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Stuart hayward comments

Posted in: Japan, Russia accuse each other of military buildups See in context

Japan, Russia accuse each other of military buildups

Well, they’re both right!


History doesn't repeats itself but it often rhymes

Mark Twain

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Posted in: 'Russian' whale leads to espionage speculations in Norway See in context

CrazyJoeToday  07:33 am JST

Wait until we unleash our weaponized lobsters. 

Please transport the whale to the sanctuary. He’s clearly been spoiled for life in the wild by the Russians. So utterly sick of this constant Russian troublemaking. Don’t let this one innocent whale victim suffer.

The you should be equally upset that America uses 75 dolphins for recon and weapon deployment. Who knows how many other creatures are being used for military purposes?

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Posted in: Interstellar rocket launch postponed again See in context

rainydayToday  06:49 pm JST

The headline is a bit misleading. I was expecting to read about an interstellar rocket, but instead the article is about a regular rocket that happens to be owned be a company called Interstellar.

Agreed but most media outlets would not, a catchy headline gets sells best.

Its still better than Taco Bell claiming they only sell 100% beef, when in fact it was only 12%. The name of the supplier was called, 100% Beef, so it’s ok!

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Posted in: As trade talks reach endgame, U.S.-China ties could hinge on enforcement See in context

As trade talks reach endgame?



the final stage of a game such as chess or bridge, when few pieces or cards remain.

Looks like the mainstreme media has found its new buzzword. Just happened’s to be the worlds most popular movie right now to.

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Posted in: Police revise wiretapping regulations See in context

RecklessToday  11:47 am JST

I guess it is already being done anyways.

True, but we can no longer ONLY point our fingers at communist and fascist countries,

everyones doing it now. Kind of a slippery slope of privacy.

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Posted in: U.S. to sanction 5 nations, including Japan, if they import Iranian oil See in context

So America has shut down the ability to buy oil from Iran, Syria, Libya and Venezuela, only leaving a primary choice of an oppressive, murdering Saudi kings or a secondary US

market. All this, while avoiding any real focus on developing alternative energies.

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Posted in: U.S. charges Assange after London arrest ends 7 years in Ecuador embassy See in context

SuperLibToday  07:53 am JST

There was no privacy for him

I guess he didn't like the transparency

I guess you’re fine with a few US military guys having fun killing civilians? So this, or the Hillary e-mails becoming public knowledge, makes it ok to spy on anyone. Got it!

Interesting stance, since you consider yourself a “liberal”, it seems more inline with a far right wing conservative or worse.

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Posted in: WikiLeaks founder Assange arrested at Ecuador embassy in London See in context

SuperLibToday  08:48 pm JST

This should be fun.

Fun for who? You?

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Posted in: Yakuza population hits record low in 2018: police See in context

Yakuza population hits record low in 2018

Opening the door for other gangs and “organizations” to fill the void.

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Posted in: 'Which hairstyle makes a woman look good at her job?' asks Japanese survey See in context

I thought I’d was more important to be good at your job than “look good” at your job?

As long as you’re skillful, friendly and professional, I don’t care what your hair looks like.

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Posted in: New Zealand mosque killings spark debate over free speech See in context

Why is it ok to read the most graphic details about the holocaust and Hitler but no it’s agaist the law to read about this? Both topics show how low human beings will stoop and should be there for us to see so we have an accurate history and never repeat.

Freedom of speech is probably the most important thing we used to have!

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Posted in: City in Shiga Pref to use AI to help teachers detect signs of school bullying See in context

So let me get this straight, you’re going to imput past bullying that was observed or reported from human to human, account for gender, timiming of bullying and have many were involved, then the AI will do its magic?

I wonder how much this “great” idea will cost?? Lord only knows!!

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Posted in: Can Japan end its love affair with plastic? See in context

Can Japan end its love affair with plastic?

Since China is no longer excepting our plastic and we still haven’t found another Asian country who will take it, there’s not many other options other than reducing use.

Because there hasn’t been a follow up article on how Japan is “processing” it’s plastic after this change, I imagine we’re simply melting or burning it. Neither way is sustainable and it looks like the waste industry is dragging its feet.

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Posted in: Over 70% of voters reject U.S. base transfer in Okinawa referendum See in context

YubaruToday  06:39 am JST

However, the anti-base people are going to extrapolate this into saying that "ALL" Okinawa is against the landfill at Camp Schwab.

Nope, so far you're the only one repeating that claim, over and over again.

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Posted in: Policewoman resigns after being reprimanded for moonlighting in sex industry See in context

"Anonymous tip"? More like one of her co-workers was visiting this establishment, saw her and ratted her out.

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Posted in: As nations turn on Maduro, Venezuelan leader parades with military See in context

Chip StarToday  07:00 am JS 'Blackwater no longer exists.'

WRONG! They simply changed their name in 1997 from Blackwater to Academi.

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Posted in: As nations turn on Maduro, Venezuelan leader parades with military See in context

In regards to American foreign policy, this looks like a case of history repeating itself but because this is a slightly different from the playbook used in the ME, I'll rephrase.

'History doesn't repeat itself but it often rhymes'

This is why Chip Star and others don't recognize the playbook pattern.

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Posted in: Composure on big stage fuels Osaka's rise to top See in context

No need to argue over where Naomi was born or where her parents were from, just be happy for her amazing accomplishments!

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Posted in: Huge trash-collecting boom in Pacific Ocean breaks apart See in context

"Insane" Wayne

The only way you've never seen pictures of the pacific garbage patch is if you never tried to look or you simply don't believe the pictures are real. Other than viewing it from space, it's Imposible to photograph the whole thing. However, I have personally witnessed a five mile long sections of it, so thick that it became a navigational hazard and we had no choice but to go around it. Its true I didn't see a plastic patch the size of Texas but even once we cleared the floating garbadge, our boat was being hindered by underwater debre for another three miles. So we can debate the size but to not recognize it as a problem is just silly.

