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Posted in: Japan to regulate smartphone app stores to end Apple-Google duopoly See in context

Guys! How many of you know about the "covert channels"?

Unless an app is open source , we can't determine it if doesn't contain any machanism for information gathering/ stealing/transmision.

google? apple? to hell with both. They are closed source.

Open your google account settings to see how many giga bytes they have gathered from your activities. google can through you to jail for 400 years!

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Posted in: Toyota shareholders reject proposal demanding better performance on climate change See in context

neither electric nor oil, hydrogen is the future, you id***s.

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Posted in: Think morals are declining? So has everyone, ever, study says See in context

as expceted from academia. a few years ago a study in a university in Germany concluded that Marco Polo was in fact an imposter who never visited China!!!!!!!!!!!

The reason: He never mentioned in his book that Chinese use chopsticks to eat!!

Ask anything from academia and give them enough money and they will submit a paper with the results you asked for. peroid.

bye bye science hello fanaticism.

"... should be a high priority for the government, even amid serious crises such as climate change."

yeah, as expected, that's the point of this article: to hell with morality the real problem is climate change.

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Posted in: 2 planes bump into each other at Tokyo's Haneda airport See in context

proximity sensors for airplanes might be useless. a heavy plane has a large momentum. meaning it's speed can not change in a moment nor it can change it's course suddenly. it is unthinkable how a runnig plane could brake without a severe impact on passengers.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for failing to pay for 270-kilometer taxi ride in Iwate Prefecture See in context

How come a 270 Km trip lasted this long? From afternoon until next morning?

The article says: "[she] got in the taxi in Oshu on the afternoon of April 7 and arrived in Ninohe at dawn the following day".

Unless something 18+ happened between them at night in a motel or love hotel. This might explain why did she refuse to pay the fare!!! ha ha hi hi!

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Posted in: Baseball player Yamakawa referred to prosecutors over rape allegation See in context

My first thought is that why would a rich man in his right mind entangle himself in such a headache considering the fact that a prostitute is much cheaper. Also, what was she doing in his room? How did she end up there?

My second thought is: Remember Trump & Stormy & hush money and .... "Rich men and their acquaintances" do "rich stuff" that a poor men like me are unable to understand!!!!ne?

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