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Posted in: Can big-screen comedy survive the superhero era? See in context

I for one have had more than enough of super hero films and big blockbuster action movie sequels. No more transformers or spider mans please!

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Posted in: Model Jessica Michibata announces pregnancy on Instagram See in context

Who cares? When did JT turn into a celebrity gossip rag?

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Posted in: Abe's sagging support dims outlook for revising constitution See in context

@joyridingonthetitanic - exactly, he's just trying to carry on the legacy of his racist war-criminal scum grandfather. I imagine he has been indoctrinated about restoring the might of the great Nippon and the pure Nipponjin people since he was a little boy.

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Posted in: Police have footage of accused nurse lacing coworker's drink See in context

What scum. Not only is she trying to kill her co-workers, but also endangering all the people on the roads too. Lock her up for the rest of her miserable life!

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Posted in: Japan vows to ramp up efforts to export renewable energy technology See in context

In other news Japan is looking to open up 47 new coal plants in the next decade or so. Then there's all the nuke plants they hope to open up. That's obviously a country that has mastered renewable energy technology!

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Posted in: Saudi Arabia tightens its grip on Japan, its biggest Asian oil market See in context

So why does Japan pay a premium compared to other countries? No wonder gas prices are so high over here!

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Posted in: Venomous fire ant found in cargo at Tokyo port See in context


Except that when the fire ants spread all over Japan, you'll have to pay out on those policies... may not be very lucrative in the end.

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Posted in: EU, Japan seal free trade deal in signal to Trump See in context

Quotas on soft cheeses like feta and mozzarella will still protect Japan's culturally sensitive dairy sector.

What the heck is a "culturally sensitive dairy sector"? Maybe they meant "bloated" or "uncompetitive"? Which means that we won't be seeing the quality, cheap cheeses of Europe in Japan any time soon?

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Posted in: Mobiles for medals See in context

I think I've heard that you can sell your old PCs or mobile phones to companies who mine the precious metals inside... anyone have any information about doing that? Or is getting someone to take it for free the best you can expect?

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Posted in: Man gets 2 1/2 years for reckless driving resulting in death See in context

@WilliB - I completely agree. I tried to upvote you but for some reason it doesn't work for you comment (it works for other comments though)...

I also really wish the police would crack down on using smartphones and other distractions while driving. I see it all the time and it's so dangerous. They need some very strict punishments and equally strict implementation of the law.

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Posted in: New coal power plants may block Japan's carbon emissions goal: environment minister See in context

The US withdrew, but with plans to build 41 new coal plants in the next ten years, Japan is basically doing the same thing just without the formal declaration. The vast percentage of the population is against it, it's ridiculous that they have plants to build even one more plant, never mind 41!

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Posted in: New 'Sugoi Kawaii' maid cafe in Akihabara now hiring foreigners See in context

Maybe he was referring to foreigners working as English teachers for shady companies where they are basically exploited, somewhat akin to the maid cafe in the article?

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Posted in: New 'Sugoi Kawaii' maid cafe in Akihabara now hiring foreigners See in context

Why would any self respecting foreigner work at such a place for such low pay?

Plenty of English teachers do just this.

Surely even low paying English schools pay better than 1000 yen/hour though, no?

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Posted in: Abe's ally denies receiving secret donations from school at center of scandal See in context

Can someone in the know explain to me exactly what this Sunday's election is about? Is it different than the election last year that saw Koike become governor, or did Koike call another election to try to gain more seats than last time? It's all confusing to me that there are LDP in all the different elections in Japan...

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Posted in: New 'Sugoi Kawaii' maid cafe in Akihabara now hiring foreigners See in context

“gaijin” means “foreigner”

It does, but it has condescending connotations. Gaikokujin would be the correct word to use. Somehow I doubt this company is actually run by foreigners as the tag line would suggest. The whole thing reeks of casual Japanese racism. Why would any self respecting foreigner work at such a place for such low pay?

