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Posted in: Drummer Charlie Watts likely to miss Rolling Stones' tour See in context

Same thing with Led Zeppelin. When they lost John bonham . And called it quits. Are neal peart of rush they were the driving force of these two great bands

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Posted in: In rebuke to Trump, U.S. Congress blocks Saudi arms sales See in context

Peace sells but who’s buying

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Posted in: Ahead of 'The Irishman,' Scorsese and De Niro look back See in context

The only thing Robert Is good at is bashing trump. I think entertainment People should stay out of politics. Just because you like are disliked a candidate. You really think I should too. . One thing these people never get is .they do not put food on my table . Are pay my bills. . When you start paying my bills I will gladly listen to you

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Posted in: Japanese actor Ken Watanabe nominated for Olivier Award See in context

he really did a good job in . Letters From Iwo Jima

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Here in the US . A lot of people are keeping their phones longer. Why pay $1000 for basically the same phone . Tim Cook is not a Steve job. When it comes to new innovation . Granted you can only put so much technology into a phone

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Posted in: Connected cars accelerate down data-collection highway See in context

Big brother always watching over you

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Posted in: Lamar leads Grammy nominations See in context

You left out deafheaven. For there song honeycomb.

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Posted in: Smartphone sales down for fourth straight quarter See in context

People are keeping their phones longer. Because the prices of a new phone . $1000 for a new iPhone . I understand Apple meeds to make a profit that’s pure greed

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Posted in: Abe to proceed with sales tax hike next year: Nikkei See in context

Sales tax in the state of Alabama is 8.45%

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Posted in: The Eagles have No.1 album of all-time, beating Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' See in context

I was surprised to see Hootie & the Blowfish On There

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Posted in: Rolls-Royce to cut 4,600 jobs in latest drive to generate cash See in context

Does BMW own just the car side of Rolls Royce . And not the jet engine side

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Posted in: Actor Ken Watanabe splits with actress wife See in context

He was general tamamichi Kuribayashi. . In letters from Iwo Jima

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Posted in: Major bike makers reorganize business amid shrinking domestic market See in context

Same problem in the states (declining bike sales ) the market is flooded with used bikes. Harley-Davidsons sales are down . Indian motorcycles are up 17%.

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Posted in: Moscow visit was too risky for Kim Jong-Un: analysts See in context

They mite make him watch the interview

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Posted in: Sony posts Y126 bil loss See in context

I remember back in the 80s when Sony was the go to product. . I never understood how the electronic companies kinda fell off the rails . But the Japanese car companies Have not. . Can someone explain this to me

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Posted in: Kanye West retreats on Grammys diss of Grammy winner Beck See in context

I'm surprise his ego can fit in the building,

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