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Sad to see how are Koreans dealing with the past, i saw some very shameful videos about anti-japan education in Korean schools, and as a world traveler like i am myself, i decided not to travel to Korea , i never been there,i was considering the possibility to go, but now i don't wanna go anymore,because they promote events such this fake protest paid by some politic party...Now advised my whole family to boycott Korea(being the head of the family), and also not to buy Korean goods and products, japan needs to stop being so shy on the foreign policies, stand up own its way and its importance to the world peace.

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Look like they got paid to do it, pretty simple like that. Korean gov is doing an intense job on spreading korean propaganda agaisnt japan, i wanna say some very bad things, but if i do so my comment will be removed.

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yeah, lets be friend with india... lets those chinese jeolous and they will behave like the true chimps they are... that will show their real face

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Wait, he walked on FOOT, like the news says?he spent 11 days? if u do the math, thats 127 kilometers per day, its tecnically possible, but we are humans and not robots, so with low money to buy food, he would have not energy to run, and with few hours of sleep to prolongue the walk, he would have lost his way of exaution, so my guess is that he walked 2/3, and the rest he used some kind of transport, (theres many ways to free ride on things), he probaly lost his money or wasnt really robbed, thats why he didnt go to police...

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