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Posted in: LDP set to retain majority in upper house election See in context

"Vote on LDP because I see no other alternative". Wow that's just naive and dull.

If you're not into politics you are what the ancient greeks would call "an idiot"! Politics defines our society. You're basically denying the democracy if you're not voting.

The dullest election, and the most undemocratic western democracy in recent time!

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Posted in: 33 dead after man sets fire to Kyoto anime studio See in context

Just burn in hell bastard! This is why we still have death penalty enabled.

To kill innocent peoples who just love making good and touching Anime, is absolutely unforgivable.

To hear about a person who actually carried out an attack on this studio is just utterly heartbreaking.

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Posted in: Japanese women running for Diet seats in record numbers, but face many obstacles See in context

This is easy to solve. If you're a woman, you vote for CDP. If you're a man you vote for LDP. That way we can equalize LDPs dominant position in the houses! All women vote for CDP, you have a higher chance of gaining a seat by doing so!

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Posted in: LGBT community hopes election spurs gay rights debate, legislation See in context

I wonder how the world went from gayship during the Roman-era, Greek-era, Viking-era, and Nanshoku during the feudal-era of Japan. It's just christians among many others who claim that man to woman-sex is the only acceptable, this is historically inaccurate. Homosexuality has always existed!

There might be many in our own familty-tree who are or have been gay in the past. So we better treat them as equals! We all have som LGBT genes in us if we trace our DNA far enough back in time.

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Posted in: Populist pro-China mayor to face Tsai in Taiwan presidential election See in context

Why wave the Taiwanese flag if you're a pro-China candidate? Shouldn't you be waving the PROC-flag instead?! Sacrificing the Taiwanese democracy for a stronger Chinese unity is the most dull idea ever! China has never been united before, until recently in 1949. China has always been filled with different warlords and sub-cultures. A "One China" is stupid, because there never has been a "One China" in history. You always had an Emperor and several warlords.

China should have been "united in diversity", but that is nowhere to be found. Instead China is forcing cultural and ethnic assimilation onto their sub-cultures, effectively strengthening the "Han-chinese". China is like Asia's Nazi Germany nowadays!

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Posted in: LDP support rate edges up ahead of upper house election: poll See in context

Utterly sad once again.

One party-state all the way it seems. It's just like Yubaru said, if you vote on our local candidate just because he or she has some nice strategy for the local revitalization, you're simply bringing Abe more candidates to the house if they get the majority in your local constituency.

The election-system in Japan is screwed up, just as it is with the U.S. The party who get the most votes should win. Not the "winner takes it all"-method. You should get the exact number of seats as the percentage of votes you managed to gather. CDP in the 2017 general election, got 19.88% of the total votes, but only got 11.83% of the total seats. LDP got 33.28% of the total votes, but the managed to get a total of 61.08% of the total seats. (thanks local constituencies!)

Don't say to me this system is democratic! The facts are clear.

CDP and other opposition parties should make it a priority to amend the election-system to secure a balance and "pax" in Japanese politics, which at the moment is nowhere to be found!

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Posted in: Report discovered detailing Japan's wartime use of nerve agents See in context

In your face Abe and Nippon Kaigi!

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Posted in: Abe's ruling bloc on course to win majority in Japan election See in context

Wow, is this the way Japan is really going to go down? How can you confidently vote on a prime minister who is filled with "behind the scene" promises to large enterprises. Abe Shinzo is using the public's naivety as a mean to hide lurky deals such as Moritomo Gakuen and Kake institution.

Have you already forgotten about Moritomo Gakuen and Kake maybe? It has to be sweet to be leader in a country who's populace seemingly don't care about their leader's personal life and actions. Anyone can be leader in such a country. At least in Japan, as long as you're old with experience. But that's not how politics work! Just look at Aso Taro, a prime example.

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Posted in: Abe raps opposition parties for joining hands only for election See in context

People have more stressing issues to worry about rather than thinking on the legal status of the SDF-forces. We have the US-Japan security alliance. People worry more about being able to live adequately in the future regarding pensions etc!

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Posted in: Japan's biggest opposition party shuns merger with rival ahead of election See in context

I'm glad he's taken knowledge from the major failure on how it went with the merger of Kib No To and Democratic Party in 2017. We finally have a leader who is actually smart enough to see the benefits of not merging!

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Posted in: LDP leads with 28% support in advance of upper house election: poll See in context

It's just sad numbers. What's going on, Japan? Will you forever continue to be a "one-party state"?

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Posted in: Abe, Putin make little progress on territorial dispute See in context

Each time progress is made, little by little Russia wil come up with new reasons for not handing the islands over to Japan. We can just speculate what's gonna be the next reason for Russia to not hand over the islands.

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Posted in: Abe calls for constitutional revision with upper house race in sight See in context

How many times has Abe stressed political stability as a key reason to vote for LDP? We've had Abe in power for almost 7 consecutive years. Please don't stress the need for more political stability Abe! You've enjoyed political stability for far too long. Japan needs democratic variation, cross political agreements etc. Not LDP, which is filled with lousy retirees who long for a pre-WW2 Japan!

