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Posted in: Man says he abused stepdaughter because efforts to discipline her didn't work See in context

"I couldn't control my emotions," he said. "I believe it is completely my responsibility."

Well it certainly isn’t a 5 year old child’s responsibility! This guy should get the death sentence. NOTHING excuses what he did. Nothing.

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Posted in: Mother gets 8 years in prison over fatal abuse of 5-year-old daughter See in context

A male supplementary judge expressed hope that because Yua has a little brother, the mother will finish serving her jail term and move on in life.

Seriously? "move on in life"?? I hope what she did to her own child (by refusing to help her in any sense of the word) follows her around for the rest of her life, eats away at her from the inside out, and leads to a long-suffering, horrible, and miserable death... which would still be better than this "mother" deserves. And why on earth would they reunite this monster and son? They need to keep him as far away from her as humanly possible, so that he has a chance at growing up to be everything his mother and father are not.

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Posted in: Trump's Supreme Court nominee tearfully denies woman's sexual assault allegation See in context

She has no corroborating evidence. On the contrary several other witnesses have said it didn’t happen. And two others have come forward to say that they did it. Kavanaugh is innocent

No, they said they do not recall. That is a big difference. She, as well as the other victims, have repeatedly asked for an FBI investigation, Kavanaugh has not requested it. He admitted to getting too drunk on multiple occasions, the likelihood of him blacking out and not remembering is greater than the likelihood she is lying. Of course there is no proof either of them is lying, but statistically she is telling the truth and he is lying to save his career. I am not sure why people are so adamant he is innocent without knowing the truth.

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