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Posted in: Tokyo reports 107 new coronavirus cases on Thursday See in context

it looks like the testing has been ramped up about 500%, so higher numbers are definitely expected. I was sent this website below which shows the data very clearly, the clearest I’ve seen up until now.

Hopefully some flexibility will be shown and some rules will be set in place like essential traveling etc, as to contain the virus within prefectures/regions.

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As a rugby lover and Australian expat living in Japan I thought the RWC was amazing too! I went to 3 games with family and friends and the vibe was brilliant.

everyone in the community really got on board and participation numbers really grew at my kids local rugby club. Also media put in some great work with the tv drama series No Side Game which was very popular and got a lot of people interested in rugby. Also having professional rugby players on tv variety shows post WC helped too.

unfortunately the big downer to post RWC has been the postponement of rugby due to COVID 19, so rugby in Japan couldn’t quite cash in on all the great work that was done in 2019.

Fortunately here in Miyazaki my son is about to play his first game this weekend since the postponement back in Feb/March and I can’t wait to cheer him on!

Bring it on!

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That is possibly the worst thing for places like Miyazaki where I am and other rural areas throughout Japan.

I think Prefectures or Regions need to be closed (except for essential workers) or else all the workers/Uni students who are in Tokyo will return to their hometowns and spread it around Japan.

they closed the borders to the States in Australia and it has been successful apparently.

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Posted in: Japan not planning to declare state of emergency but will expand entry bans See in context

Olympics postponed, end of financial year, no major announcements. I expect some major announcements soon. April 3rd maybe...I’m hoping things are going to get better sooon and I am an optimist, but I’m trying to be realistic, if nothing else is being done to stop this wiris then how can we be optimistic.

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Talk about being concerned! I’m down in Miyazaki, and it’s business as usual. I’m in contact with a few hundred kids on a weekly basis, as well as my wedding celebrate work.

Are people turning a blind eye to what’s happening around the world, and now Japan, or are they just so gullible, misguided or showing lack of common sense.?

lucky I have waves at my front door to Have daily surf and relieve my stress!

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