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Posted in: NTT to block websites with links to pirated publications See in context

If it hadn’t been for Anime-pirate sites that offers Anime watching for free, Anime would’ve been no where near as popular as it is today.

I myself watch Anime at a pirate site. That’s the reason why I became obsessed with Anime. I know the companies are losing money on it, but they earn it back with their Japanese Manga-sales. If you hunt down these specific pirate sites, it will only contribute to hamper the spread of Anime.

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Posted in: Japan, Cambodia sign $90 mil aid agreement See in context

The ultimate ignorance is complete. This shows that Japan puts their nation’s profits and strategical interests above human rights and ethics.

You even provided ballot boxes to this upcoming dictatorship in Cambodia. How ignorant can you possibly become? Even with Russia and the nerve attack in London. You refuse to criticize Russia just because of the Northern Territories you want back.

This is actively playing a dirty game, Japan. And your government knows it perfectly well.

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Posted in: Even monkeys need a spa day, study finds See in context

This is common sense for anyone living on planet earth. To have your body engulfed in hot natural water is both very relaxing and healthy with regard to the salt crystals the water contains.

Hey, when it works on humans, of course it works on monkeys. They're our closest ancestors! Common sense.

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Posted in: Turning to diplomacy, Abe hopes to change channel from scandal woes See in context

Japan, you cannot let foreign politics decide the future of your country. Of course, you had North Korea, but now the North has shown a more conciliatory tone.

Abe’s influence is directly involved, either he ordered it or not. Abe’s power has influenced people to act on his behalf, and not on the Japanese people’s behalf. This has to end.

A prime minister who cannot control his own government, can no longer guide a country in a transparent manner!

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Posted in: LDP to pursue Abe-proposed amendment of pacifist Constitution See in context

Who the heck are these so called «scholars» who claim the SDF is unconstitutional.

In all reports I’ve read they always cite these «scholars» as a problem for the constitutionality of the SDF. And in all reports, I can find no explicit reference to any of them. I want proof, that some people are questioning the existence of the SDF-forces!!

It seems weird that someone would question the existence of one of the world’s strongest military!

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Posted in: Abe takes blame for loss of trust over scandal as polls dive, but denies involvement See in context

Okey, let’s say that you didn’t know about the altered documents. And that it was your subordinates that ordered the alteration. This proves that you as Prime Minister of Japan has no control over your government!

In fact you should still resign, as this proves your inability to govern Japan in a stable and content manner! A Prime Minister who has lost control over his government can no longer rule efficiently or honestly.

Deep inside, everyone know that you knew about the documents existence. You’re just trying to push the blame onto someone else, just to save yourself. Man, this is a disgrace to former Prime Ministers.

Japan, make him resign and form a new government. We’ve been keeping up with this for too long!

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Posted in: Japan's 'sontaku' clouds where the buck stops in school scandal See in context

But hey, let’s be honest. Abe should’ve been more careful in this case. A discount to the school your wife serves as a honorary principal, should have been enough to alarm you.

You should’ve done your own research and you should’ve also guaranteed the «neutral» discount to the parliament before this cronyism arised. You’ve been sleeping in class, Abe. And now face the consequences! Don’t even try to blame others.

Even if it wasn’t you who ordered it as you said, you still should’ve seen this coming!!

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Posted in: Abe's support rate falls to 39% as demonstrations continue See in context

Suga Yoshihide, you're saying you THOUGHT your aide reported the matter about the alterations to Abe the same day on March 6th. When governing a country, you should not have thought that he did it, you should have known that he reported the matter!

You should've reported it to Abe yourself to guarantee the message had arrived. This is a breach of trust and efficiency. Sounds like everyone in the government is involved, and are now trying to blame it on each other. What a total mess!

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Posted in: Abe's office knew of possible problems with land deal documents: Suga See in context

Ha ha, if the office of the Prime Minister knew about the alterations, of course they must’ve notified Abe about it! If not, I would say that the Abe administration should resign anyway because lack of transparency and efficiency.

Well, when you knew your wife was the honerary principal of the school, you should’ve seen this coming! Like, a sharp discount to the school your wife is a honarary principal at, should’ve been enough to get you moving in the first place!

Now you stand there as a question-mark, trying to delete evidence. Is that how Japanese traditions work these days?! Kick him, Japan!

Haven’t you had enough?

