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Posted in: Japan is safest place to be born, UNICEF report says See in context


It depends by what you mean by "how they treat pregnant mothers". If you are referring to being strict with regard to body-weight and diet (as most posters in the previous article were) I think the two are very much related. If you are referring to them being rude or something like that then that is a different story.

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Posted in: Japan is safest place to be born, UNICEF report says See in context

Just recently there was another article where the discussion veered towards doctors and giving birth in Japan and there was a ton of foreigners lambasting the Japanese doctors and hospitals, thinking they actually knew better than the trained professionals... guess this article shows just how well the Japanese doctors and hospitals are doing!

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Posted in: Your car or mine? Latest survey finds car sex a popular activity See in context

Hard to believe anyone driving a Renault Kangoo would be getting any...

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Posted in: Osaka teacher fired for posing as student and asking 200 women about their sex lives See in context

It is a very safe country if you are a middle-aged man. However, the reality is very different if you are a child, woman or elderly or, all three.

I think it would be quite difficult to be all three...

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Posted in: Japan's average adult height declining for those born in 1980 or later See in context

There seems to be a lot of comments of bad Japanese doctors and untrained foreigners who know better, but my wife followed her Japanese doctors advice closely and gave birth to a perfectly healthy child who weighed just over 3000 grams if I remember correctly.

By the way, it is not healthy for the pregnant mother to go wild and eat whatever she wants and to gain as much weight as possible.

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Posted in: Without NHL players, Olympic tournament is wide open See in context

The NHL should really be ashamed of itself, preventing it's players from going to the Olympics.

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Posted in: What is Japan’s most used on-demand video streaming service? See in context

Amazon prime video is a great deal, no doubt about it. My biggest issue is that sometimes originally English TV shows have the English audio stripped out sometimes so only the Japanese audio is available (I've only seen it so far for children's shows, like Curious George for example).

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Posted in: Parents initiating teens to drinking a bad idea: study See in context

I'm not sure this study is very useful... it raises a lot of questions and doesn't offer too many concrete answers. I would especially like to see the numbers for after the children turned 18 and were able to buy their own alcohol, especially when entering university/the work force. I've seen so many times children that were very sheltered growing up go on a serious "wild" streaks when they become independent.

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Posted in: Logan Paul dealing with fallout from controversial blog post See in context

FFS, please stop making stupid people famous!

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Posted in: 11-year-old girl killed after wheel loader hits kids with impaired hearing See in context

@Slickdrifter - thanks for the link to the picture of the tractor. I was actually thinking about how most of these small tractors/loaders usually have separated pedals, so it's left foot on the brake, right foot on the gas. That seems to be the case for this one as well.

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Posted in: Japan's labor crunch leads to tightest job market in 40 years See in context

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the government will accelerate efforts to improve labor market conditions that directly affect the lives of ordinary people under the "Abenomics" policy mix.

These jokers don't know anything about the "ordinary people", they've been living in their privileged bubbles since they the day they were born. It's all empty words anyways though, they don't care about the common people, they just want to raise their consumption numbers so they can say they are improving the economy.

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Posted in: Consumer centers receive increasing inquires about virtual currencies See in context

@fxgai - maybe you can answer my question - what tax is applicable to bitcoin gains? Is it different from the capital gains tax for stocks (which fixed at 20% I believe)?

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Posted in: Consumer centers receive increasing inquires about virtual currencies See in context

@mmwkdw - what is that 50% tax? Where did you get that information from?

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Posted in: A World Cup fix & flaws in referee integrity checks See in context

Corrupt Fifa banning a corrupt referee, oh the irony! I guess they don't like people who are corrupt independent of them!

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Posted in: Japanese woman publishes book about being groped on trains for six years, from age 12 to 18 See in context

An under-cover police officer should have followed her everyday for a couple months - if she was being molested nearly everyday by different people, they could have put away a few dozen creeps in one short operation!

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Posted in: U.S. travel industry launches plan to reverse tourism decline See in context

Agreed, American customs/immigration staff are horrible, they all seem to have God-complexes and just love to use/abuse their authority. They could also get rid of those ESTAs that they make most tourists pay just to get into the country, for a start.

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Posted in: Teacher says Japanese schools’ mandatory extracurricular activity rules don’t benefit students See in context

@Middleoftheroad - But what was their reason for saying your kids shouldn't be doing chores?

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Posted in: Teacher says Japanese schools’ mandatory extracurricular activity rules don’t benefit students See in context

@Middleoftheroad - I'm interested to hear why your son's teacher thought you shouldn't have your kids do housework? And why he thought it was any of his business?

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Posted in: Japan's U.S. LPG imports to hit record in 2017, topping Middle East See in context

Certainly better than giving money to countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia!

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Posted in: 2 men killed in car-truck crash in Shizuoka See in context

How strong a car's frame is and whether it can "slice through" another car is not relevant to safety - actually the inverse is true. Modern cars are designed to crumple and take as much of the force of the impact as possible to reduce the impact to the driver.

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Posted in: Ruling parties approve income tax reform package for FY2018 See in context

They should double the tax on cigarettes. I believe it's still very cheap compared to other developed countries.

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Posted in: Messaging app Line skyrockets in Tokyo trading as profits jump See in context

Line is definitely better than a lot of other messaging products that are popular in the rest of the world. WhatsApp also has some serious privacy concerns since they got bought by Facebook, and Facebook spies on it's users.

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Posted in: Abe calls for pay hike for 5th year as wage growth remains tepid See in context

Just a quick math correction: 8% to 10% is a 2% increase in absolute terms, but it is actually a 25% increase of the current tax rate. And going from 5% to 10% during abe's reign is a 100% increase. So after the next rise we will be paying 100% more sales tax as compared to 5 years ago...

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Posted in: You’re not really Japanese; you just look the part See in context

Someone with no power wanted to flex their ego.

This. This is so common in Japan. Well, I guess it's pretty common all over the world, but maybe more so in Japan because "the nail that sticks out" and all that, people here love telling off anyone who isn't following the rules exactly. Any small excus will do for the type of people that love to do this.

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Posted in: Can a woman have a good time at a Japanese love hotel on her own? See in context

The personal sauna and karaoke machine are pretty sweet I'd have to say! I don't think I've ever had a hotel room with those amenities!

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Posted in: Britain warns Boeing it might miss out on business over Bombardier row See in context

As a Canadian I'd like to see Bombardier be severely chastised in some way. They suck up government money to cover for their sloppy management, then give their managers huge bonuses from that government money. Not to mention they are corrupt as sin.


Bombardier is the Canadian version of "too big to fail".

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Posted in: Fiscal health takes backseat amid free education drive See in context

Who does the government pay that money to?

JGBs are another safe-haven favorite, with foreign buyers on the rise.

You answer your own question in a later post. JGB's is one example of how the government has to pay interest on it's debt. You say you have an econ degree so I will assume you know how bonds work.

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Posted in: Fiscal health takes backseat amid free education drive See in context

Basically correct. More like a spreadsheet game.

It may be a spreadsheet game and it may not be in danger of defaulting because it can print its own money (I'll assume you're correct for the argument's sake), but it still has to pay a huge price to service it's debt, which is just poor money management.

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Posted in: What is the best way to get more men to take paternity leave? See in context

IS there even paternity leave in Japan? Like proper leave covered by the social security/national health scheme?

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Posted in: A celebrity listing crashes Japanese exchange's party See in context

You can't call this investing as there is no value to these "valus", it's pure speculation/gambling. I'm struggling to understand why someone would buy valus of a person listing themself. For people fundraising or whatever I can understand, but a YouTube star??

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