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Posted in: Fiscal health takes backseat amid free education drive See in context

Imagine all the services they could pay for if they didn't have to pay a quarter of their budget paying interest on their debt!

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Posted in: U.S. music industry soars as streaming hits 30 million See in context

Despite the strong growth, the association said that sales were still below levels from before the advent of the internet -- which devastated the music industry as fans flocked online.

Sorry, I don't think it'll ever go back to those overpriced, gouging highs again, consumers won't stand for it anymore.

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Posted in: Japanese men wrongly believe other men dislike paternity leave: study See in context

Is there actually official paid paternity leave in Japan? Or would it just be unpaid leave?

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Posted in: An often-forgotten part of Japanese train etiquette that we should all keep in mind See in context

This does happen. If I sit there and it happens to me I gently but firmly push the offending object away. I think people usually get it. When I'm the one standing there I'm careful to not hit the person sitting down. However, I think JR trains have a better separating wall than other train lines so it's not usually a problem on JR.

Now if we could just get all the people to stop constantly sniffling and hitting people with their backpacks (because they don't take them off their back while standing in the middle of the train)...

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Posted in: New party of Tokyo Gov Koike's ally to field dozens of candidates See in context

One can only hope that the Japanese population will remember all the scandals and arrogance of the LDP, and see through this flimsy attempt to cash in on the North Korea situation. One can hope...

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Posted in: Hikers advised to get insurance against mountaineering accidents See in context

"Deploying a helicopter can cost up to 10,000 yen per minute and daily payments to a rescuer working on a volunteer basis could come to several tens of thousands yen."

I don't get it, if they are volunteers why do you have to pay them?

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Posted in: Clinton takes blame in upcoming book but responds to critics See in context

She should "take responsibility" for being such an onerous human being. Almost any other candidate would have swept the field against Trump, but the arrogant democrats had already chosen their bed-mate, and the loss serves them right in the end (even if I'm no fan of Trump).

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Posted in: Growing dilemma: Automated jobs meet social consciousness See in context

bringing drinks ordered by smartphone and poured by a bartender — who still receives a tip.

Why? Why does simply pouring a drink deserve a tip? Not that I think they deserve a tip even if they are delivering the drink personally. Such a stupid American custom.

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Posted in: More than 300 people suffer hearing loss after contracting mumps See in context

The side effects on the public coffers perhaps? I think it's ridiculous that many vaccines are covered by national insurance, but some other equally important vaccines like this one are voluntary, meaning the patient/parents have to pay for them.

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Posted in: Are you satisfied with the service the airline industry generally delivers on planes and at airports? See in context

Japanese airlines are very good, Air Canada is so-so, United airlines is the worst I've been on. The CA on Japanese airlines are waaay better than on North American airlines. The CA on North American airlines for international flights are especially bad because they are the veterans with union backed job security and they generally couldn't care less about the passengers.

I once asked a CA on Air Canada for a beer and she fixed me with a dirty look before saying in an overly (sarcastically) sweet voice "You know you can get it yourself, right?". Sorry for asking you to do your job!

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Posted in: There is no way we will support a 'sayonara' tax for tourists leaving Japan. See in context

@tmarie - what's this about a new tax for foreigners who have lived here?

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Posted in: What do you think about the way foreign movies and TV programs portray Japanese society, people and culture? See in context

it's not one of those "hey; those kerrraaazy Japanese" type of films.

Portrayal of Japanese culture/people is often not very accurate, but for some reason the "Japan is so crazy!" shows piss me off the most. Most of the time they are not even accurate about what they are portraying.

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Posted in: Foreigners account for 30% of illegal cord blood therapy patients See in context

Still no hints as to where the cord blood was originally obtained. I hope that hospitals aren't conducting a shady side-business selling the cord blood from unsuspecting mothers, but I can't help but be a little suspicious. I wish the journalists would do more digging into this instead of focusing on the more sensationalist headline of the number of foreigners being treated.

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Posted in: 6 arrested over unauthorized stem cell therapy using cord blood See in context

Another question I have is where are they getting this cord blood from? Are hospitals running a side-racket selling umbilical cord blood/placentas after they perform births? Do they ask permission from the mothers, or are they doing it all behind their backs?

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Posted in: McDonalds to limit use of antibiotics in chicken supply See in context

Good move, should have done it much sooner.