I guess this is what you get when you always vote for LDP, a single-party state! What will you do when LDP suddenly decides to ban demonstrations because of the need for political stability?

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Posted in: Abe survives censure motion by opposition over pension report See in context

One-party state!

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Posted in: Hundreds of thousands dressed in black rally to demand Hong Kong leader step down See in context

I think the protesters should demand an extradition of Carrie Lam! That way she would definitely see what kind of mess she has created by acting as Beijing's guardian in Hong Kong.

As the golden rule states; "One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself".

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Posted in: Emperor declares abdication; thanks people for support See in context

Thank you Emperor Heisei for having blessed Japan for 30 fruitful and tearful years! We will always have you in our hearts! Domo arigatou gozaimashita!

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Posted in: Do you consider what Wikileaks does to be journalism? See in context

Journalism is to be considered as the fourth branch of the "seperation of powers"-concept. Journalists are to surveil that the state is abiding by the laws enacted by the legislative house. Wikileaks have revealed lots of state-secrets, in order to protect the free human mind. Ergo, wikileaks should be considered journalism, but a very unorthodox one.

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Posted in: 'Made by war criminals' label proposed for some Japanese-made items in S Korean schools See in context

Wow. It would've been a pain in the ass if we had to put a sticker saying "produced by war criminals" on every Japanese, Italian and German made cars for instance! Hold your tongue on this one Korea!

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Posted in: Moomin fairytale amusement park opens in Saitama Pref See in context

Moomin was my childhood until "Hufsa" came! That monster destroyed everything!:(

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Posted in: Abe suggests he won't seek 4th term as LDP president See in context

Common knowledge. What Abe suggests isn't always what he thinks or mean! He might say one thing but do the complete opposite.

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Posted in: Abe support rate falls; 69% want Okinawa vote on base issue respected See in context

If you don't like Abe, don't vote for LDP. If you vote for LDP, you're inevitably securing Abe another term as prime minister. That guy won't back down in 2021 just because some party-regulations tells him to.

If you're unsatisfied with the turn Japan has taken economically and politically in the last seven years, don't vote for LDP, you'll be voting for Abe if you do so. Even if you like the party's program, it won't work with Abe in power!

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Posted in: Lower house OKs record ¥101.46 tril budget for FY2019 See in context

Is it just me, or have we seen record budgets being approved for 7 consecutive years with Abe in power? Japan have 280% of their GDP in debt, still they approve record budgets after record budgets, seemingly unaware that the economy will inevitably break at some point.

Abe is postponing the crisis, and letting someone else (CDP) handle his mess, and they (CDP) will also have to deal with the unsatisfied population who blames the crisis on them (CDP) for what is actually Abe's mess!

Abe is a cynical bastard who's only interested in saving his own skin.

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Posted in: IS teen 'shocked' after UK revokes her citizenship See in context

If you commit your life to resist and commit actions against western values and democracy, you have to be prepared that western countries will do anything in their power to protect their life-accomplishment! You have no right to demand anything from western countries who protects western values, if you have spent your life on trying to destroy them.

Why should you be granted a repatriation if you have already tried to destroy their values? Why should western countries bother to repatriate people who've attacked their values and way of living. An enemy of western values and their way of living does not deserve to live in solidarity with western values!

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Posted in: 'Fear' and 'favor' chill newsroom at Japan Times after 'forced WWII laborer,' 'comfort women' changes See in context

Just proves that nationalistic and conserative WW2 sentiment is still high on the agenda in Japan. When will you squarely face your actions and crimes against humanity during WW2, Japan? Stop act like the victim and behave like a proper nation who acknowledges the results of WW2!

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Posted in: Sponsor of Naomi Osaka retracts ad videos over skin color dispute See in context

Japan's "white" obsession

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Posted in: Japanese rocket blasts into space to deliver world's 1st artificial meteor shower See in context

Why spend what probably is million of dollars on creating something that already exists naturally? Why the heck will you turn something natural and special into something domestic and artificial!?

I will say Japan ruins the joy and excitement of meteor showers, by making them occur more regularly and by destroying their naturality! They've even gone to the extent to call these satellites "stars"!

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Posted in: Moscow says Japan must recognize all Kurils as Russian See in context

What now, Abe!? How are you suppose to explain your crushing defeat to the eagerly awaiting, Japanese people? For so long you have boasted about your personal friendship and close tie with Putin, that proved irrelevant today.

Abe has to be the most naive prime minister of Japan I've ever witnessed.

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Posted in: Japan plans to build 'multidimensional' defense force See in context

You're already protected by the U.S nuclear umbrella! Remember what happened when you took matters into your own hands during WW2?!

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Posted in: Diet passes bill to accept more foreign workers See in context

More foreign workers for the Japanese companies to exploit. Send them to Fukushima and hope they'll contract cancer is what the Japanese Government is saying! The system is ruthless in it's current state!

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Posted in: Nissan hit by new inspection scandal See in context

Guess the next thing will be Japanese workers and leaders within Nissan solely blaming Ghosn for all the scandals:( Ghosn saved you Nissan, without him you wouldn't have survived!

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