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Posted in: Trump: Japanese will 'watch Sony TV' if U.S. is attacked See in context

Well, according to Mr. Trump he does "know more than the Generals."

^ I am not making that up.

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Posted in: Fantasy sci-fi anime 'Sword Art Online' to become a live-action, U.S.-produced TV series See in context

I really want Gun Gale Online. It was a focal point of SOA2 and it looked like it would be a ton of fun! Let's go! Make it happen!

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Posted in: Japan's 'Little Tiger' treads samurai path to Muay Thai fame See in context

Wow! That's Soooo Cool!!!!

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Posted in: Teen couple arrested for burying newborn baby in park See in context

My God bless that poor baby.

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Posted in: Naked passenger arrested for causing damage inside taxi See in context

If he was naked, how did he pay for the ride?

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Posted in: Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford joins BABYMETAL onstage for epic performance See in context

I love this! Without innovation, Metal (like all things) will grow stagnate and die.

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Posted in: Scientists outline strategy for AIDS cure See in context

How far we've come! We still have far to go but many hands make light work. I pray for their success.

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Posted in: Delta to offer all inflight entertainment for free See in context

Good! Let's hope that other airlines follow suit!

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Posted in: World’s strongest carbonated Pepsi, packaged in a new reinforced bottle See in context

Diet Coke should do this so I can get that mentos-bottle rocket I always wanted!

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Posted in: Musician Prince dies at his Minnesota home at 57 See in context

Wow! The world lost an amazing artist today. He was a beautiful person and performer. We should be glad that we lived in an era at the same time as David Bowie, Merle Haggard, and Prince. The stars will shine just a bit dimmer over the music world tonight... R.I.P.

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Posted in: First Look: 'Captain America: Civil War' debuts at CinemaCon See in context

I can't wait to see this!


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Posted in: Ken Watanabe returns to Broadway after cancer surgery See in context

Way to go! You're in my prayers!

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Posted in: Thousands surround Diet to protest at U.S. base relocation plan See in context

The bases are there on Okinawa now because Okinawa needs the money that the bases bring in on a daily basis. Does anyone here think that the Diet will give any monies to development and sustainment of the island? NO WAY. This way the Diet can spread their funds throughout the mainland whereas the U.S. will spread funds throughout Okinawa. It's been this way since the war and it isn't changing now.

When the bases go, they take their dollars with them...

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Posted in: Actor Ken Watanabe battling stomach cancer See in context

I'm praying that he has a full recovery.

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Posted in: Microsoft wants you using Windows 10, like it or not See in context

I've tried to install W10 on my top of the line gaming computer and I can't get it to run. My local store wants to charge me $80 to upgrade! I'll wait...

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Posted in: 7.5MW floating solar plant starts operations in Saitama See in context

Plus you can still use the water for irrigation and such. This is a big win!

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Posted in: Ford to pull out of Japan, Indonesia See in context

Ah, the good ol' "If it's foreign, it's trash." attitude... People need to be more open minded. This isn't the same quality of car that was made in the 1970's you know.

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Posted in: Virtual reality takes porn to the next level See in context

What will technology bring to the bedroom next?!?!

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Posted in: IS confirms death of 'Jihadi John' in Syria drone strike See in context

@lostrune2 Yup you can see the strike on the ISIS "bank" on youtube. Money was burning up in the sky. That missile strike "made it rain."

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Posted in: No link between contraceptive pill and birth defects: study See in context

Being a retired medical professional, I thought that this was common knowledge already?

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Posted in: 93-year-old man arrested for strangling wife in nursing home See in context

My cousin is currently taking care of his Father who is very elderly. His Father has said that "If you put me in a nursing home, I'll die." He's very fortunate that his son is taking care of him AND holding down a full-time job. Is Japan at the point where there aren't enough children to take care of their elderly?

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Posted in: Researchers discover how damaged DNA is repaired See in context

Wow! Are there any limits to science?

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Posted in: Gifu town under fire for using busty No-Rin character to boost tourism See in context

I wouldn't care if it were a flat-chested mascot there. I don't like the expression on her face, she doesn't look happy.

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Posted in: 16-day-old girl dies after being put in trash can by parents See in context

May God bless and keep that little angel. R.I.P>

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Posted in: An old scourge, syphilis, making a comeback See in context

"No Glove = No Love" Learn it Love it LIVE IT

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Posted in: Newborn girl found on Ibaraki roadside See in context

I would've taken her and raised her... I pray that she makes it.

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Posted in: Body of 10-year-old boy, naked with hands and feet bound, found hanging from tree See in context

Lord have mercy...

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Posted in: Evangelion Shinkansen service departs on Nov 7 with life-sized Eva cockpit on board See in context

Japan is cool.

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Posted in: Idol singer ordered to pay management company Y650,000 after going to hotel with male fan See in context

You cannot control the teenage hormone. It's like trying to hold back the tide...

Remember when Britney Spears' 15 year old sister was impregnated by her 18 year old live-in boyfriend? Yup, no charges filed at all.

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Posted in: Casino-style USB See in context

That's very cute!

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