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It's NOT a cloud service as such. The program and your files still reside on your local drive but you DO need an occasional web connection to periodically validate your license (90 days I think ). If you chose to take this CC option you can still open your files if you later opt-out, provided that is that you still have am older, licensed copy of PS on your machine. What they don't tell you though is that if (when) they bring out a new version of ACR (raw) your photos processed with this wont be fully backwardly compatible with your older standalone version of PS. That and the fact that anyone upgrading at the moment can do so for around £180, use this version for as long as you like and be entitled to updates for as long as the product is being sold. After their initial "special offer" monthly price offer expires, the cost for only 1 year of licensing is already higher that the upgrade when you opt-out you have nothing at all except your files (which might need converting). I usually upgrade PS about once every 3 years and Lightroom roughly every 2. The paid -for copies I have now will be my last. - I WONT be paying double the price for software that stops working once I opt out. For myself I am already looking at alternatives such as Capture One.

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I'm English and have NEVER seen number 11, but I can tell you that number 10 (and weirdly the way many young people in Japan hold their fingers when having their photo taken with the back of the hand facing forward ) is definitely offensive here (it mean...F-off basically). I read it came from a taunt we used to use on the French way back when battles were fought on the field and captured archers had their fingers chopped off rendering them unable to do their job. The British would hold up their fingers to say (hey...FU... we still have our fingers...look ) ! (No-one knows for sure how true that story is).

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@ ranger_miffy Where do you get your figures from to suggest that in places where a smoking ban is in place business went up? Here in the UK the traditional pub trade has been almost decimated since the EU smoking ban. -Hundreds of pubs close every month now as people just don't go out. A published study showed that after the first 3 years of the ban 7% of all pubs in England had closed and 11% in Ireland and Scotland costing the government millions in lost tax revenue and perhaps thousends of jobs (plus all of those small businesses who supply pubs). I know that it's not ALL related to smoking (there is a perceived financial worry here too ) but the ban is without doubt the biggest factor. The fact is that when smokers are forced to stand outside pub to smoke most of them prefer to stay at home, and those people who may have gone out with them also don't bother.

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Why aren't they admitting the obvious? If tourism is down it's nothing to do with any perceived "radiation threat" it's because the yen is so high against the Dollar and in Europe and everything is now so ridiculously expensive. Until it returns to a more sustainable level people simply can't afford to come to Japan.

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I love the place (mostly) and visit every year anyway. Unfortunately I (and I guess many others) wont be back for a couple of years and it's nothing to do with any possible small amount of radiation I might pick-up on a couple of weeks trip. The reason is simple.... with our exchange rate at the moment everything costs almost double to 5 years ago. A beer in a bar here in the UK is around £3, to buy similar is almost £9 at the moment in Tokyo. -Of course it's not just "beer" but absolutely everything from the shortest train ride to a dinner out is prohibitively expensive. Sort the yen problem and tourists will be back.

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Great view, awful photo.

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