the right kid. On top of that, Deputy Scot Peterson will forever be remembered as a coward. I'll bet if he never had suicidal tendencies before that he does now. Meanwhile, we have a president who likes to talk like John Wayne about arming teachers in the classroom but who's also evaded the draft more than once during his lifetime. I wonder if Trump would've reacted the same way had he been in that deputy's shoes.

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Posted in: Armed deputy at Florida high school resigns after failing to engage shooter See in context

Unless the person is a decorated, scarred and tested combat veteran, it's hard to guess how regular people are going to react for the first time to bullets flying all over the place. However, it is too bad that this armed deputy wasn't more heroic and didn't do what he was hired and trained(?) to do.

Fight or flight.

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Posted in: Republican congresswoman: Many mass murderers are Democrats See in context

cla68: "So, is it true that most mass killers are Democrats?"

Actually, if you go to Youtube and search Nikolas Cruz pistol . . . well, it looks a lot like he's wearing a red Make America Great Again cap.

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Posted in: Republican congresswoman: Many mass murderers are Democrats See in context

How do people like this get elected? This is part of the problem.

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Posted in: Olympic Medals Table See in context

I'm always impressed by how Norway (pop. 5,335,553) and the Netherlands (pop. 17,067,169) dominate the winter Olympics. Proof that size doesn't necessarily matter.

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Posted in: Mueller ups pressure on Trump campaign aides with new charge See in context

@Blacklabel & Wolfpack

Let's say that you're both right, but it still doesn't excuse this president from not doing anything in regard to safeguarding our elections and punishing the Russians. If Hillary had won and was acting this way towards the Russians right now, my feelings would be exactly the same. Whoever the president is has an obligation to the country's national security when it come to foreign adversaries messing with us.

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Posted in: Clooneys donate $500,000 to student gun reform march See in context

It doesn't come close the $30,000,000 which the NRA gave to Trump, but it's a start.

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Posted in: Mueller ups pressure on Trump campaign aides with new charge See in context

U.S. Response to Russia Election Meddling

Obama Administration:

Obama personally warned Putin against interfering

Imposed sanctions on Russian individuals and entities

Expelled 35 Russian dimplomats

Closed two Russian compounds in the U.S.

Trump Administration:

Refuses to condemn interference

Has not imposed Russian sanctions overwhelmingly approved by Congress

This is not about which political party you favor or belong to. This is about defending our democracy from a hostile foreign adversary. Trump is committing malpractice as president by not taking any action. What does Putin have on Trump which is preventing this president from taking the necessary steps to protect our elections and punishing the Russians? Maybe Trump is more afraid of Putin than he is of Mueller.

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Posted in: Trump backs effort to improve gun background checks See in context

The Sandy Hook massacre was worse than this and it didn't change anything, so why should this one? Talk is cheap. Action, on the other hand, would mean Trump distancing himself from his base. He won't do anything that puts distance between him and his base. He might talk the talk, but he's a yo-yo and will always return to his base.

By the way, he was playing golf again today, wasn't he?

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Posted in: Lots of talk, little action in Congress after shootings See in context

Gun violence in the U.S, What do the statistics reveal?

On average . . .

96 / day 96 Americans die every day because of guns

13,000 / year 13,000 American homicides per year

50 / month 50 women every month in the U.S. are shot and killed by an intimate partner

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Posted in: Lots of talk, little action in Congress after shootings See in context

"America . . . It's a great country, but it's a straaaannnge culture."

......George Carlin

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Posted in: 17 killed in shooting spree at Florida high school by expelled student See in context

I'm watching CNN as I type this and the police are telling the community that it's up to them to call in and report anything unusual to prevent such mass tragedies from happening. Well, what do our representatives on Capitol Hill and Mr. Potato Head have to say about this? Nothing much. They're satisfied with the way things are. This is really screwed up.

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Posted in: Russia is targeting 2018 U.S. elections, U.S. intel chiefs say See in context

Everybody in the intelligence community is aware of this crisis except for Number One, who has his head buried in the sand.

Here we go again.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

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Posted in: One year after Kim's killing at Malaysian airport, suspected masterminds evade trial See in context

What's interesting is that these women immediately rushed to the nearest restroom near the murder scene to wash their hands. Did they know that there was a deadly nerve agent on their hands? And they seemed to carry out this act without getting any of it on themselves, which is rather remarkable in and of itself considering it was a highly toxic nerve agent. It looks kind of like they knew what they were dealing with.

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Posted in: N Korea's Kim describes South as very impressive: KCNA See in context

N. Korea's KIm describes South as very impressive

Yes! And they did and they were able to do it without nukes and by allowing everybody to think, speak and vote freely. No concentration camps here for people who disagree with their leaders.

You should try it!