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Posted in: Complaints on rise about private detectives' unsatisfactory services See in context

If they just went to the site to browse, how are they being billed? They must have entered in credit card information or something similar, so they should have known there was a risk that they would be charged. Internet porn sites are not exactly paragons of integrity...

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Posted in: TEPCO faces $5 bil lawsuit in U.S. over 2011 Fukushima disaster See in context

I'm with SaikoPhysco, if they volunteered and went to Fukushima themselves after the meltdown they had to have known there would be a definite risk of radiation in the area. The reasoning of this lawsuit doesn't make any sense to me, unless it really just is the bold-faced money-grab as it appears to be.

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Posted in: Robot for hire programmed to perform Buddhist funeral rites See in context

To be honest, I'd rather have that robot do my funeral than one of those greedy buddhist monks. 240,000 (or more, often much more) to chant for less than an hour? Then there's the "extended-warranty" scam of the Japanese funeral industry with the "kaimyo" (new name after death) which will be another few hundred thousand yen...

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Posted in: Australian researchers report peanut allergy breakthrough See in context

What I find very interesting is that peanut allergies are on the rise in the west, but are not much of an issue here in Japan. What is accounting for this difference?

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Posted in: Changing tastes brew bitter times for Japan's beer makers See in context

Yeah, the main problem is definitely the customs of today's young people. It's definitely not that all Japanese beers are pretty much the same (mediocre rice/pale lagers), and all of them are very expensive compared to other alcohol. Make a commercial with Jonny Depp, that'll definitely fix things!!

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Posted in: What are some things that, no matter how long you have lived in Japan, you still haven't gotten used to? See in context

Above I meant slurping Japanese noodle dishes I can handle, because pasta is of course also noodles but should never be slurped.

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Posted in: What are some things that, no matter how long you have lived in Japan, you still haven't gotten used to? See in context

Slurping noodles I can handle because it's part of "the culture" I suppose, but slurping everything else like DiscoJ said is too much. The worst is when you go to a fancy Italian restaurant and there are people slurping the spaghetti...

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Posted in: Inada leaves Defense Ministry with no apology over coverup scandal See in context

Good riddance you useless tool! And don't ever come back!

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Posted in: 'Couple-busting' company finds who your spouse is cheating with; becomes friends with them See in context

I could think of other stuff I'd like to hire someone to do to the person cheating with my partner...

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Posted in: Woman dies from tick-borne disease after bitten by stray cat See in context

The problem is that if you feed the stray cats they multiply, and then you end up with even more "starving cats". So which is more humane? It's a difficult question.

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Posted in: Woman dies from tick-borne disease after bitten by stray cat See in context

There is no effective medicine to treat the disease.

Very scary. At least Lyme disease is treatable if you start treatment soon enough.

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Posted in: Majority of governors back firmer anti-passive smoking steps: survey See in context

The survey also showed that only two prefectures -- Kanagawa and Hyogo -- have their own ordinances to counter passive smoking.

Kanagawa supposedly has it's own ordinance, but there are still tons of restaurants here that allow smoking - not even separated between smoking/non-smoking, the whole restaurant is "smoking". Just try to find a Chinese restaurant here that is smoke free.

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Posted in: The maximum pachinko profit for an average playing time of four hours will be set at below ¥50,000 from the current level of more than ¥100,000. See in context

I don't see how this will do anything other than increase the profits of pachinko parlours (and all the former police officers in charge of the industry). Agree with Reckless, if they set a limit to the profit, they should correspondingly limit the losses as well.

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Posted in: What sort of scenes in movies make you want to throw things at the screen or yell at the characters for doing stupid things? See in context

All of Indiana Jones 4, probably one of the worst pieces of garbage I ever saw. Cloverfield also made me really want to throw something at the screen when it was finished for wasting more than 2 hours of my time.

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Posted in: Japan Tobacco, other companies still subverting anti-smoking moves: WHO See in context

There's no will to change things because all the dirty old men in charge of the country all smoke themselves. They're all still wishing for a return of the "good old days" when they smoked in the office and in meetings.

My city never introduced a fine. But the introduced a city-wide ban on throwing butts away.

@pacint - how did that end up working? I'm sick of those rude, ignorant smokers who throw their butts out wherever they are. Kudos to the ones who bring those portable ashtray pouches with them, or smoke only in designated areas with butt cans/ash trays.

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