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Posted in: Iran vows harsh response to U.S. killing of top general See in context

Reckless and totally inconsiderate of the U.S.

I wonder what the U.S would've done in retaliation if Iran killed one of their generals? I stand in complete solidarity with Iran during the current situation. It's unacceptable to "out of the blue" just kill another country's general during peace time!

Shame on The Pentagon and president Trump. No longer worthy of protecting the western democracy!

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Posted in: Abe pledges reforms, successful Olympics in New Year's statement See in context

Let's make this clear Abe Shinzo. It's not you who will make the olympics 2020 in Japan a success, it's the tireless contribution made by all the people of Japan that will make this olympic a sucess.

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Posted in: Abe says he is not thinking about 4th term as LDP head See in context

We've heard this before. You're just going to pretend that you won't run, so that your opponents will let their guard down. Then out of nothing just weeks before the deadline, you will surprise them and inevitably propose a 4th term to the LDP-party (wich for you will be accepted of course). Cynical and machiavellian.

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Posted in: What’s better for the environment: a fake Christmas tree or a natural one? See in context

A real christmas tree is the pinnacle of christmas. The christmas tree is said to symbolize the norse tree of Yggdrasil, a tree that never sheds its leaves, also known today as an evergreen tree. To replace a natural tree with such a symbolic meaning with a plastic one is disrespectful and straight out rude.

You can always grow new natural trees for each you take, but you can't take away one quota of CO2 for each CO2 you emit during the production of plastic christmas trees.

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Posted in: Gov't compiles ¥26 tril stimulus package to prop up economy See in context

Where's the money? How can this much overspending be healthy for an economy? No wonder they're discussing the implementation of the MMT-theory in Japan's fiscal policy.

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Posted in: Should food from Fukushima Prefecture be served at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics? See in context

I would challenge Abe Shinzo to try Fukushima-food. He should be the one trying it first.

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Posted in: Ruling bloc calls for ¥10 tril fiscal package to support growth See in context

Where does the money keep popping up from? Japan is nearly 280% of GDP in debt. To keep spending is fiscally suicidal!

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Posted in: Abe visits typhoon-hit areas; emperor's parade to be postponed until Nov 10 See in context

One vote per handshake I guess. Abe never underestimates the power of handshakes.

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Posted in: Do you see any alternative to Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) dumping radioactive water from its destroyed Fukushima nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean as it runs out of room to store it? See in context

It's the easiest way of disposing the radioactive water, but I honestly thought Japan was more innovative than this!

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Posted in: 73,000 households still without power in Chiba 1 week after typhoon See in context

Blame it on Abe and hope for a landslide victory in the next election for the CDP.

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Posted in: Koizumi seeks further innovation in Japan to fight climate change See in context

The worst thing that could happen for Koizumi Shinjiro, is if he becomes Abe's puppet. I would like Koizumi Shinjiro to hold onto his father's (Junichiro Koizumi) ideals of Japan. Becoming Abe's puppet would ruin Koizumi Shinjiro's political future.

People likes Koizumi Shinjiro because he is young, and primarily because he is Junichiro Koizumi's son. Don't forget who fostered you Koizumi Shinjiro!

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Posted in: Nissan chief Saikawa to step down Sept 16; successor to be named See in context

We should expect Nissan to pick a Japanese candidate regardless of any aspirational foreigner seeking the job.

Japanese firms having japanese leaders strenghtens their unity against foreign competition, hence the Keiretsu-system. It will eventually lead to increased animosity against foreign firms and start-ups. It's funny how Japan advocates for a liberal free-trade world, when they're actually doing the opposite in the country. That is called hypocrisy.

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Posted in: Nissan not currently considering asking CEO Saikawa to resign See in context

Japanese companies has an unwritten rule of primarily having Japanese CEOs and managers. And we must not forget the foreign hostile business model, Keiretsu. A wonderful model if you're into Japanese companies, but really damaging for foreign companies.

Carlos Ghosn was a miracle man for Nissan, but they "pushed" him off the cliff, like earlier asked in a JapanToday-poll. They pushed Ghosn off, while warning Saikawa of the dangerous cliff, even though he knew about the misconducts of Carlos Ghosn.

Nissan's handling of Carlos Ghosn, while still holding on to Saikawa is the Japanese way of doing business in a nutshell, kicking out foreign prospectors while holding onto their own. Japan's economy is the modern version of "Sakoku".

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Posted in: UNHCR calls on Japan to do more as refugee approval rate 'quite low' See in context

Asian countries are ruining Europe by not accepting more refugees! Refugee crisis is a world problem not a European. Refugees seek to Europe because it's "easy" and filled with wealth. The last 12 years Japan has accepted a mere 158 asylum seekers. South Korea has accepted only 522 since 1992! China with a population of over 1.4 billion and the world's 3 largest country, "only" has 350 000 refugees. As an example, Sweden with only 11 million inhabitants, has accepted over 280 000.

Do not come to me and say that Asian countries are doing enough for world stability. Asian countries are nationalistic and more interested in saving themselves than helping people in need. That way, the world is now in a state of huge unjust and imbalance. Asia and America should do more!

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Posted in: Emperor Hirohito stopped by PM Yoshida from expressing remorse over war, documents show See in context

As expected by the man who led the merger between the Liberal and Democratic party in 1955 to form LDP which basically ruined Japan's democracy in favor of political stability. And Japan has never except twice that day seen another party in power, 1994-1996 Social Democrat, and from 2009-2012 the Democratic Party.