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Posted in: Russian passenger plane crashes near Moscow; 71 dead See in context

Grandparents, parents, husbands, wives, children...gone in an instant. Condolences to their families and friends.


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Posted in: At least a dozen U.S. sailors under investigation over drug use in Japan See in context

I read a Cary Grant interview years ago. In the interview, he remarked that he had taken LSD on several occasions (maybe back in the 50s) as part of his psychological treatment. This was before there was any stigma. Grant said that LSD had a beneficial effect on him mentally (broadened his thinking was how he put it...I think) and that he never regretted taking it.

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Posted in: Trump praises White House aide accused of domestic abuse See in context

Steve Bannon, Sebastian Gorka, Michael Flynn, Omarosa and now this guy, Rob Porter, a wife beater who they knew from the FBI was into punching and choking his ex-wives. To top things off, Trump praises Porter as a good man without a word of sympathy for his victims. A various array of assorted nuts.

What a screwy White House.

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Posted in: Climate change threatens future of golf: report See in context

Climate change threatens future of golf

Is that really such a bad thing?

Maybe some of these rich fat cats (or golf club owners like Trump) who're responsible for spewing CO2 into the earth's atmosphere might say, "Climate change is going to ruin the sport and game I love most. We have to do something or I can't play golf!"

Maybe this is a good thing.

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Posted in: Female temp worker's fight for labor equality a full-time job See in context

One of my in-laws worked a job like this as a temp on a full-time schedule for years in a busy dept. store. Whenever I went in, it always looked like she was running around waiting on customers hand and foot while the reg. full-time employees, who were younger than her and entitled to pensions and benefits, stood around doing nothing. It was so unfair to see this hard-working woman receive nothing in terms of benefits when she retired while the younger and lazier ones were entitled to pensions upon their own retirements. Very unfair.

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Posted in: 'Tanks but no tanks!' say critics of Trump's plan for military parade See in context

"Maybe we want to look at who is advocating for this and why. And this is a president of the United States with all his draft evading who none the less wants to appear as a strong man. That is his appeal to his base. This is constant and consistent with his message throughout his muscular message to the Little Marco to Little-this to Little-that . . . We are strong, I am strong. Watch how big and strong I can be. That's really the message here. The idea that we have to look like Red Square, it's just absurd. We have really come so far in honoring our military. The way that our military people ought to be honored by their service, by their humanity. We don't need to show how many big weapons we have and march them down Pennsylvania Avenue to do that."

(Carl Bernstein, CNN, 2/8/18)

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Posted in: Trump wants military parade in Washington See in context

Not so surprising. A childish and semi-literate cracker-in-chief wants to see and show off his shiny toys. Pure Trump.

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Posted in: Trump's lawyers want him to refuse Mueller interview request: New York Times See in context

"What we're seeing here is the willingness of Donald Trump to provoke a constitutional crisis to keep from having to reveal the real facts that Mueller is uncovering in this investigation. He does not want this to go forward and one way is to not testify and that indeed could provoke this constitutional crisis. Trump does not want a report on whether or not there was collusion, whether or not there was an obstruction of justice, whether or not, indeed, the president of the United States has sought to cover-up and undermine all of this investigation which he has from beginning to end. He doesn't want that report made and he's willing from everything we know from those who talk to him regularly, he's willing to provoke a constitutional crisis and at that point, perhaps, Republicans might finally have to say, 'You know, we may have to leave this president's side. We need to find out what happened with the Russians.'"

Carl Bernstein, CNN 2/6/2018

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Posted in: Trump's lawyers want him to refuse Mueller interview request: New York Times See in context

Trump's lawyers want him to refuse Mueller interview request

Of course! If Trump tells the truth, he's in trouble. If he lies, he's in trouble. Trump said he'd love to sit down with Mueller, so we should hold his feet to the fire.

Bill Clinton being questioned about whether he had sex or not with that woman is small potatoes compared to secret meetings inside of Trump Tower between the president's son and Russian agents regarding dirt on a political opponent.

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Posted in: House intelligence panel to take up Democratic memo Monday See in context

Come on, Mr. President! The only deep state is the one in your mind. Stop running and just go one on one with Mueller. The truth will set you free.

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Posted in: Trump backs release of memo alleging FBI abuses See in context

Trump is putting U.S. institutions into a meat grinder to cover his Russian connections.

Nixon and the Clintons are beginning to look better and better every day compared to this cover-up.

Trump is truly frightened.

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Posted in: FBI expresses 'grave concerns' over Republican memo's accuracy See in context

This is so farcical. Rep. Devin Nunes has earned a place at the front of the line for questioning by Mueller. Wasn't Nunes a part of Trump's transition team? He should have recused himself. Oh, that's right. He already did. Why's he still getting in the way of the investigation then?

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