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Posted in: Biggest faction in Japan's ruling party decides to disband See in context

We're witnessing a political revolution right now. The mark that Abe Shinzo left on Japan is about to be wiped from existence by the shrewd prime minister, Kishida Fumio.

Kishida Fumio, who follows the political school of former Prime Minister, Ikeda Hayato (the man credited with rebuilding Japan's post WW2 economy and finances), do have some very clever ideas. But I believe the political system of Japan (especially LDP) and the deep rooted conservatism regarding scepticism for change is to blame for the scandals we're now witnessing.

The LDP-party has grown too strong, it has lost connection with the people (the people they get their power from). And it's time for the people to show the politicians who's really in charge here!

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Posted in: Prosecutors search offices of two LDP factions mired in funds scandal See in context

This is basically tantamount to corruption or tax evasion if you want. In other countries the government would have already delivered their resignations by this time.

This case really shows us that the politics of Japan has been shaped around the LDP-party for as long as people can remember. This "god-like" status that the LDP-party has enjoyed for so long has recieved a heavy blow, but I think we all know that it takes more to bring down the LDP-party from power. People has to understand that this was a practice that has been deeply rooted in the political system of LDP.

Bring an end to corruption, and bring an end to the LDP-rule that has for too long literallly corrupted Japan.

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Posted in: Japan declares war on hay fever See in context

Just improve the medicine. It works perfectly fine if taken some time in advance.

Both prescripted Cetirizin and Zyrtec greatly reduces the symptoms. I know this because I use them against pollen allergy.

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Posted in: Suga tells Davos forum Olympics will be symbol of human victory over virus See in context

A very floaty statement!

Just focus on recovering the broken and scarce Japanese economy with debt reaching a staggering 300% of GDP at an alarming rate. The olympics will be anything but a victory I'm afraid. Even the cost of hosting the olympics has exploded to nearly 15,5 billion US dollars from previously 12 billion US dollars.

Cancel it before thing gets out of control with regard to the virus and the economy.

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Posted in: Suga apologizes after LDP execs visit hostess bars during state of emergency See in context

Lock them up, lock them up!!

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Posted in: Death penalty ruling finalized for 'Twitter killer' See in context

"Do unto others, what you would have them do unto you". Death penalty is justified, period.

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Posted in: Opposition parties criticize Abe after he escapes indictment See in context

Proves that corruption is widespread in Japan. Get rid of LDP to curb corruption!

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Posted in: Abe asked by Tokyo prosecutors to appear for voluntary questioning over dinner parties See in context

Lets be square and honest here. LDP is a party filled from top to toe with old and corrupt men. The news about political corrpution and turmoil has all been about LDP hasn't it?

Maybe that itself is not suprising since they have more than 2/3 of the total seats in diet, but it's the severity of these cases that's the main issue. If any of these corrupt officials had belonged to other parties, they would've been long time gone. But the corruption prevails because of LDP and Komeito's supermajority in the Lower House.

If Japan wants to crack down on political corruption. Constrain LDPs power in the houses. LDP is the main source of political corruption in Japan because of their paramount and unchallenged status.

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Posted in: Suga set to join race to succeed Abe, media report See in context

To be fair and square, he's probably the most experienced LDP Abe Shinzo-affiliated politician to run for LDP leadership.

He's been chief secretary for as long Abe has been prime minister from 2012-2020.

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Posted in: Abe set to resign, citing worsening health See in context

An era is over. Abe has driven Japan into a deeper debt-bubble, has brought more inequality to the society, failed to secure a certain ratio of women in the parliament, and has ultimately and decisively failed with his Abenomic-recovery plan.

I certainly hope Japan will have brighter days in store, because you deserve so much more than what Mr. Abe Shinzo was able to deliver. His machiavellian way of doing things brought more corruption to the political system (like there wasn't enough of it before), and he never hesitated to "turn a blind eye" to unjustice when it would serve him the most in terms of support. An era of a wicked man has finally come to an end. Hurrah!

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Posted in: Yasukuni Shrine a symbol of haunting wartime legacy See in context

I believe the Yasukuni Shrine is OK in itself. To honor the war dead is always a natural and good thing to do. But to elevate Class-A war criminals enshrined there to God-status is despicable. It would've been like Germany made Hitler and his co-workers Gods. It's wrong, and it definitely sends the wrong message.

Why do something that would cause resentment in the rest of Asia? Of course the people of Europe would react negatively if Germany made Hitler a God for instance. God-status should be granted to people of good deeds, not people who wage wars of aggression and bring about a lot of death.

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Posted in: Do you think herd immunity in a country can curb the coronavirus? See in context

Sweden tried, but failed. They have more than 5000 Covid-19 related deaths. In comparison Norway (who closed soon) have just over 200 deaths. Of course Sweden (10.2 million) is much bigger than Norway (5.4 million). But still, over 5000 deaths proves that herd immunity is an unattainable target. That's more deaths than China (the number in China is probably higher), but officially that's what they're saying.

Norway and Denmark closed down soon, and moved away from the herd immunity-theory. A move that have likely saved the lives to many people in both Norway and Denmark.