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Posted in: Gov't considers abolishing political fairness clause in broadcasting law See in context

This is only a move to boost powerful broadcasters like NHK’s positive and protectionist view of the government.

This will enable beoadcasters with state subsidies to only air pro-governmental programs. This is alarming, especially with the upcoming article 9 debate!

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Posted in: Finance Ministry admits altering land sale documents, removing name of Abe's wife See in context

The government has been fooling you, Japan! If you let the current administration continue even after this, then I don’t know what’s in your head, Japan.

These are clear signs of cronyism, and corruption. Japan, you can’t accept the apology. An apology is no guarantee for this not happening again. Off with Abe once and for all!

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Posted in: Japanese firm seeks to spawn salmon farm revolution See in context

Norway, who introduced your country to salmon, who actually made your people discover the safety of eating salmon, and now you're trying to beat them with their own market strategy! Wow, that's rude.

You're saying that one day Japan can tip Norway of the top spot for salmon export. The country who introduced you to salmon, the country who made you see the benefits of salmon. And now you want to beat them? That's as cynical as you can get it. And it's a lack of respect and appreciation!

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Posted in: Gov't to remove contentious part in labor reform draft bill: Abe See in context

And it was the opposition forces who discovered the flaw.

The public should openly thank the opposition from preventing the goverment of exploiting the country’s workers!

It wasn’t LDP who voluntarily decided to scrap the bill, the opposition rightfully pressed them to do it. The opposition should be applauded for their continous effort to protect the people of Japan.

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Posted in: Gov't eyes making permanent residency easier for 'Cool Japan' talent See in context

In short, only people who serve to boost Japan’s cultural export are allowed permanent residency.

Japan runs an agressive form of cultural expansion.

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Posted in: Mongolia protests Japanese kids' cartoon mocking Genghis Khan See in context

Who would even dare to mock great Genghis Khan? He's most likely the forefather of every human being in Asia, since the rape and pillaging during his conquest were dominant. Mocking Genghis Khan is like mocking your own forefather, especially if you live in Asia, but to a great extent also in eastern Europe.

Just think of having the blood of the history's greatest warlord in your veins!

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Posted in: Hokkaido man to sue gov't over forced sterilization under eugenics law See in context

This Eugenic-law is LDP in a nutshell.

Superiority and state intervention above people’s privacy and daily life.

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Posted in: Gov't proposes Y2,000 casino admission fee for Japan residents See in context

This will be like a continuation of Japan’s 1970-1990 bubble economy, which you have still to recover from with 280% of GDP in dept!

Allowing casinoes will only benefit rich people who can afford it. People with less afford are likely to lend money, and most likely thereby lose it. Only expanding Japan’s debt.

No good!

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Posted in: Japan donates ballot boxes worth $7.5 mil for Cambodia election See in context

Supporting a dictatorship with ballot boxes is the ultimate ignorance!

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Posted in: Abe says gov't needs to ease impact of sales tax hike See in context

By postponing it yet again for instance! You’ve done it 3 times before, no damage by postponing it once more, Abe?

As long as you get to become Japan’s longest reigning prime minister, the economy doesn’t matter for you! You should’ve introduced this consumption tax years ago. But you just postponed it to gain people’s support, because you knew they wouldn’t like it. Just to stay in power!

Fiscal reforms are though, but necessary. People aren’t supposed to like it!

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Posted in: Olympic Medals Table See in context

Nice to see that Norway with only 5,3 million population beats more populous countries like USA (323 million), Japan (127 million) and Germany with (83 million). That is one hell of an achievement. Despite their dominance, they deserve it!

Norway has only 5,3 million people to train and make athletes out of, realistically maybe around half. USA has 323 million to choose from to train and make athletes out of. That is 62 times the population of Norway! It just shows how passionate Norwegians are about Winter Sports.

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Posted in: BOJ chief Kuroda likely to face challenging 2nd term See in context

What is it with Abe's administration and everyone in powerful positions receiving longer terms and their predecessors not? Even Abe was slated to back down as leader in 2016 after the term limit for LDP-leader came to an end, but rather hastily got it changed to allow him to serve 4 more years!

Koizumi Junichiro, respected this term limit and stepped down in 2006 after 6 years as party-leader. Koizumi could've definitely won another election, but still he respected "democracy". Why do people suddenly allow Abe and his affiliates to extend their terms, year after year?!

