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Posted in: Miho Takagi announces on Fuji's 'Tokudane' program that she's getting married See in context

Ok I told her not to say anything! Thats it the weddings off!

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Posted in: Four injured after 10 men brawl in Saitama family restaurant See in context

One chick huh! Sucks to get stabbed for one chick. Ouch!

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Posted in: Nicky Hilton See in context

They have to be twins! Those two babes in the back.

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Posted in: Mie high school student commits suicide, leaving names of seven classmates in note See in context

I agree with bobbafett! If my son was being bullied. I would have to step in and take care of business. Or get some of my older nephews to get the job done.

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Posted in: Twilight zone See in context

Ok, just like the acadamy awards. Everyone there looked sooooo old and unatractive... There are no hotties in hollywood right now. Just a bunch of fugglies... Case in point!

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Posted in: Paris Hilton See in context

Wow! All these ladies want a picture with a Paris. But all I see in Japan is sooo much better lookin chic everywhere the eye can see! I mean I get whip lash everytime Im there..

P.S. Love those yellow teeth, girl in the green. She so Austin Powers!

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