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Posted in: 1st hearing for former Nissan exec Kelly to start Sept 15 See in context

99% sure he'll be convicted

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Posted in: LDP policymakers say Japan should have missile base-striking ability See in context


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Posted in: U.S. says Ghosn's son paid $500,000 in cryptocurrency to man for escape from Japan See in context

He's a genius. He escaped a corrupt "justice"-system were the rate of being found guilty is staggering 99%! Maybe the status of being the boss in 3 different companies got the better of him, but Nissan should still thank him for saving their ass back in the late 1990s. Mr. Fix It fixes everything, even when the odds are against him. Let him go, he saved your beloved Nissan brand.

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Posted in: Are there any circumstances that justify war? See in context

Humanitarian intervention

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Posted in: S Korea to demand removal of Japanese sites from World Heritage list See in context

It's understandable. Japan broke their promise of not showing the compounds brutality on Korean forced labourers which was included in a separate part of a deal with South Korea. This was in order to gain their support for the listing.

Now, South Korea is protesting the listing because Japan have refused to share Battleship Islands history regarding Korean forced labourers to incoming tourists. Don't blame them, they just want to ensure that Japan's brutal reign of their country won't be forgotten, despite internal moves from Japan to do so (LDP/Nippon Kaigi).

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Posted in: Cities around the world are taking steps to remove statues that represent cultural or racial oppression. Do you support such moves? See in context

It's like the Nazi book burning campaign in the 1930s. You can't simply just remove history that doesn't suit you, or that you don't like, it's still a part of our brutal history.

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Posted in: Trailer for 'Attack on Titan' final season released See in context

Why the heck did they have to change the animation studio for the last season? Consistency will be key to ensure a worthy ending for the Attack On Titan-saga, but still not sure why they changed the studio:( Wit Studio had done an amazing job on AOT, why not just finish what you've started!?

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Posted in: Rare online outrage in Japan forces Abe to delay controversial bill See in context

It's like the Japanese people has FINALLY had enough of Abe! Thank heaven for this revelation.

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Posted in: Has Japan dodged the coronavirus bullet? See in context

Nope. Look at the fragmented economy. I would be surprised if Abe is able to live through this crisis as prime minister. This economic downfall is exactly what made the DPJ leave office in 2012. Would surprise me if the same thing didn't happen to Abe.

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Posted in: U.N. chief says pandemic is unleashing a 'tsunami of hate' See in context

Let's be honest though. Accepting more refugees at this critical moment for any nation would be economical suicidal. It's like having your own and your neighbours house on fire, but instead of saving yours, you help your neighbour saving his house instead. The essence of altruism will eventually lead to the downfall of human kind!

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Posted in: 60% in Japan feel gov't handled early stages of virus poorly: poll See in context

Time for a change in governance then

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Posted in: Can a dictatorship better serve the public than a democracy in a pandemic? See in context

Does this question coincide with the possibility of letting Abe Shinzo serve another term as party leader and prime minister? I think the PROC is a clear example that a semi-dicatorship or a full fledged dictatorship is not able to effectively curb a pandemic.

OK, China have managed to stop the spread, but the numbers we have from them are far from reliable, and the spread of the virus could've been stopped if the government just listened to their doctors. This is the result we get from a semi-dictatorship system. Transparency is key to fight an invisible enemy. You won't get that transparency with a dictatorship!

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Posted in: Gov't to give ¥300,000 in cash to each household in need See in context

It's great news, but it will unfortunately lead to more popularity for Abe and a possible re-election next year.

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Posted in: Japan to spend over ¥15 tril as virus hits economy See in context

Japan has a trade deficit of 12 billion dollars, as well as the highest debt in % of GDP at 201%. How can this much more spending by the government calm investors? Is the japanese government turning a blind eye to their fiscal health?

Abe Shinzo is pulling Japan into a never ending story of recession. He's just spending money to gain political support with corporate companies and the broader population of Japan, without thinking of the future fiscal health. Your "Abenomics" has been a failure!

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Posted in: As governments around the world apply strict measures to contain the coronavirus, millions of people are losing their jobs and companies are facing bankruptcy. Do you think the economic fallout is worse than the health impact? See in context

The worldwide deaths are just liek a droplet in the ocean compared to the economic impact of this virus. We've seen Dow Jones plunge with more than 30% in just one month, and daily drops of nearly 13%! That's the worst single day drops since 1987. Some countries were already struggling before this impact, and may now throw them into recession because of the downside in the tourism-sector.

Factories are shutting down, and the "wheels of society" are no longer turning, this might be the worst blow to world economics since WW2! This affect everyone because of globalization, from the markets who sell goods, to the farmer in Africa and South America etc.

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Posted in: Mask diplomacy: China tries to rewrite virus narrative See in context

This virus as well as Ebola is caused by a lack of hygiene. Markets in China and Africa often mix exotic animals in together with "normal" edible animals, which ruins the hygiene. Some speculations about the virus' origin have arisen, but it's needless to say that the source is likely bats, which many of the already existing coronaviruses have come from. Bad hygiene around bats and exotic animals is a NO NO!

Bush people in Congo ate infected bats, which gave rise to the Ebola virus. If only parts of China and some parts of Africa had good hygiene when coming to food, none of this would've probably ever happened. Just proves how essential good hygiene is for human survival!

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Posted in: What to do about the Tokyo Olympics? See in context

The Olympics will lose it's momentum and focus on Japan. If held this year the focus will all be on the virus and not Japan.

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Posted in: Abe tells Trump Japan preparing for Tokyo Olympics as planned See in context

No need to rush the Olympics, haste makes waste!

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