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Posted in: Is a unified Korea possible in the foreseeable future? See in context

Kim Jong Un's forefathers have always said that a unified Korea is in the greatest interest of DPRK. Considering none of them managed to gain any momentum on this issue, I believe Kim Jong Un will be keen to mark a new era of Unification-prospect in North Korea.

After a meeting between South and North in 2002, the leader of South (Kim Dae Jung) expressed willingness to unify within a 15 year period, while the North Korean leader (Kim Jong Il) was more pessimistic with his unification within a 25-year period. But still, this marked the first time the North and South had actually reflected upon a possible reunification.

Only to be utterly destroyed by Bush's speech in 2006 where he claimed that North Korea had secretly built a nuclear arsenal. Indeed they had, but it made South Korea side with the U.S instead of their brothers and sisters in North. This created a situation where North felt betrayed by their family in South, and effectively abandoned any reunification-talks. Until now, with Kim Jong Un in power.

It just proves that North Korea has always been serious about reunification!

Now it's up to Japan, U.S, Russia and China, if they can keep their mouth shut until the Korean peninsula has been reunified!

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Posted in: Japanese foreign minister warns against N Korea's 'smile diplomacy' See in context

Do me a favor and shut up! Let the Koreans handle the issues surrounding their Korean-family, and without any involvement from either USA or Japan!

You're involvements from the U.S and Japan has done more harm than good on the Korean Peninsula.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't worried S Korea may rush into talks with N Korea See in context

Hold your tongue, Abe! Enough is enough. You've done more harm than good in Asia. You know what, Abe; Korea is one people, Korea has one unique language and writing system, and Korea is one fellow family! The country who created this situation with a divided Korea, was your ancestors Abe, when they rushed in and colonized Korea in 1910.

When issues arise in families, do you know who has to resolve those issues in order to maintain stability and peace? The family itself! So let the Korea-family resolve their own issues in peace and quiet!

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Posted in: N Korean leader invites S Korea's Moon to the North See in context

Who cares about USA's stance! Korea is Korea, and it's up to the Korean-family to resolve the issues surrounding their family. Russia, China, Japan and USA should hold their tongue and let Korea be Korea for Christ sake!

Mike Pence not standing in respect during the "Unified-Korea" march is just utterly Machiavellian, and proves that a unified Korea is not in the interests of the USA-government. You say one thing, but do the other, USA! You should be shameful.

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Posted in: Japan protests unified Korea Olympic flag with disputed isles See in context

Give it a rest for christ sake, Japan. Are you really going to destroy the friendly Korean sentiment by pointing out errors in their unification flag, whose errors by the way only applies for you Japan.

Are these islands worth more for you, than a world where North and South Koreans can enjoy and thrive together? That's just the ultimate cynical and Machiavellian stance I've seen. You even colonized Korea, and yet again you are claiming their areas!? Abe, calm down and just see the world pass on for a slight second without your stupid involvement.

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Posted in: Newcomer defeats anti-U.S. base incumbent in Nago mayoral race See in context

It seems like 80% and so are above 50 years on that picture! There you have the core-voters for LDP-party.

Young ones don’t care that much about election. Only retired and old people who’ve grown up with LDP in power, have the time and energy to vote in these elections. Get the younger generation to realize that their democratic is not something to be tossed away!

Democracy is not something that you should take for granted!

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Posted in: Incumbents win in Nagasaki, Yamaguchi gubernatorial elections See in context

When voter’s turnout falls below 50%, the elections should be declared undemocratic!

The LDP always gets their way because of fiscal reforms and local revitilization promises. On the other hand, that’s not really their goal. It’s just like Hitler before WW2. promising fiscal reforms, but rather rapidly increase nationalism propaganda at the same time!

Haven’t we seen this trend with LDP-party the last 5 years with Abe in lead?! Come on, Japan.

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Posted in: Old hands worry Kono's Twitter diplomacy sends wrong message on China See in context

This selfie prooves the integral bonds between Japan and China. Even though disagreeing, you are sharing the same waves. That from time to time moves up and down.

I am greatful that Kono acknowledges this. This has to be a heavy blow to Abe’s nationalistic campaign! You can’t change the course of history, Abe.

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Posted in: Abe disagrees with calls to drastically rewrite war-renouncing Article 9 See in context

He's just trying to gain the Japanese population's support for his stance, only to exploit it for the worse when he has secured the victory!:(

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