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Posted in: Mental illness issues could make death penalty impossible for Kyoto Animation arsonist See in context

Uff, that man regardless his mentally illness, should be hanged! We should as ourselves how much of a life does that man really have after having killed 35 souls? He should be sent to God for further judgement, if he's even worthy for a judgement by god.

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Posted in: Call to boycott Tokyo Olympics See in context

2017 Pyeongchang

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Posted in: Call to boycott Tokyo Olympics See in context

I wonder. Did Japan make any attemption to boycott the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics? Of course not, Japan knows better! Stop this nonsense right away South Korea, this is just unecessary!

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Posted in: Japan says S Korea has failed to justify removing Tokyo's fast-track trade status See in context

How did Japan justify removing South Korea from their preferred trade partners again? And with that I mean without bringing up the historical row issues.

This is beginning to look dire for future relations between the two. It might be completely destroyed if we don't see a shift in both nations stance on the issue. A change of goverments should be a great way to start a new era!

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Posted in: South Korea to remove Japan from preferred trade list See in context

As expected. An eye for an eye. Now please negotiate!

Saying that every individual right to compensation is settled by the 1965 agreement is stubborn by Japan to believe. As is South Koreas stance that they can keep making demands of compensation over and over again. Settle your differences once and for all and move on like "normal" countries. That said, the U.N did adopt a resolution in 1996 that said Japan should compensate individual claims made by South Koreans.

It would've certainly helped a lot if Abe and his government stopped downplaying the comfort women issue as well! I understand why you are mad South Korea, but please not let your rage on Abe and Nippon Kaigi affect bileteral ties with the Yamato-people! That's the least you could do. Keep individual compensation claims outside the relation between the Yamato and Korean-people.

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Posted in: Japan, led by less apologetic generation, stays tough in S Korea feud See in context

This is the reason to why we have war. When all "living memories" are perished, war will rise because their voice is lost, unless someone take on their campaign in their absence.

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Posted in: S Korea-Japan dispute puts military pact at stake See in context

Japan only want to keep the agreement because it secures Japan a foothold on the Korean peninsula in terms of intelligence. Japan wants to be recognized as an equal part as South Korea in dealing with North Korea, but will likely find that difficult if the GSOMIA is scrapped.

If South Korea should probably scrap the deal if they find scrapping it advantegous. But, Japan will never accept a scenario where South Korea is seen as the forerunner in dealing with North Korea. Japan wants a piece of that North Korean-cake if we understand Abe Shinzo and Nippon Kaigi. Abe wants to maintain Japanese influence on the peninsula.

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Posted in: Japan considers naming Yomiuri chairman as ambassador to Switzerland See in context

Typical LDP, only favoring media which holds similar views on revisionism and is likewise as conservative. Japan is honestly starting to look like an aristocracy based on LDP.

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Posted in: Multiracial athletes sparking debate in Japan ahead of 2020 Games See in context

Globalization is a fact. But it should not reach to an extent where it's "normal" to call your kid by a non-japanese name in Japan just because of an influx of foreigners. Globalization is thanks to our very distinctive cultures which interacts with each other.

Once cultures become a part of each other and ONE, then we will inevitably lose what created globalization in the first place. Africa is not Europe, Europe is not Asia, Asia is not America and so forth. Let's keep it as it has always been. We are created equal, but differently adapted.

Once we start to fiddle with how nature's created us, then there's no turning back. I do not want Japanese culture to be mixed with other cultures, that's what makes Japanese culture so unique and attractive!

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Posted in: Do you consider the A-bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be war crimes? See in context

War is war. In war there are no rules. If Nagasaki and Hiroshima hadn't taken the final blow, Germany and Berlin would have been the ones falling. We should also remember that Emperor Showa's war instinct was to "never surrender".

It took Emperor Showa two atomic bombs to realize a final defeat. He could've surrendered after the first bomb in Hiroshima, but refused to throw in the towel. He could've spared tens of thousands of human lives, but for him, honour was more important than human lives. We should also remember the atrocities commited by Japan during the Second Sino-Japanese war.

The Hiroshima and Nagsaki bombings are not war atrocities. It was deemed necessary in order to spare both Japan and USA for many potential casualties in case of an invasion. Again, "In war there are no rules to oblige", only the winning side are able to punish their defeated ones.

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Posted in: 10 dead, 16 wounded in shooting in Dayton, Ohio See in context

It's the liberal U.S gun laws that's to blame. This has reached the limit on which we don't care anymore. Change the gun laws or face the dire consequences!

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Posted in: Japan hangs 2 death-row inmates; 1st executions this year See in context

"Do onto others what you will others do onto you". The golden rule is indisputable, I support death sentence.

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Posted in: Gov't delays budget surplus forecast to FY2027 as fiscal reform struggles See in context

The narcissist Abe and his so called "abenomics", my ass!

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Posted in: Japan-Korea trade spat to intensify with new export limits See in context

Unecessary! Abe is just exploiting the current situation to ultimately destroy Japan-Korean relation for good because he see South Korea as a dominant threath against Japans position in East Asia.

Abe is doing nothing in order to maintain ties with South Korea, rather on the contrary he's actually trying to dissolve it! Both Japan and South Korea should stop the spit-spat and work together as friends against even more dominating threats like Russia and China!

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Posted in: S Korean cities suspend exchange programs with Japan See in context

Anyone remember when Osaka cut it's city-ties with San Francisco over the comfort women issue? South Korean cities have the same right to cut ties with Japanese cities if they feel overrun, just the way Osaka felt overrun by San Francisco.

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