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Posted in: Japanese school explains why it won't let cold schoolgirl wear tights under her skirt See in context

This isn't just limited to girls only. There's a public school in Nishi oi called Ito Gakuen, ALL boys, 1st to 5th grade have to wear shorts year round. Doesn't matter if there's snow or your child is sick, there's no exceptions.

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Posted in: Tamaki invites U.S. lawmakers to Okinawa to see base reality See in context

YubaruNov. 10  01:11 pm JS

The base burden will be greatly reduced when the construction at Henoko is finished. Just take the time to look at a map, everything that is military south of Kadena, with the exception of a small portion of Foster will be returned. 

Take the blinders off.

"No, the burden will be greatly reduced when the US returns ALL the land they occupy in Okinawa, it will only be slightly reduced when Henoko is built and that's only if the US keeps their word."

"As for wearing blinders, you and many others can't even acknowledge that America has more foreign military bases than any country on the planet and has been in more wars since WW2. Looking at the track record of every country on the planet, who's the real threat? It's time to pull your head out of the sand."

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Posted in: Tamaki invites U.S. lawmakers to Okinawa to see base reality See in context

The governor stressed both the Japanese and U.S governments should make efforts to reduce Okinawa's burden of hosting the bases and deepen ties for peace.

Not an unreasonable goal, though the pro base shills seem to be quite active and spreading their usual fear and disgust.

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Posted in: 13 dead including gunman in shooting at California bar See in context

Wether you're for or against gun control, Republican or Democrate, the leaders of either party have never followed through with a solution. The risk of loosing their jobs always gets in the way!

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Posted in: U.S. carrier leads warships in biggest ever Japan defense war game See in context


The Chinese dictatorship is bent on military expansion and regional domination.

Despite recently closing hundreds of bases in Iraq and Afghanistan, the United States still maintains nearly 800 military bases in more than 70 countries, that doesn't include aircraft carries that can travel anywhere in the world.

38 of those US basses are in japan.

CHINA has 38 foriegn military basses.

And Russia has 14.

800 compared to 38? I'd say that ship has already sailed, no country on earth has expanded their military and regional dominance than America. I'm not denying China doesn't wish to do so but at last look at it with some perspective!

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Posted in: Roppongi patrol See in context

Executive Protection Inc hires non-Japanese security guards. Got it!

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Posted in: U.S. restores Iran sanctions lifted under Obama nuclear deal See in context

Burning BushToday  06:56 am JST


The president is doing his job.

Trump 2020 is a done deal.

Doing his job? What about all the other issues that you disagree with him "just doing his job"? Russia, Syria and so on?

This is more about Iran backing its currency with gold and moving away from the petrol dollar. Now, Russia, China, India and even Japan are dumping their investments in the US dept because of sanctions and tariffs that indirectly or directly effect them. It also is looking like these new alliances actions are anticipating the collapse of the petrol dollar.

Only time will tell but many things aren't looking to good for America's future.

Only doing his job, lol.

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Posted in: Trump, Xi upbeat on U.S.-China trade; U.S. targets more Chinese firms See in context

The tariffs "may" have worked against Mexico and Canada but the reaction from many other countries has been to dump ownership of US debt. Russia, China, India, Iran and now Japan are quickly selling off their US debt. If this trend keeps up, (which it likely will)

the US is going to be in big trouble soon. Nothing to be upbeat about for sure!

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Posted in: Indonesia Lion Air flight with 189 on board crashes into sea See in context

ksteerOct. 29  02:20 pm JST

Sophistication doesn't mean safety. Especially since we're talking about Indonesia here, I'm willing to be the maintenance history of this aircraft is a bit sketchy.

Well the maintenance history only goes back to mid August when it was purchased by them. I personally don't know details of their maintenance quality but how much maintenance does one need on such a new plane? This is the very first major incident of this plane type, suggesting it crashed simply because it's based in Indonesia seems kind of harsh, especially when you don't have any facts to back it up.

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Posted in: Okinawa sees chances for economic independence without U.S. bases See in context

YubaruToday  04:24 pm JST

THe Japanese government does not pay the rents of the US military who live off base. Why lie about a well known fact?

Please show us where voiceofokinawa specified that japanese taxpayers pay for rents of US military personnel who live OFF BASE?

Oh, maybe that's what you're referring to, if you tell a lie long often and long enough, people will believe it.

Small price to pay? Lol

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Posted in: Okinawan assembly votes to hold referendum on U.S. base move See in context

YubaruToday  05:43 am JST

Many of the very people that protest the bases in rallies or outside of gates, or get their friends and others to vote against the bases, will be in line to go on base for the friendship festivals, eat the pizza, drink the beer, watch the concerts, and have a great time with their US military neighbors.

Thats because most people don't hate their neighbors simply because they're in the military, that's just silly to even suggest it! However, people are upset about countries that hide behind the lie that we are only here to protect you from China and NK.

Sounds as if you hate anyone who is against foreign militaries occupying foreign lands.

I showed fairly accurate numbers of countries who have military bases in foreign countries so anyone can plainly see how disporpotinate things really are. You and many other can continue claiming China is a threat, and I agree but the numbers clearly show which country is the biggest manipulator and threat. Also you can compare how many wars has each country been in since WW2 and no one even comes close to America.

I love America and most of its citizens but NOT the actions taken by its government. So you can't claim I hate America or people who serve in the military, I only loath those in politics and powerful government positions and their actions.

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