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Posted in: Nissan's Ghosn was paid Y1.1 billion in FY 2016 See in context

Interestingly at most companies and with most executives in Japan, this is not the case. Japan's Companies Act requires shareholder approval of the pay (including base pay, bonuses, stock options and retirement benefits) for the board of directors, and that is a binding vote (as opposed to the US where it is non binding).

That is interesting, and in my opinion a good thing. It probably explains why executive pay in Japan is not out of control like it is in the US.

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Posted in: Nissan's Ghosn was paid Y1.1 billion in FY 2016 See in context

Unless you own shares of a company what that company pays it's employees is none of your concern. The stockholders in companies in the US and Europe obviously place value on attaining a good chief executive and choose to pay the market price for one.

Such a naive opinion, you obviously don't know how it typically works. Often CEOs and boards propose huge pay raises for each other and shareholders don't even get a direct say on it, or it's a non-binding vote. And even when they do get a say, the executives usually own enough shares themselves together with the typical default pro-management votes of hedge funds that the proposals typically pass.

Another issue is that executives base pay on the pay of executives from a pool of other similar companies - but the other companies are all doing the same so when one company increases, the others all follow suit. Therefore it creates an upward spiral and executive pay just keeps on skyrocketing.

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Posted in: Nissan's Ghosn was paid Y1.1 billion in FY 2016 See in context

It's a lot of money, but it's still nothing compared to the absolutely criminal amounts that CEOs in the USA and parts of Europe receive...

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Posted in: Accused 'black widow' serial killer claims innocence See in context

Of course she has "dementia", how convenient for her. Just like that old crook Ishihara.

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Posted in: Man gets life in prison for murdering mistress, baby See in context

What kind of monster can strangle their 7-month son in cold blood? I can't even imagine it. This guy deserves the harshest penalty there is.

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Posted in: Japan is renowned for its customer service. Is it overrated or well-deserved? See in context

In general it is excellent. It completely disproves the argument back home that tipping is needed to ensure good service - the best service I've ever had has been in Japan, and no tip was required. You also don't have to endure meaningless small chat/flirting by a server trying to get a bigger tip.

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Posted in: U.S. thirst rises for Japanese whisky See in context

Stop it US! You're just making the already inflated prices rise more! Then there's that damn nhk drama...

I pine for the days when I could get a bottle of Yoichi for 1500 yen...

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Posted in: Mori says Tokyo faces transport crisis following Tsukiji decision See in context

This corrupt, incompetent, old dinosaur needs to shut his mouth (and preferably retire/just go away). Koike is thinking of the health and welfare of the citizens - the number one priority of a politician - who gives a flying flip about the olympics in comparison to that??

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Posted in: Fiat Chrysler denies report it has decided to pull Chrysler brand from Japan See in context

I've occasionally seen Jeeps, but I'm talking about the Chrysler brand.

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Posted in: Fiat Chrysler denies report it has decided to pull Chrysler brand from Japan See in context

There are Chryslers in Japan?? I honestly can't remember ever seeing one!

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Posted in: Wealthy depositors' bank info stolen, handed to suspected criminals See in context

I would be extremely worried if I was one of those whose data was stolen - who knows how widely that information was distributed in the criminal world? Who knows when a criminal group will decide to target you or your family? The customers should move and change their phone numbers etc., and charge it all to the bank.

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Posted in: Japan doing poorly in ending child poverty among developed nations: UNICEF See in context

"It's your duty to your country to have many children! Don't expect any real support though..."

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Posted in: Tight fit See in context

If the big guy got off they could fit three more people on!

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Posted in: 'Conspiracy' law enacted through rare Diet tactic See in context

Under the new law, members of "terrorist groups or other organized crime groups" can be punished for carrying out specific actions in preparation for 277 different crimes, ranging from arson to copyright violation.

Ah yes, that terrible, terrible copyright violation terrorism. The citizens will never truly be safe until this is eradicated!

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